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Waukesha Freeman
Waukesha, Wisconsin
Sep 2, 1886

     On the Clanricarde estate, in county Galway, Ireland, several hundred policemen and extra bailiffs evicted a tenant named Saunders, who had held his house with the aid of twenty armed neighbors and cauldrons of boiling water.

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The Times, 28 September 1886
CORK, Sept. 27.
   Following quickly upon the occurrence at Fealebridge, another important event is reported to-day from Castle Island. Five men were captured last night at Castle Island in the act of preparing for a midnight foray. It appears that the police in the early part of the evening observed a party of young men, whom they suspected to be concerned in the many outrages which have taken place in the district, strolling about the town. The police accordingly kept them in view until they saw them go round to the back of the houses at the top of the town. The police, five in number, were in charge of Sergeant O'Donnell, and they lay in wait in a field. Finding the men they were in wait for did not come out, they followed them into a large yard, which is common to several houses. They found the young men in the act of disguising themselves. The police surrounded them and took them into custody. On searching them they found either in their possession or on the ground beside them three revolvers, a long sword, a dagger, and a store bag containing ammunition and a piece of meat. The five men—Michael Hanafin, John Hussey, Timothy O'Brien, John Buckley, and Michael Aherne—were brought up in the barrack to-day before Mr. Considine, resident magistrate, and charged with being unlawfully assembled, armed, and disguised.
   Sergeant O'Donnell deposed that when on patrol duty last night he went into the yard of a woman named Hickey in this town. He saw the party about ten yards away and called to them to surrender. They ran, and he pursued and caught them. He saw Aherne throw away something, which he picked up and found to be a revolver. He saw Mr. Davis come on later and pick up the masks. The other constables proved their finding other revolvers on others of the party. The prisoners were remanded for eight days.
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