The Times, 1 October 1886
CORK, Sept. 30.   
   A further investigation into the circumstances attending the capture of a moonlighting party at Castleisland was held to-day at Castleisland Police Barrack. The evidence was corroborative of that already proved, and the five prisoners—Michael Hannifan, Timothy O'Brien, Michael Ahern, John Harvey, and John Buckley—were returned for trial. Bail was refused.
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The Times, 6 October 1886
CORK, Oct. 5.   
   A magisterial inquiry was held to-day by Mr. Paul, R.M., at the scene of the atrocious outrage between Kingwilliamstown [now Ballydesmond] and Kanturk. A man named Timothy Riordan, who was arrested, was brought up on suspicion of being concerned in the attack upon Mr. Jones's house. Mr. Jones was examined, but failed to identify the prisoner who was discharged. There is no clue to the perpetrators of the outrage. The case of one of Mr. Jones's daughters is perilous in the extreme. The bullet was extracted from the arm of his other daughter by Dr. Ahern, of Brosna, but both Dr. Ahern and Dr. Verling, of Newmarket, declined to extract the bullet from the eldest girl. The bullet entered at the right side of the nose, piercing through the palate, and is at present lodged in the throat.
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