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Monday Oregonian
Portland, Oregon
Nov 11, 1886


    New York, Nov. 10- The Sun's London correspondent cables: Measures are being taken to bring to the notice of Parnell the arbitrary conduct of certain members of his party owning land, which is fast becoming a crying scandal. The chief offenders are Sir Joseph Neale McKenna, member for South Monaghan, and William J. Corbett, member of the east division of county Wicklow, although there are others whose conduct is equally questionable, among the scores of petty landlords who have joined the national league as a means of escaping the results of tyranny. McKenna evicted several of his tenants a few months ago, and Corbett is now serving writs by wholesale, evidently under the impression that it is only necessary to become a member of the league to obtain full rents. Corbett refused to make the slightest reduction of judicial rents, although even the Marquis of Clanricarde from whom nothing of the kind was expected, has recently made concessions of his tenants.


Chester Times
Chester, Pennsylvania
Nov 22, 1886

Irish Tenants and Police Officers Come Together

    LONDON, Nov. 23- For the first time since Gladstone's defeat an eviction affray has terminated in a violent attack by the police on the people. It occurred at Listowel,county Kerry. Some bailiffs seized a number of cattle in an action for rent and a fight ensued. The police went to the assistance of the bailiffs, and with batons and bayonets succeeded eventually in dispersing the mob after wounding several of its members. This unfortunate affair, following so quickly on the heels of Sir Robert Hamilton's dismissal, will naturally be associated in the public mind with the inauguration of the new Tory regime.
    Mr. Morley is going to speak next week on the Irish question. It is confidently expected that he will make a strong speech in favor of home rule and against concessions or compromises with the Unionists involving sacrifice of principles. He will review the attitude of the government and the speeches of Lord Salisbury and Lord Churchill in connection with the coercion, and announce the firm intention of the Liberal leaders to resist by all the means in their power any steps the ministry may propose in the direction of a coercive policy. He will on the same occasion expose the true state of affairs between the tenants and the landlords on the Clanricarde estates and denounce the conduct of the latter and hold him responsible for the difficulties that have arisen in that part of the country. This speech will give an immense impetus to the anti-eviction movement in Ireland and do much to enlighten English and Scotch opinion as to the true nature of the struggle now going on across the channel between the owners and occupiers of the land. In the meantime proofs thicken that the government has gone in head foremost for what is termed vigorous action. That the attack of the police on the people at the eviction affray above referred to is one of the first fruits of that resolution no observer of political movements here could for a moment doubt.

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