The Brisbane Courier, 4 February 1885
It was reported by telegram on Monday to the Commissioner for Police by Sub-inspector John Ahern, Muttaburra, that on Friday afternoon last a man named Patrick Caroll, native of County Tipperary, Ireland, was drowned in the Landsborough River. He was endeavouring to cross the river on horseback, when he was drowned in view of several persons on the opposite bank. The body was recovered almost immediately after the sad occurrence.
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North Australian, 13 February 1885
   Particulars reached Dublin on November 1, of a shocking occurrence near Mullingar, by which two lives were lost. A farmer named Mulvihill, was attacked and killed by a young bull. During the struggle word was conveyed to the farm of what was taking place, and Mary Moran, about 30 years of age, at once started with a shovel in her hand, and, reaching the field, got between the bull and her master's body, which was still being gored by the infuriated animal. The bull then turned on the brave woman, who used the shovel with all her might. The conflict, however, was of short duration. A violent blow threw her violently to the ground, and the bull then commenced goring her until a number of men arrived. Eventually she was got away, but died a few hours afterwards from her injuries.
   Four men, named Jeremiah Murphy, John Cronin, Daniel Casey, and Jeremiah Ahern, were charged at a special session held on November 2, at Fountainstown, county Cork, with the wilful murder of Corporal Ashworth, of the Lancaster Fusileers, stationed at Fort Camden. After a lengthy inquiry, Murphy and Casey were committed for trial, the other two being discharged. It transpired that Cronin had endeavoured to protect Private Jordan, who was in deceased's company.
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