Burlington [Vermont] Weekly Free Press, 17 April 1885

At Mallow Junction Upon the Arrival
of Prince and Princess of Wales.
London, April 13.—There was a terrible row at Mallow Junction, county Cork this afternoon on the arrival of the Prince and Princess of Wales from Dublin, on their way to visit the Earl of Listowel at Convamore. A large crowd broke through the police lines and were driven back at the point of the bayonet. Messrs. O'Brien, Redmund and Harrington, Irish members of Parliament, were in the crowd and were badly mauled. Ever since the riot the government has monopolized the telegraph wires and no further details are obtainable. News of the disturbance caused intense excitement in the House of Commons.

MALLOW, Ire., April 13.—The principal organizer of the demonstration against the Prince of Wales was William O'Brien and M. Peditor of United Ireland. In an interview this evening Mr. O'Brien said : "My object is accomplished. I have the [sic] shown special reporters who accompany the Prince of Wales the true Irish view of his visit and I have vindicated Ireland's name."

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