The Edinburgh Courant, 27 October 1884
   A farmer's son, named Jeremiah Ahern, was arrested on Saturday night at Ringabella, County Cork, charged with complicity in the murder of Corporal Ashworth, of the Lancashire Fusiliers.
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The Times, 27 October 1884
   A fourth arrest has been made in connexion with the homicide of a young soldier, corporal Ashworth, who lost his life on Sunday night last in a violent altercation with civilians at Ringabella, near Camden Fort, where the deceased was stationed. The prisoner, whose name is Jeremiah Ahern, is the son of a farmer. He is believed to have been one of the men who attacked Ashworth and his comrade after leaving the publichouse at Ringabella. The soldiers were at the time in company with some young women belonging to the neighbourhood, and a jealous feeling on the part of a native swain is supposed to have led to the attack.
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