County Observer and Monmouthshire Central Advertiser, 4 June 1881
Serious outrages have taken place near Mallow. Eight houses were set on fire on the townlands of Nurestown, Glashaboy, and Carriglena, within a few miles of Mallow, and were completely destroyed. The fires occurred at a period of the night when the inmates must have been asleep, for some of them had a difficulty in escaping from the burning premises. The poor people were able to save only a few household effects which were easily removed; but the bulk of their clothing and furniture was destroyed. A widow named Healy, who held a farm, was among the sufferers. Some of the houses belonged to labourers, but farmers were the chief victims in the conflagration. It is alleged that some persons in the locality were suspected of giving information to bailiffs who were serving writs, and to make certain that the individual was punished the eight houses were set on fire.
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