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The Times
London, Middlesex, England

June 12, 1875


From telegrams received yesterday at Liverpool by Messrs. Flinn, Main, and Montgomery, the managing owners of the Mississippi and Dominion Line of steamers, some additional particulars have been obtained respecting the wreck of the steamer Vicksburg. It is stated that the master, Captain Bennett, and 46 persons have perished with the ship. It is believed that these include five women. There were on board the Vicksburg 59 of a crew all told, seven saloon passengers, and 25 steerage passengers. In addition to the boat picked up by the State of Georgia, which, as has been stated, landed at New York the boatswain's mate and four seamen, another got away with the chief officer and 30 persons, and a third boat with the second officer and nine hands. These have not yet been heard of. The name of the chief officer who took command of the boat with 30 persons is Mr. Laybourne, and the second officer is Mr. Burnett, who took charge of the boat with nine people. The names of the saloon passengers are Mr. M'Shane, Rev. C.A. Adams, Miss C. Sutherland, Mr. A. Betts, and Mrs. Bloom, and Mr. Vipoole. Besides the women among the saloon passengers, there were four women among the steerage passengers. The disaster occurred on the 2d inst., when the vessel was about 120 miles south-east of St. John's. The Vicksburg was, comparatively speaking, a new iron vessel, and her capacity was 2,500 ton. She was built in 1872.

The names of those who are reported to have been landed at New York are James Crowley, boatswain's mate, P. Grogan, T. O'Brien, T. Williams, and J. Wilkinson.

The crew of the Vicksburg were engaged at Liverpool for the voyage to Quebec and back. The following is a list of them, with their ages and the towns to which they belong:- William L. Bennett, master, 32, Lincoln; Joseph Laybourne, chief officer, 45, York; Robinson Barnett, second officer, 30, Liverpool; Robert W. Robinson, third officer, 35, Lerwick; John Roberts, fourth officer, 35, Liverpool; George Dennis, carpenter, 24, Liverpool; James Rae, boatswain, 30, Annan; Edward Owens, lamptrimmer, 37, Amlwch; Owen Evans, A.B., 22, Beaumaris; Thomas Williams, A.B., 25, Beaumaris; William Jones, A.B., 21, Liverpool; Patrick Grogan, A.B., 25, Liverpool; John Slater, A.B., 24, Dublin; James Murphy, A.B., 23, Liverpool; John Duncan, A.B., 25, Lerwick; James Callaghan, A.B., 25, Liverpool; Thomas O'Brien, A.B., 22, Liverpool; James Crawley, boatswain's mate, 26, London; Charles Thompson, A.B. 47, Greenwich; James Walker, A.B., 30, London; Thomas Edward Connor, A.B., 20, Liverpool; Parker Greenwood, A.B., 28, Liverpool; James Doran, A.B., 21, Liverpool; William Elliott, A.B., 48, Southampton; John B. Hughes, O.S., 17, Coon; John Williams, O.S., 17, Liverpool; Jonas Wilkinson, O.S., 19, Liverpool, John Murray, surgeon, 28, Kircudbright; James Cameron, engineer, 38, Dumbarton; Samuel Wright, second engineer, 40, Liverpool; Alexander M'Vie, third engineer, 26, Kirkcaldy; Robert Morrison, fourth engineer, 29, Kilburnie; John Merrimac, storekeeper, 30, Limerick; Peter, M'George, donkeyman, 49, Dumfries; Hector Allen, fireman, 40, Liverpool; WILLIAM LEDDY, FIREMAN, 33, CAVAN; Stephen Davies, fireman, 40, Dublin; John Redmond, fireman, 27, Dublin; John Curtin, fireman, 27, Cork; William Given, fireman, 22, Greenock; Benjamin Leithbridge, fireman, 23, Liverpool; Thomas Barnes, fireman, 31, Liverpool; FRANCIS GUMBLY, FIREMAN, 25, CAVAN; Joseph Hughes, trimmer, 22, Liverpool; Hugh Griffin, trimmer, 34, Kildare; Martin Lee, trimmer, 22, Liverpool; Thomas Davies, trimmer, 22, Liverpool; Michael Beggs, trimmer, 21, Merthyr; Thomas Noul, trimmer, 32, Amsterdam; Patrick Travers, chief steward, 48, Dublin; James Robinson, second steward, 22, Liverpool; Irving Stutterford, steward, 22, Plymouth; William Gilford, steward, 46, Dublin; Owen MacMahon, steward, 30, Dublin; John Mullin, chief cook, 30, Dublin; David Christie, second cook and barber, 55, Perth; Edward Whewell, cook, 27, Manchester; Rebecca Tukse, stewardess, 39, Dublin; Frederick Holme, steward, 20, Liverpool.

Some changes may have been made among the crew before the vessel left Quebec, from which she sailed on the 27th of May for Liverpool.

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