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London, Middlesex, England

March 28, 1872


(From Our Own Correspondent)

DUBLIN, March 27

MR. JUSTICE KEOGH and MR. JUSTICE LAWSON held and aduourned assize yesterday at Cavan for the trial of HUGH FAY for the murder of MARY LYNCH, of Ballyjamesduff, on the 1st of March, 1870. He had been twice before put on his trial, but the jury on each occasion disagreed. The deceased had been strangled with a belt by u person, alleged to be the prisoner, with whom she was soon in company, and who was stated to be her sweetheart. The principal witness was a young man who positively swore that he acturally witnessed the murder, and there were strong circumstances of corroboration. A belt, which was sworn to be like one which the prisoner used to wear, was found near the spot. He had been seen on that day without one, and when arrested had one which did not fit him. He denied that he had seen the deceased that day, although his mother proved that she was in his company. The defence was that the witnesses for the prosecution were unworthy of credit, and BYERS, the chief witness, was denounced as an informer, but no witnesses were called. MR. JUSTICE KEOGH commented strongly in his charge on the character of the crime, the details of which were shocking. He remarked that it was a sad state of things that a man could witness so revolting a murder and not interfere or give information for several months. The explanation given by BYERS was that, owing to the state of the county at the time, his family would not allow him, and he only came forward when compelled to do so. His Lordship said the cricumstances proved were of grave suspicion, but if the evidence of BYERS was believed, and there was no reason whatever for stigmatizing him as an informer, the case was overwhelming. The jury, however, again disagreed, and were discharged. An application was made to admit to prisoner to bail, but it was paremptorily refused, and the Attoney-General declared his determination to put him on his trial again at the Summer Assizes.

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