Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser, 7 July 1871
The magisterial investigation into the attack on the Militia Barracks at Mallow was resumed on Saturday, when further evidence was given as to the finding of a flask of gunpowder at the lodgings of one of the principal prisoners, and as to the absence of a material Crown witness whom the police hope to lay their hands on. The Crown solicitor applied for the committal of all the prisoners. After a long discussion as to how far the different prisoners were affected by the evidence, the magistrate discharged Martell and McNamara absolutely, and committed Cashman, Murphy, Daniel M'Carthy, Robert O'Sullivan, on the charge of conspiracy to commit a felony, burglary, and larceny of arms. Murphy and Cashman were admitted to bail. O'Brian, Doyle, and Barrett were remanded till Tuesday, when they will be discharged if the Crown solicitor cannot procure further evidence ; in the meantime they are admitted to bail.
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