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The Times
London, Middlesex, England

May 14, 1869

. A correspondent of the Express states that as Mr. Hugh BRADY, of Ballagane, a house agent to Dr. FITZPATRICK, of London, was proceeding home in company with two other persons he was fired at on reaching a place called Sergeants' Hollow, about half a mile from Virginia, county Cavan. His companions gave notice to the police, who, on proceeding to the spot, found him lying insensible on the road. He is expected, however, to recover. It is stated that he recently received a threatening notice to which he paid no attention.

The police of Mullingar having observed a number of persons repeatedly entering a publichouse, and suspecting that they were Ribandmen, made a sudden descent upon it, and seized a copy of an oath and a number of documents, which, it is said, throw light upon the Riband conspiracy. They also arrested one man, but the others whom they saw going in contrived to make their escape.

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