Lloyd's Weekly, 17 September 1865
The recent affray at Dangan between the constabulary and a crowd of alleged Fenians, in which the police fired and killed one and wounded others of their assailants, was the subject of an investigation at the Castlemartyr petty session's on Friday. There was a large crowd in court of sympathisers with the men summoned by the police for taking part in the attack upon them. Eleven men, including Terence Ahearn, who was said to have incited the attack, were summoned, and the information of Constable Jacques, Cosgrave, and other policemen and witnesses was read over. The evidence appeared to be substantially the same as that given at the inquest, with the exception that some of the words of the harangue delivered by Ahearn were deposed to. Constable Jacques swore that Ahearn, after ascending the pier of the gate, expressed himself thus:—"We are all belonging to the Fenian brotherhood, and the time is coming at which we must strike the blow." He concluded by telling the people to go home and not mind the police, after which he was pulled off the wall. This harangue excited the people. The words deposed to by Constable Cosgrave were:—"We are all Irishmen and Fenians. We are in oblivion, and the time is come when we will strike the blow." The chairman said the magistrates were unanimous in accepting moderate bail, with one exception, Terence Ahearn, who was the primary cause of the disturbance, and consequently they would put a larger amount of bail on him, namely two bails in 25l each, and himself in 50l. He said he would be able to procure the necessary bails. The other defendants were let out on bails of 10l. each, and themselves in 20l.
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