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The Times
London, Middlesex, England

Dec 11, 1856


The Evening Packet announces the death of the Very Rev. the Dean of Cashel, which took place on Monday at his residence, Northlands, county of Cavan.

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Dec 28, 1856

News of the World
Attempted Assassination of Mr. Joynt

     An attempt, which nearly proved successful, has been made to assassinate Mr. Joynt in the county of Clare. He was rather seriously but not dangerously wounded. Mr. Galbraith Joynt, who holds landed property at Mount St. Catherine, county Clare, which he recently purchased in the Encumbered Estates Court, was returning home in his gig, and had not proceeded more than two miles on the Clonlara road, when he was fired at from behind a hedge, by some daring assassin, who lay in wait for his intended victim; fortunately, the attempt was unsuccessful, for although wounded severely in the leg, Mr. Joynt is not dangerously injured. The shot came from the right hand side of the road, riddled the dashboard of the vehicle, and some of the pellets passed through the fleshy part of that gentleman's leg. Confused and affrighted at such an unexpected attack in a lonesome district, Mr. Joynt had the presence of mind to turn round his horse, and, though bleeding profusely, drove into Limerick at a quick pace, to the house of his brother, where surgical aid was promptly rendered and the wounds dressed. The reason assigned is, that Mr. Joynt had served notice of ejectment upon tenants who are to be dispossessed in March. The police of Clonlara, it is understood, have received information which, it is hoped, will lead to the arrest of the person who committed the outrage; and, if so, a deep-laid conspiracy will, in all likelihood, be developed, as it is not long since the brother of the gentleman attacked, received a threatening notice to the effect "that he should bear in mind the spirit of Clare was not yet dead", and that he ought to dread the fate of Gloster. A few years since Mr. Gloster was shot in his gig, when coming into Limerick from the county Clare, and the perpetrator of the four deed was never discovered.

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