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Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
May 28, 1847

     The emigrant ship, Exmouth, bound from Londonderry to Quebec with 251 persons on board, principally emigrants, was entirely recked on her passage, but three persons out of the whole number being saved.

Adams Sentinel
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
May 31, 1847

     The large cargo taken out to Cork in the U.S. ship Jamestown, was to be deposited at one hundred and fifty localities in Ireland, and spread over an area of 7,700,000,000 acres. The Boston Traveller, alluding to this fact, remarks:
     The mission of Jamestown and its late return call to mind the suffering condition of the Plymouth colony just after the famous King Philip's war, when our own people were indebted to Ireland, as the Irish are now to us, for assistance and succor. Mr. Bancroft, in the 2d volume of the History of the United States (page 109) says: "Let us not forget a good deed of the generous Irish; they sent over a contribution, small it is true, to relieve in part the distresses of Plymouth colony."


     From a detailed account of the loss of the Exmouth, emigrant ship, bound from Londonderry to Quebec, the particulars of which were received by the Britannia, it appears that the crew consisted of 11 men, and she had on board as passengers about 240 emigrants, principally small farmers with their families. There were also a number of women and children going to join their male relatives who had already settled in Canada; and in the cabin were three young ladies, two of them sisters, going to their homes at St. Johns, New Brunswick. Among the passengers were only about 60 men. As we have already stated, three seamen were the sole survivors of the wreck; so that 248 lives were lost in that dreadful disaster.


     The Ship Fever.- The ship fever, brought to New York by the Irish and German emigrants, is beginning to cause considerable alarm. A considerable number of the nurses and physicians attending them have taken the disease, and seven or eight have died. A great many citizens have also taken it; and it is pronounced to be a most dangerous infectious disease.



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