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The Scotsman
Edinburgh, Scotland

Aug 28 1847

DREADFUL HOMICIDE. ? A coroner's inquest was held on Saturday, near Cootehill, in the county of CAVAN, on the body of a poor labouring man, named MOORE, who came by his death under the following circumstances ? detailed in the evidence adduced: ? Owing to the extreme destitution in the neighbourhood, the poor people were in the habit of stealing potatoes, turnips, &c, and a small farmer named Peter KING was a serious sufferer by these depredations. On the night of the 17th August, he proceeded to a field of potatoes, armed with a gun ? loaded with powder only ? and, seeing the deceased putting up the roots, at once discharged it at him, and slightly wounded him. A scuffle ensued, in which KING, by repeated blows of the gun, fractured the wretched man's skull, broke his arm, and several of his ribs. He languished till Friday night, when death put an end to his sufferings. The jury returned a verdict of manslaughter against KING, who has been committed to prison to take his trial for the crime.

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