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The Times, London, 12 November 1845
   DREADFUL FLOOD IN MALLOW.—MALLOW, Thursday Night.—In consequence of the dreadful state of the weather the stewards sent out the bellman to announce the postponement of the races until to-morrow ; but the rain continues to pour so fast and heavy that the course will be one mass of puddle and unfit for any sport, so that I would not be surprised if they should be adjourned sine die. The lower part of the town was inundated at 5 o'clock this evening, the heavy rains having swollen the glen-stream, which runs through the Spa-walk and under the lower part of the main street, whence it gets into the Blackwater. The inhabitants of Bridge-street, Spa-walk, and Lower Main-street, as far as the Long Room, had nearly two feet of water in their houses by 6 o'clock. The coach-horses had to wade through from the bridge up to Mr. Ahern's, a distance of 300 yards. To see the inhabitants of the abovenamed localities removing their pigs, one would imagine that a foreign foe had invaded our town, and that the inhabitants were preparing for an inglorious retreat. The visitation of the flood, which thank God, of late years is a calamity of rare occurrence, brings with it to the occupiers of houses in the lower part of the town many an inconvenience. The damp floor on a November night is a cheerless presage to merry Christmas ; and the inundation was so sudden and rapid that the stock of turf and potatoes in many houses had to be left at the mercy of the wave. I went down Bridge-street at the commencement of the flood, about a quarter before 5 o'clock, walking on terra firma, and before the expiration of five minutes I had to wade through the water, which in that short space of time was six inches high, having rushed from Spa-walk through Old Bridewell-lane, covering the approach to Sir D. Norrey's gate. The Blackwater has overflown its banks, and the whole of the Inches are one sheet of water. Mallow, Friday morning.—The flood caused by the stream from the glens having disappeared about 9 o'clock last night, was succeeded by one more dreadful from the Blackwater, which rose over 25 feet.—Cork Examiner.
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