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The Times
London, Middlesex, England
March 02, 1844


On Wednesday morning Inspector M'Cann, of the Henry-street division, accompanied by a head constable named Samuel Keck, from the county of Cavan, proceeded to the Royal Barracks with a warrant, which had been issued against a private soldier of the 5th Fusileers whose name appears to be Patrick Murphy, and who stands charged with the wilful murder of a person named Denis Doyle, in the county of Cavan, in the month of November, 1836. The circumstances of the case are as follows :- In the month of November, 1836, Denis Doyle, the deceased, was on his way from a market in the county of Cavan, when he was met by two persons, who attacked and killed him on the spot. Two men were accused at the time, and both of them fled the country, and nothing was heard of either until, a few days since, informations were sworn against the parties at the time, and Patrick Murphy was one of the accused. A few days since it was ascertained that he was a soldier in the 5th Fusileers, and then the warrant was issued for his apprehension, and, on Inspector M'Cann and the constable making inquiry after him at the barrack he was at once given up into their custody. It is said the evidence against him is very strong. He was in the regiment for the last seven years, and appears to be about 26 years of age. He was transmitted with the head constable to Cavan, to take his trial for the crime imputed to him. The other person accused, it is said, made his escape to America. The prisoner Murphy did not say anything when arrested.

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