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The Times
London, Middlesex, England

June 15, 1843

TRAGICAL OCCURRENCE. - We regret to have to announce the death of the Rev. James Lowry DICKSON, rector of Lavey, county of Cavan, under the following melancholy circumstances:- It appears that on Wednesday last Mr. DICKSON, having returned home from Cavan, felt somewhat fatigued, and after dinner retired to bed. Mrs. DICKSON being out visiting at the time, there was no person in the house but the servant maid and a person named ECCLES, a relative of Mrs. DICKSON, who unfortunately is subject at intervals to fits of mental derangement. This person having entered the dining-room after Mr. DICKSON had retired, and having partaken copiously of a decanter of spirits, which he found on the sideboard, commenced smashing the glasses, &q., when the servant maid, although well aware of the danger she incurred by interfering, came to the door and forbade him to act in such a manner, whereupon he pursued her upstairs, whither she fled to one of the bed-rooms for refuge. On reaching the lobby, the maniac darted into Mr. DICKSON'S room, who was then in a profound sleep - alas! a "sleep that was to know no waking" - and having seized a razor which lay upon the dressing-table, with one stroke of (ineligible) weapon completely cut the trachea, by which respiration was instantaneously suspended, and the vital spark extinguished. An inquest was held on the body on Thursday, where a verdict in accordance with the foregoing circumstances was returned.

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