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The Scotsman
Edinburgh, Scotland

July 16, 1842

(From the Dublin Evening Post.)

We sincerely regret to announce the death of Mr. Justice FOSTER, which took place in Cavan on Saturday night. As a judge his conduct was upright and impartial - as a landlord, he presented an example of kindness and generosity in the management of his property. The following letter gives the details:-

CAVAN, July 10, Sunday. - I hasten to give you the earliest intelligence of the very sudden death of Mr. Justice FOSTER, one of the judges of assize for this circuit. He opened the commission at half-past three o'clock yesterday - dined with the sheriff and grand jury, at the court-house, and was in his usual state of health. He retired from the dinner table before nine o'clock, to his lodgings, at Mr. CLINTON'S, where he took tea; and went to bed at his usual hour. At about a quarter to twelve o'clock he got up, and called his servant, who had not gone to bed, and said he did not feel well; and coughed very violently for some time. He then directed his servant to call Mr. CLINTON, as he wished to perfect a codicil which he had made to his will. Mr. CLINTON came immediately, the Judge told him the purpose for which he had sent for him, and said, "that he had prepared the codicil most carefully within the last two or three days, and that it was of much consequence to have it properly signed and witnessed." He filled up the dates of the codicil himself, and after putting his name to the paper, he walked over to the bed and got into it, dispensing with the assistance of his servant who wished to attend to him. He said he was very ill and wished for some medical men to be sent for; Dr ROE and Surgeon HALPIN were in attendance upon him in a few minutes; but before they had arrived he had become insensible; a vein was opened in the arm by Dr ROE, and the jugular vein by Mr HALPIN. Some blood flowed from each orifice, and everything that could promise the slightest hope of restoring him was had recourse to instantaneously, but in vain. He was dead. He breathed his last at a quarter-past twelve o'clock. It is remarkable that yesterday, was the anniversary of the death of one of his sons, who was drowned while on a boating party.

Submitted by: County Cavan Newspaper Transcription Project

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