The Times [London], 17 September 1838

   The following is from the correspondent of the Tipperary Free Press, the Radical journal of that county:—
“Cashel, Sept. 8, 1838.   
   “Sir,—I am grieved to have to inform you that the peace and happiness which so generally reigned over this district these months past was last night disturbed and woefully broken by the commission of two murders committed on the same line of road leading from this town, and at different hours. The ill-fated and unhappy victims of revenge, blended with intoxication, were Toby Bourke, of Garnacarty, near this town, and William Ahern, of Drishane, three miles distant. They were both married, and left large families to deplore their loss. Bourke was brutally murdered convenient to Rosanna, in the suburbs of this town, and William Ahern met the same fate at the hill of Grenane ; stones were the deadly weapons used in each case. I refrain for the presernt, for prudential reasons, from mentioning the names of the persons implicated in these barbarous murders, but I have no doubt that the perpetrators will be brought to justice, several having been already arrested. This day an inquest was held on the body by Captain Bradshaw, coroner when a verdict of 'Wilful murder' was returned. The worthy coroner then proceeded at a rapid pace to the lands of Drishane, accompanied by Chief Constable Blake, where he held an inquest on the body of William Ahern, but owing to the late hour he commenced, and after the examination of three witnesses and Surgeon Heuston, he adjourned the inquest until Monday next, the 10th inst., to be held at 11 o'clock, at the police barrack of Donaskeigh.
   “The principals said to be concerned in each murder were arrested by the police, and are at present confined in Tipperary bridewell.”

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The Times
London, Middlesex, England

September 25, 1838


At Paris, on the 20th inst., aged 71, the Right Hon. John MAXWELL Lord FARNHAM, one of the representative Peers of Ireland, and Colonel of the county of Cavan militia.

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