The Hobart (Tasmania) Town Courier, 5 January 1838

Colonial Secretary's office, Jan. 2.
The ship "Bussorah Merchant" having arrived with Free Immigrants from Cork, and another vessel being also shortly expected with Free Immigrants from Scotland, the Lieutenant Governor is very anxious to interest the community in the early distribution and employment of these individuals, and confidently calls on the inhabitants generally to promote this object. It has occurred to His Excellency that to forward it is peculiarly within the province of the several Agricultural Associations throughout the country ; and the members of them, and other settlers in the rural districts, are therefore specially invited to interest themselves in relation to it.

Applications to hire mechanics or farm labourers, who either have arrived, or may thus yet arrive, should be addressed to the Colonial Secretary as early as possible ; and the selection will be made with strict regard to priority of Application. The Immigrants by the Bussorah Merchant are now undergoing a rigorous quarantine, from which they will not be released until they are perfectly healthy. The following is a list of them, with their trades, ages, families, &c.

By His Excellency's Command,
John Montague.

List of Emigrants embarked, on board the ship "Bussorah Merchant" L. W. Moncrief, at Cove of Cork, between the 19th and the 24th August, 1837.

  1. Patrick Meade, 29, carpenter of Cork ; Mary Ann, 29, wife of do ; John, James, and (died of scrofula) Anastasia, children of do ; Margaret Reardon, sister in law, 30, work woman of Cork.
  2. Robert Uncles, 28, labourer of Tallow ; Alice, 21, wife of do ; George and Sarah children of do, both died of measles.
  3. John Murphy, 27, carpenter of Cork ; Mary, 21, wife of do.
  4. Daniel Sullivan, 29, carpenter of Cork ; Mary, 29, wife of do ; Umphrey, died of small pox, Mary Ann, died of measles, children of do.
  5. Thomas Murphy, 29, carpenter of Cork ; Belinda, 29, wife of do ; Daniel Foley, 13.
  6. Daniel Higgins, 34, stone cutter of Cork ; Julia, 24, wife of do ; Mary Ann child of do.
  7. Thomas Hobbs, 28, gardener of Cork; Eliza, 29, wife of do ; Ann, and (died of measles) Eliza, children of do ; Margaret Hobbs, 17.
  8. Dennis Holmes, 28, carpenter of Fermoy ; Ellen, 25, wife of do ; Mary and Agenes, children of do ; Catherine Corcoran, 16 ; Louisa Nassaw, 25.
  9. John Connor, 30, stone mason of Cork ; Hannah, 27, wife of do ; (died of measles) Mary, and Ellen children of do ; Fanny Lynch, 31.
  10. Callaghan M'Carthy, 28, shepherd of Mallow ; Mary, 26, wife of do ; Eliza, James and Eugene both died of measles, children of do.
  11. Matthew Fitzpatrick, 26, sawyer of Mallow ; Catherine Fitzpatrick, 24, wife of do ; Mary Fitzpatrick, 16 ; Margaret Fitzpatrick, 15.
  12. Eugene M'Carthy, 27, plasterer of Cork ; Mary, 22, wife of do ; Timothy, died of smallpox, child of do.
  13. John Cosgrave, 34, wheelwright of Cloyne ; Ellen, 29, wife of do ; John, William, Edmund, James died of measles, Daniel accidental death, Maurice died of measles, children of do ; Margaret Connell, 19.
  14. David Barry, 32, labourer ot Mallow ; Jane, 30, wife of do ; James, Eliza, David, Ellen, Jane, children of do ; Catherine Morgan, 17.
  15. James Reardon, 30, labourer of Killarney ; Mary, 26, wife of do ; Julia, Hanora and Mary both died of measles, children of do.
  16. Michael Moynahan, 27, laborer of Killarney ; Julia, l8, wife of do, died of fever.
  17. John Sullivan, 30, laborer of Mallow ; Mary, 28, wife of do ; Daniel and (died of measles) Cornelius, children of do ; Deborah M'Carthy, 24.
  18. Daniel Connell, 32 laborer of Kantuck [sic] ; Mary, 34, wife of do ; John, Daniel, Catherine, Ellen, (died of measles) Mary and Patrick, children of do.
  19. David Curtin, 33, joiner of Cloyne ; Margaret, 31, wife of do ; Ellen, Frances, and (died of measles) Mary Ann, children of do.
  20. John T. Wolfe, 27, smith of Cork ; Ann, wife of do.
  21. Michael Leahy, 32, plasterer of Killarney ; Catherine, 23, wife of do ; Daniel, and (died of measles) Johannah children of do.
  22. Philip Denahy, 27, laborer of Mill street ; Mary, 22, wife of do ; Julia child of do.
  23. David Leary, 28, stone mason of Killarney ; Mary, 21, wife of do ; Christopher and John Leary, children of do.
  24. Daniel Leahy, 32, stone mason of Killarney; Deborah, 25, wife of do died of dysentery ; Michael, and (died of small pox) Timothy children of do.
  25. Thomas Couche, 33, smith of Cork ; Bridget, 27, wife of do ; John and George children of do.
  26. Patrick Donovan, 23, harness maker of Kantuck; Julia, 24, wife of do ; Johannah died of measles, child of do.
  27. James Mahoney, 35, stone mason of Killarney Ellen, 34, wife of do ; Cornelius, James and William children of do.
  28. Patrick Sullivan, 27, laborer of Cork ; Mary, 24, wife of do ; Ellen and (died of measles) Michael children of do.
  29. Peter Connell, 25, plasterer of Fermoy ; Catherine, 24, wife of do ; William died of measles, John and Johannah children of do.
  30. William Murphy, 30, carpenter of Fermoy ; Catherine, 28, wife of do ; Mary and Bridget children of do : Betsey Somerville; 14.
  31. James Lloyd, 29, laborer of Fermoy ; Margaret, 28, wife of do ; John, William, Betsey, children of do.
  32. Dennis Murphy, 30, smith of Fermoy ; Ellen, 25, wife of do ; Mary, Timothy, Bridget, children of do ; Betsey Condon, 28.
  33. Peter Connor, 31, plasterer of Middleton ; Johannah, 28, wife of do ; John, Thomas, James, and (died of measles) Hannah children of do.
  34. James Neville, 29, carpenter of Middleton ; Ellen, 29, wife do ; Catherine died of measles, children of do.
  35. Edward Fennessy, 29, sawyer of Fermoy ; Ellen, 27, wife of do ; Peggy died of small pox, Mary Ann, John, Edward, these three died of measles ; Bridget Kennedy, 19.
  36. William Insley, 25, coach maker of Cork ; Catherine, 21, wife of do ; Sarah Buckley, 27.
  37. John Brokenshoe, 24, labourer of Fermoy ; Catherine, 21, died of dysentery, wife of do ; Mary Whip, 23.
  38. Michael Ahern, 26, carpenter of Mallow ; Catherine, 27, wife of do; Michael died of mesenteric, child of do.
  39. Timothy Donoghue, 32, laborer of Kantuck [sic] ; Julia, 32, wife of do ; Daniel, Ellen, both died of measles, children of do ; Hanora Donoghue, 22, servant.
  40. John Mahoney, 29, carpenter of Cork ; Catherine, 30, wife of do ; Matilda died of measles, Theresa children of do ; Francis Harris, 10.
  41. Michael Horgan, 25, plasterer of Killarney ; Bridget, 20, wife of do ; Mary died of measles, child of do ; Johannah Talbot, 19.
  42. John O'Keefe, 28, carpenter of Kildorrery ; Mary, 20, wife of do ; Ellen Kennery, 18, servant.
  43. John Hennessy, 30, sawyer of Fermoy ; Catherine, 29, wife of do ; Bridget, James and Sally, children of do ; Catherine Reynolds, 16, childs maid.
  44. William Connor, 30, millwright of Cork ; Ellen, 30, died of phthisis, wife of do ; Joseph died of measles, child of do.
  45. David Keene, 24, blacksmith of Fermoy ; Margaret, 22, wife of do ; Margaret died of measles, child of do ; Hanora Keeffe, 24.
  46. Peter Good, 26, laborer of Macroom ; Alice, 26, wife of do ; William and Mary children of do.
  47. Timothy Magrath, 29, carpenter of Cork ; Mary, 26, wife of do ; John child of do.
  48. Michael Hafey, 24, laborer of Mallow ; Julia, 20, wife of do.
  49. Henry Callaghan, 22, laborer of Rathcormac ; Margaret, 21, wife of do.
  50. Richard M'Auliff 33, carpenter of Newmarket; Julian, 29, wife of do ; Mary, Timothy, Patrick and Margaret, children of do.
  51. Michael Shea, 28, laborer of Lismore ; Catherine, 25, wife of do ; Catherine and (died of measles) John, children of do.
  52. William Clancy, 29, laborer of Aghada ; Ellen, 28, wife of do ; Patrick, Edward and Ann both died of measles, children of do ; Ann Hegarty, 22.
  53. John Mahoney, 28, laborer of Aghada ; Mary, 26, wife of do.
  54. Michael Mahoney, 27, laborer of Aghada ; Ellen, 24, wife of do ; John died of measles, child of do.
  55. Daniel Crowley, 31, laborer of Cork ; Catherine, 26, wife of do ; Patrick, Dennis, Mary, Daniel children of do.
  56. George Coleman, 27, laborer of Balriggen ; Eliza, 25, wife of do ; Christopher
  57. James Byrne, 30, laborer of Balriggen ; Mary, 23, wife of do ; John died of measles, Peter, Ellen died of measles, children of do ; Catherine Lynch, 21, general servant.
  58. James Monks, 30, laborer of Balriggen ; Jane, 28, wife of do ; Eliza, Mary, Jane and Patrick all died of measles, children of do.
  59. William B. Dill, 33, cabinet maker of Cork ; Anne, 29, wife of do; John, Anne A. Eliza, and (died of measles) William children of do.
  60. Patrick Regan, 28, labourer of Balriggen ; Catherine, 29, wife of do ; Margaret and John both died of measles, children of do.
  61. Edward Martin, 30, carpenter of Cork ; Jane, 26, wife of do ; Margaret, Jane, Eliza and James both died of measles, children of do ; Margaret Martin, 16.
  62. George Martin, 30, carpenter. of Cork ; Ester, 26, wife of do ; Edward, Samuel, John, and George children of do ; Eliza Martin, niece, 13.
  63. Boyle Martin, 27, carpenter of Cork ; Anne, 24, wife of do ; Eliza and Mary children of do ; Edward Martin, nephew, 10.
  64. William Cogan, 21, carpenter of Cork ; Hannah, 20, wile of do ; Hannah Cogan, sister 22 ; Catharine Watkins, 18.
  65. Darby Coffee, 33, laborer of Killarney ; Catherine, 25, wife of do ; Margaret Bresnihi, 26.

The Bussorah Merchant.—We are happy to state, upon good authority, that the diseases, which produced such fatal results on board this vessel on her voyage from Ireland, no longer exist among the emigrants, who are now comfortably situated on shore at North West Bay, and receiving every attention under the circumstances, which the government can possibly provide. At the same time, the quarantine has been most rigidly enforced, to prevent the possibility of any latent contagion being communicated.

On Friday last, Mr. Logan of the Colonial Secretary's Office, proceeded, by command of His Excellency, to North. West Bay, in the Vansittart cutter, "for the purpose of carrying into effect certain arrangements which were deemed expedient for promoting the health and comfort of the emigrants by the Bussorah Merchant, with a view to their early relief from quarantine.

Submitted by dja
Colonial Times (Hobart, TAS), 9 January 1838
— We understand the passengers of that unfortunate vessel, the Bussorah Merchant, have entirely recovered from the pestilence, with which they have been so seriously afflicted, and that they may shortly be expected to arrive in Hobart Town. Since their landing, the whole of the passengers and crew, have been placed under strict quarantine. We hear also, that Belle Vue has been rented by the Government, expressly for the accommodation of these emigrants, till such time as they may be enabled to obtain work.
Submitted by dja
Colonial Times (Hobart, TAS), 16 January 1838
Domestic Intelligence
We are sorry to say, that the accounts received respecting the state of health of the Bussorah Merchant emigrants, are anything but favorable. That pestilential disorder, the small-pox, has been entirely cured, but unfortunately there are four or five cases of confirmed hooping cough. Five children and one woman have died since the quarantine commenced, and several other passengers were anything but well. We believe every attention is paid to these unfortunate creatures. The vessel has been fumigated, and is allowed to proceed to Singapore, with a clean bill of health.
Submitted by dja

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