The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, 1 February 1838

(From the Launceston Advertiser, January 11.)
A Government notice appeared in the last Gatette, in which we are told that the Lieut.-Governor is "very anxious to interest the community in the early distribution and employment of the free emigrants from Cork by the Bussorah Merchant." The notice further states, "that it has occurred to His Excellency that to forward the objects of distribution and employment is peculiarly within the province of the several Agricultural Associations" throughout the country ; and the members of them, and other settlers in the rural districts, are especially invited to interest themselves in relation to them.

We very much fear that the plain English of this is, that the Government feels itself in a situation of considerable embarrassment, from which there is no hope of escaping if the community will not lend a helping hand. And hence the coquetting with the Agricultural Associations. Had the anticipations in which men gladly "allowed themselves to indulge, of the results of the new reign, been realised, we should have willingly acknowledged in this call of co-operation a flattering recognition of the oommunity in, if we may so say, its corporate capacity ; as it is, we only see a trimming to circumstances—a dismounting from the high horse, from no love of not riding horses, but from the force of an irresistible expediency. How the community, disappointed and sickened as it is, will answer to the call made upon its exertions, we shall not pretend to say. But what could the people at home have been dreaming about when they sent us emigrants of the description arrived by the Bussorah Merchant ? — What the colonists want are able-bodied labourers, and household servant women. One cannot hire a ploughman from the Büssorah Merchant, but you must either hire or entertain a wife and three or four children. Such a selection must have been made in deplorable ignorance of the wants and circumstances of the Colony ; and we shall be greatly mistaken if these poor folks do not remain a dead weight on the hands of Government for a long period ; even with all the aid of associations and individuals to boot. There are few people that will like to encumber themselves with a family of strangers, out of pure philanthropy—for profit is out of the question—simply because the home or local authorities have been bungling a measure "deeply affecting the best interests of the Colony." The list of emigrants, as published in the notice, is quite appalling. There are
24 Agricultural Labourers
4 Blacksmiths 16 Carpenters
1 Coachmaker
1 Cabinetmaker
1 Gardener
1 Harness Maker
1 Miner
1 Millwright
5 Plaisterers
4 Stone-masons
1 Stone Cutter
3 Sawyers
1 Shepherd—and 1 Wheelwright.

And so far good. But these people are encumbered with sixty three wives (whom heaven nevertheless preserve), and sixty two children. The children named are exclusive of those who died on the voyage from small pox—a fearful number ! as to the cause of the death of whom we trust every fitting enquiry has been made.

The emigrants are still under quarantine, "from which they are not to be released until they are perfectly healthy." It is a first duty of the Government to see the Quarantine rigorously preserved.

(From the Cornwall Chronicle, January 13.)
We understand that the passengers of that unfortunate vessel, the Bussorah Merthant, have entirely recovered from the pestilence with which they have been so seriously afflicted, and that they may shortly be expected in Hobart Town. Since their landing, the whole of the passengers and crew have been placed under strict quarantine. We hear also, that Bell[e] Vue has been rented by the Government, expressly for the accommodation of these emigrants, till such time as they may be enabled to obtain work.
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