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The Times
London, Middlesex, England
December 20, 1836


The following particulars of this dreadful calamity are given in the New York papers which arrived on Saturday:--

We have conversed with one of the passengers wrecked in the Bristol, who describes the scene as most appalling. He himself clung to the wreck for many hours, holding his son in his lap and, witih the exception of the Captain, was the last to leave it. He estimates the number of persons who must have perished to be 80. The following are the names of the steerage passengers saved:-- Peter Markey, county of Louth, currier; Richard Faulkner, county of Louth; Patrick Lamb, Dublin, labourer; John Finnigan, Dublin, wheelwright; Jolin Paisley, England, butcher; W. Dairy, Derry, labourer; Elizabeth Dairy, Derry, servant girl; John Carr, Kildare; John Roach, Limerick; James Gaffney, county of Cavan; Michael Mooney, King's County, labourer; Catherine Mooney, ditto, servant girl; Patrick O'Mealy, ditto; Thomas O'Mealy, ditto; ____ MigInty, Dublin; Mr. Warren, county of Wicklow; Samuel Warren, ditto; James Warren, ditto; dumb man, Londonderry.
(From the Commercial Advertiser.)

17 bodies floated on shore – 11 men, 5 women, and 1 child. They were removed by the coroner to the schoolhouse in the rear of the Pavillion; and, with the exception of one or two, who have been claimed by their friends and removed to the city, all have been buried in one grave, but in separate boxes or coffins. The last burial took place on Saturday, having kept the bodies as long as proper to give an opportunity to their friends to recognize them. Mrs. Andrews and one daughter have been recognized among those floated on shore.

The coroner has no property, except one great coat, 95 sovereigns found on the person of Dr. _____, and 16 sovereigns taken from the pockets of a red-haired man, about 5 feet high, not recognized. The few boxes of clothing that have been obtained are on board two schooners sent down by the wreckmaster, together with the under-mentioned cargo:-- 24 puncheons of whisky, appraised at $3,836; a quantity of carpeting, $1,435; crockery, $245; two boxes, $15; lot of trunks, $25; box of cloth, $10; lot of yarn, $21; mahogany box $3. Total, $5,590.

We learn that about 15 of the unfortunate steerage passengers who escaped with their lives from the wreck of the Bristol are now in this city, but utterly destitute, and without the means of subsistence. They have applied to the British consul for aid, and he has furnished it from his private purse to a considerable extent; but we would suggest to the humane to forward him such contributions as will enable him to give to these unfortunate sufferers the relief which their situations so imperiously demand.

Among the number is a man of about 30, whose father, mother, two brothers, and two sisters, were all on board the Bristol, and all of whom perished on Sunday night!

A general subscription has been commenced in New York for the relief of the survivors.

The following has been handed to one of the New York papers for publication:--

"ROCKAWAY, Nov. 24, 1836 – I, Francis Burstall, being the only surviving male cabin passenger of the distressing wreck and total loss of the ship Bristol, Captain A. M'Kown, from Liverpool, bound to New York, consider myself in duty bound, in justice to Captain M'Kown and my own feelings, to state my entire approbation of his conduct during that fatal disaster on the night of the 22d inst., and do consider no blame can be attached to him, but consider the sincere thanks of myself and all those who were saved due to him for his cool, deliberate, seaman-like, and gentlemanly conduct, in rendering every assistance that could be done for our benefit, and his generosity in refusing to quit the wreck until every one had left her, in order that all that possibly could might be saved. I also consider it my duty to state the entire satisfaction manifested by both the cabin and steerage passengers during the whole voyage, as a return of thanks had been written and signed by them the day previous. "FRANCIS BURSTALL."

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