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Baldwin's London Weekly Journal, 12 October 1833
RIOT NEAR BONMAHON.—On Sunday night last one of those quarrels which so frequently spring out of public-houses occurred at the village of Ballylanbeen, near Bonmahon, in this county. In the course of the night a man from Kilmacthomas received such a serious blow on the head, that his life is in a precarious way. His name is Hearn, or Ahearn. He was a particularly quarrelsome character, so much so that he was named "Ahearn of the fights." He was also a leader amongst that contemptible and mischievous faction called the Puteens. This faction have, in consequence, for the last two or three days, been parading that neighbourhood, looking for the man who is supposed to have given the blow to Ahearn with the openly avowed intention of murdering him. It is quite unpardonable of the magistrates of the neighbourhood to allow the country to be disgraced by this open parade of lawless ruffianism. They are the very dregs of the community—for the most part servant boys of the worst character, and a cowardly set when at all resisted. On Tuesday last these ruffians were going about in large gangs, drunk. They attacked and broke in several houses in the neighbourhood of Ballylanbeen. —Waterford Chronicle.
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The Times
London, Middlesex, England

October 17, 1833


DUBLIN HEAD POLICE OFFICE. – Saturday John M'GAWRAN of Arva, CAVAN, against whom a Bench-warrant had been out since the last assizes, for the alleged murder of a man named BRADY, in June last, surrendered himself to the authorities at this office. Mr. GREENE (King's Counsel) was in attendance on behalf of the Crown. Mr. MARTLEY, jun., appeared for the prisoner, and the latter was admitted to bail before Judge BURTON in chamber, himself in 500l, and two sureties, each in 230l, to abide his trial at the next assizes for Cavan. The sureties for the prisoner were his brother, the Rev. Mr. M'GOWRAN, and J. M'GOWRAN, Esq., Lower Merrion-street. The accused is a person in very opulent circumstances. – Dublin Dispatch.

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