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 The Times
London, Middlesex, England
April 9, 1831


 DUBLIN, April 6
     A letter reached town this morning, which mentions that on Monday about 5000 men, from the neighbourhood of Gort, surrounded the mansion of Sir John Burke, Bart., at Marble-hill, and in the open day proceeded to demolish the windows. They forced an entrance to the house, from which they took 13 stand of arms and a considerable quantity of powder. from Marble-hill this immense mob, 500 of whom were supplied with fire-arms, proceeded to the house of Captain Burnskill (who was absent attending the assizes at Galway), and fired several shots, one of which slightly wounded Miss Brunskill, one of the daughters of the Captain. From the residence of Captain Brusnkill they also took a quantity of firearms.

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