The Courier (London), 28 September 1830
A shocking murder was committed in Clare-street, Limerick, on Tuesday night. A person, named Michael Ahern, against whom there was some party grudge, was returning from the Newscastle race course, when a person came up and warned him to be away home with all speed, as there was a party on the look out for him. This caution had been scarcely uttered, when Ahern's friend was knocked down by a blow given from behind, and an attack was made on Ahern before he could offer any resistance. His forehead was fractured dreadfully, and the upper part of the head actually driven down by the repeated battering of an iron bar! When the body was found a large black circle appeared on the neck, from which it is believed strangulation was resorted to in effecting this horrible deed.—Limerick Evening Post.
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