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The Times
London, Middlesex, England
March 19, 1823

MOST FRIGHTFUL MURDER. - On the 5th inst., on the lands of Trihou (Tribou), two miles from Redhills, in the county of Cavan, a most cruel murder was perpetrated. The victim was Thomas Beatty, an amiable young man, about 20 years of age, son to John Beatty, a constable. They were usually entrusted with the collection of the county cess, and more moderate and deserving men in their situation were never known. Unfortunately, there was some misunderstanding among the tenants, some of whom not only refused to pay, but were prepared to resist any who should enforce it. The poor young man above-mentioned, advancing incautiously, was assailed by two men and four women, armed with the shafts of spades, graffs, &c., prepared for the purpose. One of the men, coming behind poor Beatty, struck him to the ground, when they all fell furiously upon him. On the father's attempting to save him, they left the son, and began at him; and while they were thus engaged, a woman observing the son revive a little, struck him on the head with a loy-shaft and fractured his skull: then they all ran off. The agonized father carried his almost lifeless son into a field, and ran for assistance; the best medical aid was procured, but all in vain, he lived in great agony for three days, and expired, lamented by all who knew him. The ruffian who first struck him ran to a house, and swore he had "sent a Protestant to hell!" The poor young land was a member of the Belturbet Infantry, and remarkable for his loyalty and good conduct. A Coroner's Inquest was held on the body, who returned a verdict accordingly. - Dublin Evening Mail.

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