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August 12, 1823

A true miracle performed by Dr. Connell, of Bunno, in the county of Cavan, in the year 1777 - "In the year of 1773, about the month of February, a girl of the name Ann Mulligan, who, lived near Rockberry, and who was about 14 years of age, went over to a neighbour's house on a visit, one evening, and returned about ten o'clock at night, having completely lost her speech, and re- mained in that state till the month of May, 1777, being a space of four years and about a quarter, when her friends brought her to Dr. Connell, generally called the Mad Doctor, who, when he had examined the girl, and heard the story, brought her into his parlour, and locked the door. Then, placing her on a chair at one end of the table, and himself opposite to her at the other, he commenced by distorting his countenance in a shocking manner, so as to strike ter- ror into the girl, and after some time, he furiously bounced up, flew to a dagger which was hanging over the chimney-piece, ran at the girl, swearing he would instantly put her to death when she drop- ped on her knees, and exclaimed for God's sake to spare her life, and immediately fainted. On her recovering from the faint, she had completely regained her speech, nor ever after lost it. This can be attested by above 20 persons, and by the tradition of the whole neighbourhood." - Irish paper.

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