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The Times
London, Middlesex, England
Oct 1, 1822


(From the Limerick Chronicle)

     On Friday night last, Messrs. Kelly and Smith, of Captain Wilcock's Police, succeeded in apprehending the noted James Fitzgibbon, Patrick Carty, John Molony and Thomas Collins, all of whom are charged with the wilful murder of Ulick Burke, Esq., in Feb. last near Cappa; they are lodged in Rathkeale Bridewell.
     On the next morning at ten o'clock, a female, who had been seen the day before at Rathkeale, and who was conceived to have given information which led to the apprehension of the four fellows, proceeding to the well of Cappa, near where she resided, for a can of water, was seized upon by a man with his face blackened, who instantly dragged her into the grove, and in the most savage manner attempted to cut her throat. The approach of some persons prevented the miscreant carrying his intention into effect, as he only gave her some scars under the chin, and by the humane directions of Mr. Kelly of Captain Wilcock's Police, she is placed under surgical care in Rathkeale, and hopes are entertained of her speedy recovery. The most prompt exertions were made by the police, accompanied by Robert Peppard, Esq. and his son, to apprehend the perpetrator, who has for the present escaped.
     Since writing the above we have received the following from a respectable magistrate:-
     "SIR, - I have to acquaint you with one of the most daring attempts at assassination which perhaps has ever been recorded in the late, I fear, I may add present, rebellion.
     "As a girl of the name of Catherine Hickie was walking on the avenue leading to Cappa-house, on Saturday last, about the hour of 11 in the forenoon, a man, whose face was blackened, seized her, and dragged her into a grove that stands by the avenue, and there with a razor cut her throat across, but providentially the design of the ruffian is frustrated, as there are sanguine hopes of the girl's recovery.
     "This scene took place within from twenty to sixty yards of a cluster of houses, one of them a forge, the door of which opened towards the spot to which the assassin drew her, and in that forge were four men at the moment. I must state that no suspicion of collusion rests against these four men, as the noise in the forge prevented the girl's cries from being heard. There are two police-men stationed at Cappa, and Mr. Peppard was walking within sight of, and not more than two or three hundred yards from, the girl at the time the transaction occurred; one of the most public roads in the county runs beside the place where she was attacked.
     "This outrageous attempt on the life of an innocent young woman, caused by a suspicion of her having given information against murderers, is a clear evidence that the spirit of desolation has only lain smothered during the few months of doubtful tranquility that has reigned in this county, and the man's face being blackened is a well-known symptom of rebellion."
     "P.S.- I have opened my letter to inform you that one of Mr. Raymond's offices, at Hollywood, lately occupied as a barrack, was burnt last night (Monday) by White Boys."


     Within the last few nights parties of ruffians visited several houses between Clarina and Adare in this county. They flogged a farmer, named Lynch, at Briskee; and the dwelling of Mr. C. Parker was attacked by an unarmed party, who beat him for not sending out his servant to be flogged by them.
     Monday night, John Frayley received a flogging, near Rathkeale, from a party of ruffians. He was suspected of giving information.
     At an early hour on Monday morning, a communication reached the Police-office of Captain Drought, in his city, that at six o'clock on the preceding evening, two men of his infantry corps, named Gunnell and Armstrong, returning from Castle Connell to their quarters at Bird-hill, were attacked on the Gouigg-road, and that the former was murdered, and the body supposed to have been thrown into a bog-hole, as no trace could be found of it. At three o'clock, however, a messenger arrived who stated that Gunnell has been found in the corner of a ditch, at some distance from where the attack was made upon him; and that, though wounded and stabbed in several parts of the body, he was likely to recover. Various causes are assigned for this outrage; but as an inquiry is about to take place, we abstain from noticing any of the rumours.
     On Friday night, the Rev. Sir Wm. Reade, Bart, returning to his glebe at Tomgrany, county Clare, was attempted to be assassinated by a fellow who darted from behind a wall, and discharged a musket at him, the contents of which-two balls-struck the opposite wall; and Sir William happily escaped by the fleetness of his horse. This active Magistrate was after apprehending two men on information and had given them in charge to be conveyed to Tomgrany bridewell. Every exertion to apprehend the delinquent who fired was promptly made, but without effect.
     On Saturday night some villains threw stones at Captain Middleton, 42d, when visiting the guards near the Square.
     Major Nicholson has lodged in Kilkenny gaol three brothers, named Ryan, for murdering James Egan, at Hathlogan, on the 11th Sept.
     A gang of robbers who broke into Captain Morgan's and Mr. Homan's houses, on the Glanmire road, last week, have been apprehended by the High Constable of Cork, after a desperate resistance.

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