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The Times
London, Middlesex, England

July 29, 1818


ATROCIOUS MURDER - The following circumstances has been before, but not so circumstantially, detailed in our columns. The account we now publish is extracted from the Cavan Herald:-

"A murder of the most premeditated and horrible description was perpetrated on the 26th June, in the neighbourhood of Cootehill, in this county, the particulars of which, we believe, are as follows:- Mr. T. MAYNE, of Lisnalong, in the county of Monaghan, a gentleman of much respectability, and highly esteemed, went, accompanied by Mr. FITZPATRICK, of Cootehill, a coroner of the county, and Mr. SLOANE, to receive, under an order of law, possession of the house and ground of Mr. SIMPSON, of Drumshiel, near Cootehill, which was quietly given. When on the eve of returning, and after Messrs. FITZPATRICK and SLOANE had got on horseback, SIMPSON addressed Mr. MAYNE, "Tom MAYNE, I want to speak with thee, "immediately ran into his house, brought out a loaded blunderbuss, and said, "Tom thou has brought the Coroner here, and 'tis fit he should have a job," presented his blunderbuss at Mr. MAYNE, who had just got on his horse, and was stooping forward, fixing his foot in the stirrup, and lodged its contents in the head of that unfortunate gentleman and of his horse, both of whom fell. The Coroner and Mr. SLOANE deemed it prudent to leave the place immediately.

When they reached Cootehill, a party of the military proceeded in quest of the murderer, who fled, and, we regret to say, has for present eluded justice. When the party went to the house, their attention was directed to the unfortunate Mr. MAYNE, who was brought into Cootehill, where he expired on Wednesday the 1st inst. An inquest was held on the body, by Mr. FITZPATRICK, and a verdict returned according to the circumstances we have stated. What aggravates the crime, if aggravation can be applied in a case of such enormity, was, that the deceased and SIMPSON dined together a few days before, and parted on perfectly good terms, since when they had not met until the day of the murder.

Submitted by: County Cavan Newspaper Transcription Project

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