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The Times
London, Middlesex, England
September 12, 1803

     Nothing of importance has transpired as yet from the trials of the Irish rebels. It is evident that the inferior class of insurgents have been kept in profound ignorance of the plan of the conspiracy. Such, indeed, was the policy of the late rebellion which was organised with singular art and address. Thus far is certainly known from private information, though it has not yet appeared on any of the trials, that the rebel leaders maintained an actual correspondence with the French Government. The depot of pikes and other weapons, of ammunition, &c. could only be furnished from that source; many of the weapons were of foreign manufacture; nor could the rebels, who are in general pennyless, have procured them from their own funds; not to speak of the difficulty of manufacturing such articles without discovery.--Should REDMOND live to take his trial, perhaps some traces of the plot may appear; and from ROBERT EMMET discoveries of importance are expected. Could RUSSELL have been apprehended the very heart of the conspiracy would have been broken; but till the Government can lay hold of the principals, the country can scarcely be said to be in a state of security.

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