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The Times
London, Middlesex, England
August 31, 1803

London, August 31.
     The Dublin Mail which arrived yesterday brings no material of intelligence but the apprehension of Mr. ROBERT EMMET, for whom a large reward had been offered, who was taken after some inconsiderable resistance; and of Mr. BARNEY COYLE, a Merchant of that City. The latter is the person who fought a duel with Mr. OGLE, one of the late Members for Dublin in the Imperial Parliament.
     The vigilance of Government appears to be unremitting; and if the secret embers of rebellion, which were ready to burst into a flame in many parts of Ireland are extinguished, it must be owing to the vigorous precautions that have been taken, and to the alarm which has been spread among those misguided People, who wish, they scarce know why, to change the best Government in the world for the worst.

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