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The Times
London, Middlesex, England

September 29, 1795


The unfortunate Mrs. FULLAM, who was murdered by a party of the miscreant Defenders, near Cavan, on Sunday fo' rnight(?), was a widow. Her son, who lived with her, was a respectable farmer, and the intent of the murderers was principally directed against him, in revenge for some information he had given against the cause of Defenderism. They desired him in the most opprobrious terms to turn out, that he had not a minute to live. The unfortunate mother endeavoured to divert their horrid purpose by entreaty, and during parley, the son made his escape through the back door, which so exasperated the miscreants, that with the most barbarous and cold-blooded cruelty, they literally blew the unfortunate woman's brains out, saying, since they could not get her son, she might take that for his sake, discharging a blunderbuss at her head.

Submitted by: County Cavan Newspaper Transcription Project

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