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The Times
London, Middlesex, England
August 20, 1795


DUBLIN, August 15.

     At a Privy Council held by his Excellency the LORD LIEUTENANT, on Tuesday last, a proclamation was ordered, offering a reward of 200l. for the offender, who fired at and severely wounded in the arm, William Henry Finlay, Esq., of the county of Meath, near his own house at Dangan, in the said county.

     A gentleman, named Molloy, had several cattle belonging to him houghed, at his residence in the county of Meath, on Monday night last, by the Defenders.

     Mr. Knipe, a gentleman of the county of Meath, was fired upon on Monday last, as he was going to Athboy, by some villain unknown, and the shot providentially only grazed his forehead. His having prosecuted some Defenders a few days ago, to conviction, for an attack upon his house, is supposed to have caused this blood-thirsty attack upon his life.

     John Eagan, charged with being a principal instigator of the Defenders, has been apprehended at Cork, by Richard Aldworth, Esq., and committed to the county gaol of that place.

     The Marquis of Cornwallis has sailed from Cork with the convicts for Botany Bay. Seventy of them were Defenders. Just before they sailed, six of the same description convicted at the assizes of Leitrim and three in Roscommon, were brought here and shipped off with the hopeful cargo.

     Last week a number of riotous persons attacked the house of Mr. Palmer, near Laureltwon, and broke and destroyed the windows and furniture. They then houghed and cut all the cattle they found in the fields. They also went to the farm of Sir Francis Hopkins in that neighbourhood. They fired several shots through the window were they thought the keeper was; but the poor man made his timely escape and secreted himself in  ditch for the remainder of the night. They have threatened the life of the keeper and of Sir Francis and to burn the same with the corn and flax, if they do not comply with the term; those rioters think fit to impose.

    On Sunday night, Dr. Warren, of the hospital ship of Cove, near Cork, fell overboard and was drowned.




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