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The Times
London, Middlesex, England
July 17, 1788

     The friends of the late Mr. Wilson, of Belfast, were not a little alarmed by the number of exactments that were laid on his effects immediately after his decease. It turns out most happily, that the fears of the creditors were excited without any just cause-from the most minute investigation, a fund most ample has been found, which not only discharges every demand, but leaves a large surplus.- The schedule of the effects amounts to 46,000l, and to this must be  added the mills, machinery, prints &c, which are estimated, and that much under cost, at 12,000l. more.- The whole of the demands yet exhibited, or that can be traced, do not reach 47,000l.

    A short time since as some labourers were clearing the race ground of Loughmore, near Limerick, they found a small brass box, containing a piece of parchment five inches square, on which is written the admission of a fellow or scholar at Mungret University, which was at an early age, a famous one; at the top is a picture of St. Patrick, and it is signed Gulielmus Nophine, with the date A.D. 485. It was purchased for a guinea and sent as a present to a member of the Irish Academy.


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