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The Times
London, Middlesex, England
January 24, 1788


     A parochial enumeration of the inhabitants of this metropolis, similar to that which took place in 1758, by order of Parliament, will be directed by the same authority the ensuing session, in order to ascertain with precision the number of souls residing at present in this great city.
     In the year 1758, aforesaid, the return made to Parliament amounted to 118,000 souls; at this day it is the general opinion that there are nearly 200,000.
     A prodigious increase in so short a period as thirty years.
     The above increase of the capital of Ireland would be an alarming circumstance, did not the great provincial cities of Corke, Limerick, Belfast, &c increase in the fame, or rather in a greater proportion, which is by no means the case in England; where, though the number of souls in the kingdom has not increased in this century any thing to speak of-the inhabitants of London are nearly doubled in the time, while all the provincial towns (Liverpool alone excepted) remain not more populous than they were. The great trade and opulence of London may for a time support the nation that has so enormous and disproportioned a head, but wealth has wings, and trade has always been versatile; and when a change (which we hope is at a great distance) happens, the ponderous entablatures must crush the puny members of the political frame.

The Times
London, Middlesex, England
January 29, 1788

Sunday the 20th instant, at Dover, the Hon. Henry Pomeroy, Member of the ??th Parliament, to Miss Mary Grady; daughter of the late Nicholas Grady, Esq. of the County of Limerick.

    Yesterday se'nnight, near Colehill, in the county of Longford, in Ireland, the Rev. Dr. Brady, many years titular bishop of that diocese.

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