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The Times
London, Middlesex, England
April 3, 1788

     At Giandore, in the county of Corke, William Bennet, Esq., one of the Surveyors of Baltimore district.

The Times
London, Middlesex, England
April 15, 1788

     Dublin, April 10. The following may be depended on:- A large bog, of 1500 acres, lying between Dundrum and the city Callie?? in the county of Tipperary, about twenty-two miles from Limerick, the centre of which towards the South gave way on Thursday the 27th of March last, at about twelve o'clock at noon and has been in motion ever since, at least until Wednesday se'nnight, when our correspondent had on that day, at the same hour gone to see its progress, and on the best calculation says, that the discharged body had then covered about 160 acres in length, and about 60 in breadth, carrying with it every tree, ditch and any other matter it had met with in its way, tearing large alli trees from their roots, and two or three cabins; it had then got on a small river leading to Golden River, near two miles from this bog, which had advanced its progress; there are several cracks in the opposite part of the bog, which lies adjacent to the estate of John Hide, Esq.and has covered part of his ground. There had been two large ponds in the centre of the bog, supposed to be very deep, and it is imagined a body of water has got under the bog, which caused its motion.

     On Tuesday the 8th instant, as Thomas Holton, Esq., Surveyor of Excise in the district of Loughrea, in the county of Galway, was doing his duty, near Woodford, in the said county, attended by a gauger, he was pursued and attacked by ten desperate villains with spades and pitchforks, who broke his arms, fractured his skull, and beat out his eyes, at same time desiring the gauger to fly or they would kill him. Holton languished under the wounds he received until Saturday morning and then died in the greatest agony, leaving a wife and five helpless children.

     Limerick, April 3. Tuesday last the Bridget, Case, of Corke, from New York, with flaxseed, staves, and returned Irish provisions, for Newport Prat, put into this harbour in distress; On the 5th ult. when lying to in lat. 48. 25. N. long 48.50. she shipped a lea, which carried away her two boats and tackling, the companion binnacle, cabuse, compasses, quarter rails, quarter and main deck staunches, hen coops, water casks, a quantity of spare yards, tip masts, spars, windlass, and in short every thing above deck, except the mast; it broke the tiller, shook the rudder and gunwale, flarted all the bolts and trunnions above the water, stove in the dead lights, and carried three of the hands overboard; one of whom was drowned, another thrown on deck by a second sea, and third saved himself by laying hold of a rope which hung over the side of the vessel.

The Times
London, Middlesex, England
April 17, 1788

Extract of a letter from Dublin, April 12
     "A letter from the Rev. Mr. Fitzgerald, of Cashel, to a merchant in this city, dated the 9th inst., after giving an account of the state of the bog of Monabugh (as particularly related in our last) concludes his narrative as follows:
     "It is truly melancholy to see the poor people stripping their houses and removing their materials, their furniture, and their potatoes that were buried in the field to save them from destruction. Mr. Hyde, through whose ground it has bent its course, will lose between three and four hundred pounds per ann. To some parts of the country it will be of use, depositing a supply of firing, for which they were before distressed. Many are anxious for the fate of the bridges and mills on the Suir; but I think their fears are groundless, as it is of such a thin consistence, that as soon as it gets into a body of running water it must divide and be washed off. It carries in its stream islands of the upper surface of the bog, from one to three or four yards square. I will by and bye pay it another visit, as it was yesterday near a bridge, and I am eager to see whether it will have any effect on it or not."

    Sir H. Hartstonge read over a paper containing a complaint against an Hon. Baronet, when on the assizes in Limerick, and presented a petition from David Fitzgerald, of Ballinacarry, setting forth that he had two leases of lands and houses from a Mr. Cornwall, deceased, which were alleged to be forged, and a Mr. Morgan had brought an ejectment, and that the lawyers on the circuit being all retained, he had, at a considerable expence, brought Serjeant Toler and Counsellor Caldbeck down to the assizes, and that after evidence was heard, and part of the pleading over, a juror was withdrawn and the cause dismissed, to the irreparable injury of the petitioner.
     The House having gone into Committee, Serjeant Fitzgerald in the chair, the petition was read over, and Sir H. Hartstonge moved, that evidences should be examined.
     Counsellor Caldbeck, Serjeant Toler and some other Gentlemen were examined. After which the Attorney General said that the Baron's conduct was an error in judgment, but proceeding from the best motives. There was neither venality or corruption in the charge, but it was a precedent he should hope never again  would be followed. He should wish the whole matter to be buried in oblivion, and no resolution put thereon. The Right Hon. Gentleman then moved that the Chairman leave the chair which was agreed to unanimously.
     Mr. Curren called the attention of the House to a similar matter, which was that of an Associate Judge at the assizes of Clonmel (in the case of one Moran), withdrawing a juror. He expatiated on the impropriety of this, and the more to, as it was on a criminal matter, and the man was therefore deprived of his liberty, as the Court did not come to any decision.


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