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From the Monthly Chronologer for Ireland 1762

List of Marriages for the year 1762


1st Cork
At Cork, Tobias Brown Esq to Miss Hannah Newenham

Abraham Crommelin of Lisburn Esq to Miss Catherine Lawrent

4th Cavan
The Rev Dr Ralph Grattan of the Co Cavan to the widow Sadlier

10th Armagh
Mr Walsingham Collins of London merchant to Miss Margaret Stevenson 
daughter of James Stevenson of Killaphady in the Co of Armagh

Henry Flood Esq eldest son of the Right Hon Lord Chief Justice Flood and 
MP for the Borough of Callen to the Hon Lady Frances Beresford daughter of 
the Right Hon the Earl of Tyrone

16th Wexford
At Enniscorthy Gilfris Lawson Bart knight of the shire for the county of 
Cumberland to Miss Emilia Lovell

16th Cork
Lieutenant Purdon of the Royal Irish dragoons to Miss MaryWrixon daughter 
of Henry Wrixon of Glenfield county Cork Esq
16th In London the Right Hon Lord Stopford eldest son of the Earl of 
Courtown to Miss Powis

20th Mayo Dowdall Browne of Raheens near Ballinrobe Esq son of Sir John 
Browne of the Neale Bart to Miss Cuffe daughter of James Cuffe Esq

20th Lowth Rev David Smith of the county of Lowth to Miss Maguire of Henry 

List of Deaths for the year 1762


28th Belfast
At Belfast the wife of the Rev Thomas Merifield


3rd Cork
At Cloughroe in the county of Cork Justin McCarty Esq

4th Cork
The Rev Mark Parker of Cork

Edward Barret Esq

In Dame Street Mr Richard Hughes master of the Ross Tavern

4th Kilkenny
At Kilkenny the Rev William Connell archdeacon of Ossory

4th Kilkenny
At said place P Bryan Esq

4th Meath
John Dease of the county of Meath

7th Dublin
At Rathfarnham Mrs Palliser wife of William Palliser Esq

In Moore Street Capt Wardlow of Drogheda

At Lisle the Hon Mrs Catherine Butler sister to the late Lord Kingston

The relict of Daniel O?Donnevan Esq

13th Meath
At Lagore county of Meath Thomas Butler Esq MD

14th Longford
In Prussia Street Henry Edgeworth of the county of Longford Esq

14th Waterford
In Waterford the wife of ----- Dobbin Jun Esq and niece to Samuel Barker 
Esq representative of parliament for that city

In Abbey Street Mrs Jane Hamilton widow

In Caple Street Mr Thomas Hunt sadler

In New Street the wife of the Rev Mr Wisdom

19th Wexford
At Wexford Benjamin Neale Bailey Esq

19th Laois
The Rev Mr Stringer of Ballinakill in the Queen?s county

In Henry Street Mrs Honora Devonshire

20th Limerick
At Limerick Mrs Juliana Smyth wife of James Smyth Esq collector

20th Limerick
At Ballycahene in the county of Limerick Miss Jane Dalton daughter of 
Michael Dalton Esq

23rd Galway
Miss Statira Daly sister to Charles Daly Esq knight of the shire for the 
county of Galway

23rd Clare
At Ennis Wm Macnamara of Doolen in the county of Clare Esq

25th Meath
At Kilmainham Sir Simon Bradfleet Bart a most eminent barrister

25th Kilkenny
At Kilkenny the Rev Robert Connell of Dunmore in the diocese of Ossory

29th     Limerick
Henry Croker Esq of Ballyneguard in the county of Limerick

Proceedings at the Assizes for the year 1762


At Limerick

4th Limerick
The Right Hon. Lord Chief Justice Aston, and the Hon. Mr Serjeant Malone, 
proceeded on the trials of the Levellers, when two, viz. John Banyard and 
Daniel Carthy convicted of feloniously maiming Mr Keating's bullocks, 
received sentence of death, to be executed the 19th instant.

4th Limerick Mr William Fant, who was found guilty of a riot and trespass, 
was fined 50l. to be imprisoned two years, and 'till said fine is paid, 
and then to give security for his good behaviour.

4th Limerick James Supple, John Neale, Patrick McMahon, Darby Grady, Tho. 
Canny, James Quirk, Corn. Garvan, Michael Ryan, and William Ryan, were 
fined five marks each, to be imprisoned for one year, and until that fine 
should be paid, and to find sureties for their good behavior for two years 
more, themselves in 20l. and their sureties in 10l. each, they were not 
convicted of a trespass, but of a very outrageous riot, having assembled 
themselves in great numbers, and being armed and disguised, and wearing 
what they called uniform of their white shirts over their cloaths, 
preceded by a horn which they blew, firing guns, and demolishing in the 
night time the fences of the inclosures of several persons, and of 
swearing fidelity to each other and secrecy

19th Limerick John Banyard and Dan. Carthy were executed at Limerick, 
pursuant to the sentence passed on them the 4th inst

June Cork At Cork

9th Cork Ended the trial of the White Boys, when Pierce Baily, convicted 
of burglariously breaking into the dwelling house of Mr George Montgomery, 
in company with a number of levellers, terrifying the family, and forcibly 
taking thereout several pieces of bacon, and other articles, received 
sentence of death, to be executed on Thursday the 24th inst. at 

9th Cork Robert Stackpole, who acted as a captain, and commanded a party 
of the White Boys, convicted of killing a bay gelding, by shooting, and 
afterwards barbariously beating him with sticks, &c the property of James 
Grove, of Ballyhimock near Mallow, Esq (on which a servant of the said 
Grove was conducting a leveller to gaol, who was rescued by four men armed 
with pistols) on the night of the 24th March last, received sentence of 
death, to be executed on Saturday the 26th inst. at the town of Glanworth. 
- Stackpole held a council of war (as appeared by the evidence) at which 
another party of the levellers, commanded by one Capt. Dey, making in all 
5 or 600 men part of them armed, and dressed in their white uniforms, and 
white handkerchiefs tied round their hats, assisted, to deliberate on 
putting the said gelding to death, as belonging to a gentleman who had 
exerted himself in supporting these disturbers of the public tranquility.

9th Cork Pierce Moore, otherwise And. Moore, convicted of being in the 
said meeting, dressed in white, and playing on a fiddle, on the night of 
the 24th of March last, at the killing of Mr Grove's horse, received 
sentence of death, to be executed on Saturday the 26th inst. at the town 
of Fermoy.

9th Cork Darby Cashmann, convicted of breaking down the inclosures of Mr 
William Hall, of Ballycoleman, in company with about 60 other levellers; 
fined five marks, to be imprisoned two years, and give surety for his good 

9th Cork William Nunan, John Power, Thomas Forehane, Anthony Dwyer, David 
Fowlue, John Flemming, John Tracy, and Michael Dooling, otherwise Doill, 
indicted for burning the house of Mr Michael Adams at Glanworth; to remain 
in gaol till next assizes, the evidence having disappeared, it is supposed 
 from his being previously spirited thereto.

9th Cork James Leddin, and Daniel Sullivan, popish priests, indicted for 
exercising ecclesiastical functions, not being registered according to the 
statute made in that case, and presented by the grand jury as men of 
infamous characters, were admitted to bail, (in bonds of 50l each, and 50l 
their sureties) until next assizes, then to be tried for the said offences.

9th Cork Several against whom no indictments have been found, but who were 
presented as men of idle character, were enlarged, on giving sureties for 
their peaceable behaviour: And several others, against whom nothing 
appeared, were discharged by proclamation.

The conduct of the gentlemen of this county and city, concerned in the 
prosecution of those disturbers of the public peace, was most commendable, 
such a laudible spirit diffused itself, as is most worthy of imitation, 
and cannot fail of producing the happiest consequences in time to come.

They would have found bills of another nature than trespasses, and killing 
of cattle; and were most ready to aquit themselves as men of the truest 
loyalty, and affection for their country.

24th Cork In the morning Pierce Bayly, captain Stackpole, and Pierce 
(otherwise Andrew) Moore, three of the White boys, attended by a popish 
clergyman, were taken in horse chairs from the county gaol, to have 
sentence of death executed on them; the former as on this day at 
Mitchelstown; Stackpole at Glanworth, and Moore at Fermoy, on Saturday 
next. The High Sheriff, attended in person. The escort consisted of a 
major, 8 captains, 16 subalterns, and 300 infantry, who were preceded and 
followed, at a few yards distance, by a select body of Col. Piggott's 
regiment of horse militia, of the city, consisting of 50 gentlemen, armed, 
and in their new regimentals, commanded by Capt. Piersy, who are all to 
attend the executions.

16th (Clonmell) Ended the assizes for the trial of the levellers, when 
Owen Callaghan, of Clougheen, was found guilty of a riot, fined one mark, 
to suffer one year's imprisonment, and until he can give security for his 
good behaviour.

16th (Clonmell) John Doyle, priest of Ardfinan, - Sheehy, priest of 
Clougheen, and Daniel, priest of Cahir, in the county of Tipperary, were 
presented by the grand Jury, as unregistered popish priests.

16th (Clonmell) One Heyland, and five others, were transmitted from 
Clonmell to Waterford, to take their trials there.

June Waterford At Waterford

21st Waterford At six o'clock in the evening, ended the assizes for the 
trial of the levellers, &c. when Darby Browne, Patrick Browne, Richard 
Power, David Ahearne, and Richard Healy, were found guilty of treason, in 
burning the house of John Fowloe, at Monehue; and are to be hanged and 
quartered on the 7th of July next.

21st Waterford Maurice Kelly, and Maurice Sheehy were found guilty of 
burglary, to be hanged the 10th of July.

21st Waterford David Crowly, Laurence Dowhigg, otherwise Drummer, John 
Hallaghan, Thomas Keily, and Richard Ahearn, were found guilty of Felony, 
in cutting down Doctor Kirby's trees in the night; each burned in the 
hand, and all to be imprisoned for eight months, except Hallaghan, who is 
to be imprisoned for six months.

21st Waterford John Mungane, and Michael Duggan, were found guilty of 
burying a man alive, fined five marks each, and to be imprisoned for two 

21st Waterford Michael Rains, and David Lunt, found guilty of 
administering oaths to be true to SIVE, and her Children; (fee p. 240) 
fined each 13s 4d Rains to be imprisoned twelve, and Lunt six months.

21st Waterford Valentine Walsh, Garret Lombard, Richard Condon, and John 
King, remain under warrants of detainer for high treason; and are to be 
removed to Dublin, to receive their trial. Many others were tried and 
acquitted, for want of the witnesses appearing. There were upwards of 80 
prisoners in the whole.

There was great lenity shewn by the judges, and it is hoped, by this 
means, the people will be brought to a due sense of their misbehaviour.

"In order to give some light into this intricate affair, we shall here 
present our readers with a letter from the Cork Evening-Post, wrote by a 
gentleman of known integrity, who from his situation became intimate with 
facts, and of such veracity, as not to be capable of misrepresentation. 
This has been thought necessary, in order to take off whatever odium might 
be affixed on the Protestants of Ireland, by a late assertion, That the 
Authors of these Disturbances have consisted indiscriminately of Persons 
of different persuations, &c." (See p. 308)


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