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Boston News-Letter
Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts

Monday, April 17 to Monday, April 24, 1704

    Dublin, Nov. 27. A Speech was made by a Member of Parliament setting forth the great Danger the Protestants were in, in some parts of Ireland, particularly the County of Limerick, where the Irish were beginning to form themselves into Bodies, and to plunder the Protestants of their Arms and Money. And that the disaffected here held a Correspondence with those in England, and were not of out of hopes of restoring the pretended Prince of Wales.
    There's no doubt but there is a Design among the Papists to do mischief, and it may be justly said they have begun already; for Letters yesterday say that a Body of Papists had got together in the County of Limerick, had marched in a hostile manner through several Towns, particularly Askeiting [probably Askeaton], and had Plunder'd and disarm'd several Protestants, and killed one Green, a Protestant, for appearing as a Witness in the first Court of Claims against one Tady O Quin, an Irish Papist. It's said there are several more little Parties of Irish up in that Country, which put the Protestants in a mighty Consternation.

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