The Midland Tribune, 28 September 1901
About 5 o'clock on Thursday morning last, the premises of Messrs. Condon Bros., of High Street, Tullamore, were discovered to be on fire. The alarm was soon conveyed to the Police Station and Sergeants Ahern and Noble, Constable McDonnell, and Town-Sergeant Gorry, as well as Messrs. McMullen Downes, and Donagher, were quickly on the scene and the local fire extinguishing apparatus was soon brought into action. Before the fire could be got under large quantities of whiskey, wines, tea, sugar and bacon, were destroyed, and the neighbouring premises, of Messrs. Gill and Downes had a narrow escape. The premises are, we understand, covered by insurance. It may be mentioned that Head Constable Kirwan, Constables Murphy, Glass and Healott, rendered great assistance in putting out the fire and saving property.
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