The Limerick Reporter & Tipperary Vindicator, 4 November 1862

ACCIDENT—On Thursday John Sullivan, coachman to Mrs. Rawlins of New Park Cashel, while training a pair of carriage horses, had his legs broken by kicks from one of the horses. Sullivan was conveyed into the County Infirmary, Cashel.
MELANCHOLY AND FATAL ACCIDENT—Mr. William Dobson, a respectable farmer residing near the Rock of Dunamee, was on Tueday evening driving home from Maryborough a cart loaded with sacks of bran, and while sitting on the top, he accidentally fell off into the road with such violence that mortal injury to his spine resulted. He was carried home and medical aid was promptly procured ; but he expired between three and four o'clock on Wednesday morning. An inquest was held before William Clarke, Esq., Coroner, on Wednesday and a verdict was returned of “killed accidentally by falling from his cart.”
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