The Limerick Reporter, 13 March 1840
   On Saturday last, Thomas Byrne and James Dwyer, were found guilty of the highway robbery of John Burke, on the 24th of January last.
   Michael Dwyer, Ann Ryan, Martin Ryan, and Thomas White, were tried for the manslaughter of Matthew Sadlier, on the 25th of July last ; and were all found guilty, except Ann Ryan.
   Judy Coughlan and Thomas Murry were acquitted ; the former of the charge of Arson, the latter of the highway robbery of Thomas Toohey, at Caher.
   Michael Ahern was found guilty of stealing sheep, the property of James Moore.
   MONDAY—Patrick Hanrahan was found guilty of firing at a boy in a shrubbery ; he was sentenced to a fortnight's imprisonment, or pay the boy £5, which he preferred.
   Patrick Gleeson was found guilty of an assault on Mary Kelly, with intent to commit a rape.—Twelve month's imprisonment and hard labour.
   James Dalton, for a similar assault on Mary Daly, was found guilty—Nine months' imprisonment and hard labour.
   TUESDAY—Thomas Walsh was found guilty of assaulting the habitation of John Daly four years ago—Sentenced to be transported for seven years.
   John Heany and Elinor Heany (his wife) were acquited of the charge of the wilful murder of James Ryan, near Golden, on the night of the first of June last. The prisoners were tried last Assizes, when the jury could not agree, and were accordingly discharged. The Jury after three minutes' deliberation this time, acquitted the prisoners.
   Pursuant to public requisition, a meeting was held in Clonmel on Monday last, for the purpose of adopting an address to her Majesty on her marriage, and also an address to his Royal Highness Prince Albert of Saxe Coburg Gotha, on the same auspicious event. The High Sheriff in the Chair. An address to her Majesty, and another to his Royal Highness Prince Albert, having been moved by Lord Lismore, and seconded by Stephen Moore, of Barne, Esq., were unanimously adopted. The High Sheriff was requested to present the above addresses.
   Pursuant to a highly respectable and numerously signed requisition of the nobility and gentry of the South Riding of Tipperary to the High Sheriff, a meeting was held in Clonmel on Wednesday last, to take into consideration the subject of petitioning parliament for the introduction of railways into ireland.
   A bird was shot on the Shannon, on Friday last by Richard Gason, jun. Esq., of Richmond, near Nenagh, the name of which the boatmen of the Shannon and many gentlemen have declared themselves to be ignorant. It is somewhat larger than a duck, has no tail, and its standing position is perpendicular, the legs being placed in the extremity where the tail in another bird would appear ; the feet are webbed like those of a duck, but the talons are much wider ; its neck and bill are long, and the feathers near the head ruffled. Mr. Gason, has sent this rara avis to Glennon, Suffolk-street, Dublin, to be preserved.
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