The Limerick Reporter, 6 September 1839

Presiding Magistrate—Alderman H. WATSON.
   A miserable looking creature named Ellen Foley, was brought up. She slept for the last three or four nights—so stated the intelligent policeman—near hall-doors, without hardly a screed to cover her.
   Mr. Alderman Watson—This is a very hard case, but what can we do for her. The House of Industry is full. They sleep in that establishment, three in a bed ; and at this moment there are 580 inmates in an institution, originally intended for no more than 250, and really, the funds are so low, that we cannot support the poor creatures as we would wish ; however, I'll give an order for the poor girls admission—and let a policeman accompany her, but not as a prisoner.
   A young woman of rather patagonian stature, applied to his worship the Alderman, for a summons against her landlady, for keeping her in the house against her will.
   Alderman Watson—Sure she is not keeping you now (laying hold of her arm), aren't you not here standing in this office?—(laughter.)
   Complainant—I am your Worship, but it is my things she's keeping. I offered her the money for the lodging rent, and she wouldn't take it.
   Alderman Watson—I think by the flash of your eye, you appear a little inclined to litigation. I would advise you to bring the matter before the Petty Sessions, and not make a criminal case out of it. The black eyed damsel withdrew, first making a theatrical curtsey.
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