Limerick Chronicle April 14 1819

Yesterday, in Shannon-street, aged 75,? Mrs. Hogan, relict of the late
Edmond Hogan, Esq., of Fruit Hill, County Clare ; she spent a long and a
useful life in the exemplary discharge of every moral and religious duty ;
she was an affectionate wife, a tender mother and sincere friend.

Committed on Tuesday, to Ennis Jail, by the Rev. William Hadlock, Patrick
Daly, for cutting timber on the lands of Paradise, and for which Mr. Hadlock
sentenced him to six months imprisonment, or pay a fine of Five Pounds.

A verdict of wilful murder is returned against Pat. Roger, his son and
daughter, who are apprehended and lodged in Ennis Jail, by Sir William Reid,
for the murder of the daughter's husband, Thady Cunningham, at Scarriff, on

On Sunday night Mr. James Kelly, one of the Scattery Revenue Boatmen, was
seized with a fit on board the brig Britannia, lying at one of our quays,
and died in a few hours. An inquest was held next morning by the Right
Worshipful Mayor and the Jury returned a verdict, " Died by the visitation
of GOD. "

On Sunday night, a house was maliciously burned on the lands of Coolderry,
Co. Clare, the property of a poor widow, named Tracy. She had a few days
previous, lodged informations against some sheep-stealers - and it is
supposed that act was the cause of this outrage.

Submitted by Declan


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