The Limerick Evening Post, 6 November 1817

   CORONER'S INQUEST.—On Thursday se'nnight, at eight o'clock, an inquisition was held at the Lord Somer's Arms, corner of Grenville street and Union street, Somer's Town, before Thomas Stirling, Esq., Coroner, on the body of Robert Dowland, a poor little orphan sweep, aged eleven years, apprentice to Hall, a night man and chimney sweep, residing in St. Pancras, whose death was caused by suffocation in the flue of a chimney.
   Mrs. Ann Bishop said she was the wife of Alexander Bishop, a baker, and lived at No 10, Union street, Somer's Town ; she frequently saw the deceased, he being in the habit of buying rolls at her shop ; he was a sweep. On last Wednesday morning, the deceased and two other little sweeps, accompanied by their master, came to her for the purpose of sweeping their chimneys ; the deceased's master ordered him to go up and sweep a chimney, which was over a new oven that had been lately built. The deceased went up according to his master's orders ; he went up to the top . . . he came down again without receiving much injury, except a slight burn or graze on his left arm . . . he cried and said “that something had burned his arm and it pained him very much.” He was then sent up to the flue of the old oven . . . he remained about an hour in the flue after he went up, although he was only about a quarter of an hour in the new flue. Witness not seeing the deceased come down, she asked his master if there was any fear? The master answered “No, there was no danger, he was only taking a nap,” the fire had been out for four hours before the deceased came to sweep it. When the deceased was in the chimney crying, his master knew the part of it he was in, as he pointed out the place to them ; another boy was then sent up after the deceased, whom he found in the slant of the chimney where there was a deal of soot ; . . . the flue in the shop was then opened and the deceased was taken out thickly covered with soot, so that they had much difficulty in taking it off with their hands ; the deceased was carried into the garden for air, and a surgeon was sent for, who came and rubbed him with some sort of spirits, but the deceased never spoke nor moved after ; when the deceased first came down the funnel of the new oven, his master told him he ought to have a good thrashing for stopping to loaf. When the deceased came down there were some potatoes baking in the oven at the time the deceased was up the flue . . . 
   The jury after a few minutes consideration returned the verdict—Died by suffocation through the culpable neglect of Hall, the master.
BIRTH—At Gibbings Grove, County Cork, the Lady of Bartholomew Gibbings, Esq., of a daughter—Monday night, the Lady of William White, Esq., of this City, of a daughter. —Tuesday, at his seat Granarm, the Lady of Michael Lynch, Esq., of a daughter.
MARRIED—At Eyrecourt Church, Walter Lambert, Esq., of Castle Lambert, Co. Galway, to Anne, eldest daughter of Giles Eyre, Esq., of Eyrecourt Castle, an Lieut.-Colonel of the Galway regiment. On this happy occasion the town of Eyrecourt was brilliantly illuminated.—A few days since, Bryan O'Donnell, of Laurenstown, in this County, Esq., to the truly agreeable Miss Bulkley—On Sunday Evening, Mr. John Unthank, of Mungret street, Woollen Draper, to Miss Ryan, daughter of Mr. Thomas Ryan, of this City, Architect.
DIED—On Monday last, at Roscrea, of a typhus fever, Doctor Smith whose death is severely felt by every person in his neighbourhood—in Cork, Kingston Roche, Esq. Surveyor of Excise—A few days ago, in Cork, Susanne, wife of Robert Mitchell, Esq. and daughter of the late William Bennett, of Ballincullow, in this County, Esq. She was an affectionate wife and a tender parent—and bore a long and painful illness with a fortitude in unison with the piety of her life, and the meekness of her disposition, she lived beloved and died lamented—In London on Monday, the widow of the late Right Hon. Brinsley Sheridan, M.P. —Tuesday night of a fever, at Thomond Gate, much regretted, Mr. Daniel Minahan, his ability, integrity, and correctness as a Land Surveyor were remarkable—On Sunday last, in Broad Street, Mrs. Scott, wife of Mr. Richard Scott, Spirit Dealer—Yesterday, on the North Strand, Mrs. Jones, wife of Isaack Jaques Jones, Esq. a Lady deservedly regretted.—In Wickham Street, on Sunday last, Mr. Pat Quin, Accountant—a young man greatly lamented by all who knew him—Yesterday morning, in Broad Street, of a fever, Mr. Samuel Ahern, an honest man.
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