Limerick Chronicle
Limerick, Ireland
Wednesday 6 September 1809:

A List of the Names and Places of Abode of the several persons who had taken
out Licenses for killing Game, agreeable to Act of Parliament, from the
Distributor of Stamps for the Co. and City of Limerick, between the 25th day
of March 1809 and the 4th day of Sept. 1809.

Abraham Abell Esq, Limerick
James O'Brien Esq, Quinpoole
Dennis O'Brien Esq, Newcastle
William Browne Esq, Rathcahill
Saul Bruce Esq, Castle Connell
Jeffery Browning Esq, Carass
Richard Barclay Esq, Ballyartney
Rev. Wm Butler, Castle Crin
Francis H. Bindon Esq, Corbally
Sir John Allen De Bourgho, Bart., Castle Connell
John Baylee Esq, North Strand
John Massy Bolton Esq, Massy Park
Edmond Bourke Esq, Ballyvoreen
John Southwell Brown Esq, Mount Brown
John Copley Esq, Ballyclough
Edward Crips Esq, Kilpeacon
James Cooper Esq, Cooper Hill
Edward Croker Esq, Ballynegaurd
Joseph Condon Esq, Ardgoul
John Clanchy Esq, Limerick
Henry Pierce Carroll Esq, Meelick Lodge
Hunt Walsh Chambre Esq, Rahtkeale
Joseph Crips Esq, Limerick
John Cliffe, Game-keeper to William Smyth Esq, Ballylin
John Eastcott, Game-keeper to Lord Courtenay, Newcastle
Michael Fitz-Gerald Esq, Wood
Benjamin Frend Esq, Boskill
Francis Fosbery Esq, Curra Bridge
Edward Griffin Esq, Glin
Poole Gabbett Esq, Limerick
Rev. John Graves, Fort William
Richard Going Esq, Park Lodge
Gerald Griffin Esq, Corgrigg
Wm O'Hara Esq, Limerick
Patrick Hinchu, Game-keeper to Edward Croker Esq, Ballynaguard
Wm Hen jun, Esq, Dublin
John Harrison Esq, Limerick
Wm. Hammond Esq, Limerick
John Hurst Esq, Pallace
Wm hunt Esq, Friarstown
Robert Levers Esq, Mount levers
Francis Lloyd Esq, Violet Hill
James Langford Esq, Prospect Lodge
John Lowe Esq, Kilfrush
Edward Lloyd Esq, Castle Mahon
Peter Lowe Esq, Rivers Castle
John Lee Esq, Bettyville
Hon. John Massy, Massy Park
Thomas Mark Esq, Limerick
Martin Mara, Game-keeper to Francis B. Wilkinson Esq, Cahirilla
Rev. Charles Massy, Summer Hill
Mr. Patrick Mullins, Ballybriken
Hugh Massy Esq, Glenville
Hon. George Eyre Massy, Riverdale
Wm Odell Esq, Grove
Alexander Odell Esq, Ballyhegran
Richard Crone Odell Esq, Newcastle
Richard Parsons Esq Cragbeg
Richard Philips Esq, Mount Rivers
Wm Parsons Esq, Cragbeg
David Roche jun Esq, Carass
David Roche sen, Esq Carass
George Wm Russell Esq, Limerick
Mathew Reddan Esq, Tomgreany
Christopher Rose Esq, Rathkeale
John Singleton Esq, Limerick
Michael Scanlan Esq, Ballinknockane
Wm Smyth Esq, Ballylin
Thomas Sherlock Esq, Green Hills
Anthony Symes, Game-keeper to David Lynch Esq, Kilmore
George Tuthill Esq, Faha
Luke Tomkins Esq, O'Brien's Bridge
Exham Vincent Esq, Violet Hill
Thomas Tuthill Villiers Esq, Limerick
Rev. John Warburton, Limerick
James Willington Esq, Limerick
Henry Warner Esq, Rathkeale

Certified by me, Philip Walsh, Distributor of Stamps for the Co. and City of

The Commissioners for managing Stamp Duties, give Notice that they have
given positive directions to the several Inspectors and Distributors of
Stamp Duties, to prosecute all Persons who shall be found offending against
the Game Duty Act, and to levy the Penalties prescribed by Law. Sept 6,

Submitted by #I000525


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