The Limerick Chronicle, 2 August 1800

A few days ago, died in the island of Guernsey, William Spiers, Esq; Captain in the Loyal Limerick Regiment of Fencible Infantry—His many amenable qualities justly endeared him to all ranks, and he died as lamented as he lived regarded by all who knew him.—His remains were attended to the Grave by the Governor, the principal Inhabitants, and the entire Garrison of the Island ; the grief exhibited by all the spectators on this solemn and melancholy occasion, evinced the estimation he was held in, and the poignant sorrow visible in the countenance of every Officer and Soldier of his Regiment, proved how severely they felt the loss of their most worthy Companion and steady Friend—Amongst other Bequests he left 200l. to the Light Company which he commanded.
            “Take him for all in all,—
            “They Ne'er will look upon his like again.
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