The Kerry Evening Star, 15 April 1912

News reached Tralee this evening of a terrible accident which has occurred in Mid-Atlantic. The Titanic, the largest ship afloat, left Liverpool on her maiden voyage on Wednesday last and got a good send off and right good wishes from a huge crowd of sightseers and friends.

So far as has been ascertained, up to the present, there are several liners and sailing ships coming to the rescue of this sinking of colossal machine. It is also determined from wireless telegraph messages to hand that the cause of the dreadful catastrophe was a submerged iceberg, which collided with the bottom of the boat. It is further suggested that owing to construction of those recently built Leviathans that an accident even so terrible as this could not prove immediately fatal, owing to the airtight tanks with which all those ocean monsters are fitted.

We expect later intelligence which we will publish in our next issue.
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The Kerry Sentinel, 27 April 1912
Kerry Surgeon on Titanic.
   Dr Wm F N O'Loughlin, the senior Surgeon of the S.S. Titanic, and who went down with that great steamer on the morning of the 15th inst, was born in Tralee. He was second son of the late Mr William O'Loughlin, and some of the older inhabitants may remember his grandfather, the late Mr Benjamin Matthews, of Nelson-street, Tralee. [see also: The Kerry Sentinel, 25 May 1912]
Fire in Tralee.
   At about 8:30 on Tuesday night a fire broke out in one of the out-offices of the residence of Mr Laurence Quinlan, Ballyard. Immediately that it became known that the place was on fire, the neighbours flocked to the scene in large numbers to render assistance extinguishing the flames. The falling of the roof, however, almost extinguished the fire, after which some water was thrown on it, which completely banished any signs of fire. Head Constable McGoldrick and some constables were quickly on t he scene.
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