Ireland Old News

Galway, Monday, November 1, 1824


     Yesterday, in Back-street, by the Rev. Mr. Finn, Arthur Ireland, Esq., of this Town, to Clare, eldest daughter of the late Counsellor Donnellan.


     On Thursday last, in this Town, Mrs. Binton, wife of Mr. Hen Benton, Revenue Officer, having left a helpless family to deplore the loss.  [Note: Binton / Benton as in originial].

Till the First Day of May next, or a Lease would be given,

     ABOUT One Hundred and Eighty acres of remarkably good WINTERAGE, preserved since the 1st day of May last; well Watered, Sheltered, and Divided; is within three miles of Gort.
     Application to be made to John Foster, Haltorpe.
     November 1, 1824.



     LIMERICK, OCT. 27 - Monday, Mr. Blackburn, with the Mayor, Alderman Watson, Sir C. Barrett, Mr. Malony and Captain Drought, held a Session under the Insurrection Act for the Liberties, but no persons being for trial the Court has adjourned.
     In the County Court, James Cregan and John O'Brien, were tried and acquitted for absence from their place of abode. Timothy Madigan was discharged without trial, in consequence of the Insurrection Act being withdrawn by the proclamation of the 23d instant, from the barony of Lower Connello, in which he resided.

     On Wednesday last, as Mr. Alexander Ross and Mr. William Sullivan, of the neighbourhood of Dunmanway, with Christopher Malony, Sheriffs' bailiff, were conducting cattle from Moreigh pound, in the parish of Faslobus, to the town of Dunmanaway, to be sold by virtue of civil bill decree, obtained for tithe money, due to Mrs. Cue, of Ballipeen, they were attacked by upwards of 80 men, women, and children, who cut, battered, and bruised them in a most brutal manner, with sticks, stone, &c, and rescued the cattle. The same day, Timothy Coleman, parish bailiff, with other men in the employment of Mrs. Cue, were attacked near Ballibuy-cross, by the same party, who beat them in a most barbarous manner, with sticks, &c. Coleman, had his arm broken, his skull fractured, and he and his party were otherwise much injured.--Cork Paper.

     A man of the name of Kelly was apprehended on Monday, in the neighborhood of Clogheem, charged with the murder of the Sheas.

Galway, Thursday, November 4, 1824


     We have to relate another of those disgraceful outrages, the frequent occurrence of which in this country has almost made, or view them as matters of course. On the night of Sunday last, the house of a man named Wynne, in the parish of Drumraney, in this county, was attacked by a handful of ruffians, who, after turning out his wife and children, and breaking every article of furniture, proceeded to pull down the house; having completely effected it, they departed. Fortunately for Wynne he was absent from home, otherwise he would undoubtedly have suffered. What considerably adds to the aggravation of his case is the fact, that the family, who had then been driven from their homes, were obliged all night to lie in the fields, every one of the neighbours refusing to give them shelter, alleging that if they did so, they would be similarly punished. The only reason that can be assigned for this outrage is, that Wynne had bought a sack of oats, by desire of his master, Mr. Russell, which he (Mr. Russell) had seized for rent.--Westmeath Journal.

     Friday last, a herdsman of the late Dr. Scully, at Camas, near Cashel, named Kerevan, was robbed of of his wearing apparel, by a fellow who entered his cabin window. Next morning, Kerevan (an old emaciated man) sallied forth in quest of his property, with a stick in his hand, and apprehended a stout young fellow, whom he brought to the police with some of the property on him.

     Wednesday morning, Mr. W. Parkinson, Officer of Excise, Cork, was attacked by four fellows, who rushed on him and made several blows at him which he warded off and stabbed one of them in the cheek with a sword cane, after which he fired at another and missed him. The ruffians on this then decamped.

     Tuesday week a process-server named Joseph Cross, from Cashel, was beaten in a dreadful manner with sticks and stones, by two men, near Grange turnpike, and left for dead. He was removed to Cashel next day; it is expected he will recover.

     Atrocious Murder - On Sunday evening, John Green and a young woman were walking in the town of Moy, when they met a person named Robert Bell, who, accosting them, desired that Green would allow the young girl to go with him that he might treat her. Green refused, whereupon R.B. ran immediately to his own house and returned with a bayonet, with which he stabbed Green through the body, who instantly expired. Belle is a native of Moy and member of the Moy yeomanry.

      John Brown, Esq. Inspector of Stamp Duties, who had been stationed in Cavan for the last nine months in charge of the Stamp-office, has been ordered to Dublin and is replaced by Wm. Calcutt, Esq., Inspector.


     At his house, in the Main-guard, on Saturday last, very generally and deservedly regretted, Rickard Burke, Esq. for a series of years Public Notary of this Town; and until lately, Clerk of the Peace, Town Clerk, and Secretary to the Town of Galway Grand Jury. Few men have lived to the advanced age of Mr. Burke, who left this world more regretted. In the various departments in which he had been placed, a strict and unbending integrity was the characteristic of his conduct; and while he fitted those situations with honor to himself, and utility to the public, he was not less to be respected in private life for his amiable and unobtrusive manners. Mr. Burke lived to the advanced age of 80 years- and until his late sickness, which did not continue more than a few days, enjoyed the most perfect health, and discharged the duties of his station in person.

     On Tuesday morning, in High-street, very deservedly regretted, Mr. William Cox, a gentleman of strict integrity.


Till the first day of May next, in the whole or in such divisions as may be agreed on,

     THE GRASS of about 600 acres, of the LANDS of KNOCKDOE, situate half way between Tuam and Galway. - The Lands are well inclosed and subdivided.
     Application to be made to Mr. James Henderson, Attorney, Tuam.
     John Glynn, the Heard on the Premises, will show the Lands.
     November 4, 1824.


     THE Committee of the Mendicity Association beg leave to inform the Public that the House which they have taken is now prepared, and will be open for the reception of Mendicants on _____ next; they, therefore, particularly request the inhabitants of this town to refrain from giving alms in the streets, or at their doors, after that day, as they may depend that all Mendicants will obtain adequate relief by applying to the Committee at their Office, Wood-quay.
     Such persons as have not yet paid in their subscriptions are earnestly requested to do so, as it is distressing and inconvenient in the highest degree to the Committee to be obliged to call for them at their houses.
     Subscriptions and donations will be thankfully received by John Ireland, Esq., High-street, Treasurer; the Rev. John D'Arcy, Back-st., Secretary, or any of the Members of the Committee- And all subscriptions exceeding a Pound will be acknowledged, from time to time, in the Public Prints, and when they fall short of that sum, in a Book kept by the Clerk of the Committee, at the Office, Wood-quay, to which the Subscribers can have recourse at any time.
     The following Subscriptions have been already received:-

Lachlan Maclachlan, Esq, half-years subscription...1 14s. 1 1/2d.
Rev. John D'Arcy, do...1.14.1 1/2
P.M. Lynch, do...2.5.6
Joseph Dickenson, do...1.2.9
_____ Howe, do....1.2.9
George Cuppaidge, do...2.5.6
James O'Flaherty, do...0.11.4 1/2
Samuel Shone, do...1.2.9
J.L. Reilly, do...2.10.0
Captain Hanlon, do...1.2.9
Nicholas Burdge, do...0.11.4 1/2
Hon. Martin Ffrench, do...1.2.9
Cahill & Bodkin, Medical Hall, do...1.2.9
Sir John Burke, Bart, do...1.3.0
Thomas Redington, Glenlow...5.0.0
Patrick Malone, do...1.2.9
Patrick Lynch, Dublin...1.0.0
Patt Lawless, do...1.1.8
Thomas Connolly, do...0.11.4 1/2
Patt Murphy, do...0.11.4 1/2
James Coleman, do...0.11.4 1/2
Mark Kealy, do...1.2.9
Colonel French, do...0.11.4 1/2
James Costello, do...1.10.0
Richard Martyn, do...2.16.10 1/2
Coll Kelly, do...1.2.9
Robert Power, do...1.2.9
John Mitchell, do...1.2.9
James P. Morris, do...1.14.1 1/2
His Grace the Arch B. of Tuam...11.7.6
Michael Noon, do...1.2.9
George Connolly, do...1.2.9
John Clayton, do...1.2.9
Miss Cox, do...0.11.4 1/2
Andrew Blake, do...1.0.0
Anthony Lynch, do...2.0.0
Mr. Green, do...0.1.4 1/2
Mr. Tierney, do...1.0.0
John Kell, do...1.2.9
Martin Kineavy, (4 months)...0.11.4 1/2
Redmond Commins, do...0.11.4 1/2
James Fynn, do...0.11.4 1/2
Mrs. Ireland, Back-st, (4 months)...0.10.0
Sundry small Subscriptions...10.17.11
                        Total.....74 16 2 1/2




Galway, Monday, November 8, 1824

And Immediate Possession Given,

     Part of the Estate of Lydigan, situate within five miles of Galway and three of Oranmore, containing about 164 acres, well known to be a wholesome sheep walk- preserved since May.
     Proposals (in writing) to be received by Mr. Dominick Doyle, Galway.
     November 8, 1824.


From the 1st November Instant,

     THE HOUSE and DEMESNE of CURANDON, containing 76 Acres of Prime Arable and Pasture Lands, together with the COMMONAGE containing in or about 20 Acres:- also about 48 acres of grass preserved since May, will be set up to the 1st May next. These Lands are to well known to require any further specifics now.
     Proposals (if by letter, post paid) will be received by Theobald Burke, Esq., Burkefield, Aughrim, or Richard Macle, Roundfield, Athenry.
     November 8, 1824.


From the 1st of November, Instant.

     THE COTTAGE and DEMESNE of PROSPECT HILL, containing about 66 Acres part of the Estate of the Right Hon. Joseph Lord Wahscourt [part of the end of this name may be missing]. This beautiful Residence is situate on the Shore opposite to Ardfey; not more than 10 minutes sail from Galway; and contains every accommodation for a large Family; with Offices of every description an excellent Walled Garden. A lesser Quantity of Land would be Let with the Cottage.
     Application to be made to Mr. Ryan Renvile, near Oranmore.
    November 8, 1824.

War Office, Oct. 29, 1824

     4th Regiment of Light Dragoons - Cornet Wilford Bulkley to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Methold, promoted to the 75th Foot.
     6th Regiment of Dragoons- Raymond White, Gent., to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Lord Pelham, appointed to the Royal Horse Guards.
     8th Regiment of Light Dragoons- Captain John Gregory Baumgardt to be Major, by purchase, vice Deare, promoted.
     Lieutenant Morgell to be Captain, by purchase, vice Baumgardt.
     Cornet John B. Spooner to be Lieutenant by purchase, vice Morgell. Berkley Wodehouse, Gent, to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Spooner.
     1st Regiment of Foot - Captain John Octavius Glover to be Major, by purchase, vice Nixon, who retires.
     Lieutenant Horace Suckling, to be Captain, by purchase, vice Glover.
     Ensign John Temple to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Suckling.
     Edward Every, Gent., to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Temple.
     19th Ditto- Major Edward Lenn, from the 57th Foot, to be Major, vice Lockyer, who exchanges.
     30th Ditto- Staff Quartermaster-Serjeant-Ward, to be Quartermaster, vice Kingsley, deceased.
     41st Ditto - Second Lieutenant Richard Price, from the 66th Foot, to be Ensign, vice Talhwell, promoted.
     57th Ditto - Major Edmund Lockyer, from the 19th Foot, to be Major, vice Lenn, who exchanges.
     60th Ditto - George Brockman, Gent. to be second Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Price, appointed to the 41st Foot.
     2d West India Regiment - Lieutenant R. Hamilton, from the 96th Foot, to be Captain, by purchase, vice Ross, appointed to the Royal African Colonial Corps.
     Royal African Colonial Corps-Captain Wm. Ross, from the 2d West India Regiment, to be Captain, vice Donald, who retires.
     HOSPITAL STAFF - Assistant Surgeon J. Stuart Hunter, from half-pay 2d Garrison Battalion, to be Assistant-Surgeon to the Forces, vice Hospital Assistant Ewing, appointed to the 21st Foot.
     William Thompson, Gent. to be Hospital-Assistant to the Forces, vice Geddes, deceased.


     Saint Patrick's Staff, brought to Christ Church from Armagh, as a relique of high estimation, was publicly committed to the flames, in 1538.

     The judicial conduct of Counsellor Farrell, lately appointed Assistant Barrister, County Clare, gives general satisfaction to all classes.--Limerick Chron.

     The flood of Saturday night swept away nearly all the wooden works of the intended extensive bridge at Abbeyfeale.

     The following sums were acknowledged as received on account of the Catholic Rent, from Saturday, 23d October, to the 3d November:

Earl Kenmare...40.0.0
Honorable Thomas Browne...5.0.0
Honorable William Browne...5.0.0
Honorable Michael Browne...5.0.0
Countess de Sevrae...2.10.0
Subscribers, including several Protestants...61.16.0
John Meagher, Fethard, Tipperary...5.0.0
Per Thomas Mahony, Esq., Liverpool...19.2.5
A. Garry, Kildare...4.0.0
Rev. R. Cunningham, Louth...10.0.0
Peter Loughnan, Lisdowney, Kilkenny...4.10.0
Ditto, ditto, Ballyraggett...1.5.0
Ditto, ditto, Three Castles, Kilreelagh...1.5.0
Mr. Couch, Castle Lyons, Cork...10.0.0
Edward Byrne, Gore's bridge, Kilkenny...31.0.0
P. Kearney, District 5, Mary's Dublin...1.1.1
John Moore, St. Michael's...1.18.0
Mr. O'Reilly, Kells...6.0.0
Mr. Scully, for Killaderry, Kilclonfert and Ballycommon, King's County...27.2.0
Rev. Laurence, Sharp, Bolivar, Meath...3.10.0
Richard M'Mullen, Bright, Down...5.0.0
James O'Connell, Killarney, Kerry...22.19.5
Ditto, ditto, Tralee, ditto...12.5.1 1/2
Ditto, ditto, Ballyberge, ditto...2.10.0 1/2
Michael O'Brien, Crogheen, Tipperary...8.0.0
Rev. Mr. M'Mahon, Kill and Kilmanagan, King's County...?.1.0
Mr. Maher, Thurles, Tipperary...10.0.0
P. Fogarty, Moycarky and Borris...5.0.0
Rev. M. Corbett, Kilrush, county Clare...10.0.0
Mr. Lalor, Urlingford, Kilkenny...8.0.0
Michael Tuohy, Glanmire and Garrignaver, County Cork...12.10.0
Mr. Magnier, Kil?bannie, Cork...7.10.0
Rev. Daniel Hogan, Castle Magner, Cork...5.0.0
John O'Connell, North Parish, Cork...25.0.0
Chas. Church, Aghadoe, Queen's County...10.0.0
Joseph Reilly, Trim...5.0.0
Patt Kearns, Cloyne & Churchtown, Cork...6.0.0
Daniel Costello, Abington, Limerick...1?.7.7
Rev. J.O'Shaughnessy, Roscrea, Tipperary...9.0.0
John Hacket, Moynalty and Gal??rim...8.2.0
Franc Mylot, Tuam, County Galway...8.2.0
District 46, Mary's Parish, Dublin...0.14.5 1/2
Rev. Peter Doyle, Tintern, Wexford...11.9.4
John Dunne, Ballyane, ditto...5.0.0
Do. Old Ross and Carragh, ditto...5.7.5
Mr. Reilly Ross..3.12.9
William D. Smith, Morestown, Cork...7.0.0
John Markham, Youghal...17.0.0
Andrew O'Kelly, Bruff, Limerick...15.0.0
Henry Smith, Fermoy, Cork...7.10.0



Galway, Thursday, November 11, 1824


     It is with deep regret we are necessitated to notice the present increasingly alarming state of this County, which, connected with the unequivocal signs of an approaching crisis, is calculated to produce the most appalling apprehensions. In addition to a peasantry confederated for the purposes of destruction and stimulated by active incendiaries, there is now in vigorous operation a system of terror, which if not met by timely and effectual opposition, will, in all likelihood, become too strong for any measures short of military law. The system we allude to is, that bands of armed men enter the dwelling houses of persons suspected of being inimical to their system of combination, and beating them most unmercifully, as a sort of foretaste of what they may expect should they inform on them. The extent to which this is now carried and the audacity and disrespect shewn by the lower orders to the higher, even in matters of common occurrence, leave not the shadow of a doubt that something of a very serious nature, is in contemplation. We feel it our duty to call on those entrusted with the public safety, from the highest to the lowest, to be on alert, and, to use every possible means to counteract machinations, which have for their object rapine and blood.
     In the instance of the late murder of Samuel Robinson, we have before us a most unequivocal criterion of he state of the County; although the Nobility, Gentry, and Magistrates have offered a very large reward for the apprehension of the murderers, yet not a single individual (and there must be many privy to it) has had the nerve to come forward for the purposes of justice.
     A few nights ago, a man was severely beaten by some ruffians, on the very spot where the late murder of Samuel Robinson was perpetrated, and had not the Police come in time, the man would in all probability have  been murdered. We understand that one of the villains was apprehended- the rest effected their escape.
     On Monday last, a meeting of the Magistrates of this County was held in the Court-house, pursuant to proclamation, when 20 additional Constables were appointed for the County.
     The great November fair of Mullingar will be held here on Thursday next, the 11th Inst.--Westmeath Journal.

     Wednesday night the house of Mr. Arthur, of Meelick, in this County, was attacked by a party of fellows, who smashed the parlour windows with stones. Mr. Arthur fired at them and they immediately decamped.--Clare Journal.



Galway, Monday, November 15, 1824


     A private of the Revenue Police Court, stationed in this Town, named M'Nally, a man of the very best character, had been annoyed at a late hour last evening by some idle persons in the street, as a Policeman-upon which he turned round upon the crowd in order to punish some of the persons, when he received a severe beating. In a moment of irritation he discharged his pistol, and wounded a Baker named Roche, under the arm; the bullet ran through the flesh, and the wound is but very slight. The Policeman was then assailed by the mob, and received a most severe beating by which his jaw-bone was fractured. We hear he is in imminent danger.


     The Finance Committee acknowledged the following sums as having been received on account of the Rent for the week ending Wednesday last:-

Rev. P. Magan, Kilbeggan, County Meath...9.10.0
Very Rev. Doctor Walsh, Clonakilty, Cork...11.0.0
Reverend  S. Murphy, Kilmeen, Cork...8.12.10
Reverend John M'Namara, Douglas and Ballygarvan, do...11.1.10
William M'Clean, Esq., M.D., Ballibay and Tullycorbet,  Monaghan...3.3.2 1/2
Ditto, East Aughnamullen, ditto...3.11.9 1/2
Joseph Barnwell, Esq., Donaghpatrick and Kilbury, Meath...5.10.0
Reverend Thomas Dunn, Union of Mothering, Tipperary...8.5.5
William Scully, Esq. Ard??eala & Ballyshannon, ditto...10.0.0
Eugene Dowling, Kenmare, Kerry...7.0.0
Lawrence Mackey, Esq., Borrisoleigh, Tipperary...8.10.8
Laurence Cook, Esq. Loughmore and Castle Ivy, ditto...5.10.0
Reverend Daniel Vaughan, Scariff, Clare...7.10.0
Daniel O'Connell, Esq. St Andrew's Dublin...3.5.0
John H. Talbot, Esq. Talbot-hill, New Ross, Subscription...10.6.0
Reverend John Rogers, United Parishes of Dromesker, Darver, Mansfieldtown and Killenroole, Louth...9.2.0
Thomas Morgan, Esq. St. Michan's, Dublin...23.17.?
E. Smithwick, Esq., St. Mary's, Kilkenny...50.4.?
E. Smithwick, St. Canice, Kilkenny...19.18.?
E. Smithwick, St. John, Kilkenny....20.18.?
E. Smithwick, St. Patrick, Kilkenny...4.3.?
E. Smithwick, Moincoin, Kilkenny...5.0.0
John Duigean, Ballinternule, Cavan...23.0.0
James H. Bracken, Athlone, Westmeath...30.18.?
Lord Cloncurry, Lyon's house, his subscription...10.0.0
Parochial Committee, Kanturk, Cork...5.0.0
Reverend James O'Dricsol, Kilmichael, ditto...8.8.7
Reverend John Burke, Summerhill, Meath...12.13.5
Reverend Denis O'Donnell, Tallow, Waterford...15.0.0
Thomas Cloney, Esq., St. Mollin's, Carlow...11.0.0
Thomas Cloney, Esq., Graig, Kilkenny...3.0.0
John Gould, Esq., Athy, and Union of Kildare...20.0.0
Michael Kennedy, Esq., Killen and Meninagh, Tipperary...4.0.0
Rev. Charles Kelly, Castlebar, and Union of Mayo...7.0.0
The following per A. Jennings, Esq.:
Felix Morgan, Esq., Clanduff, Down...2.0.0
Pat. Henning, Annaghlone...1.10.6
Pat. Henning, Ballygroney...1.11.?
John Magee, Shankill, Armagh...3.10.0
Thomas Ward, Drumgooland, (part of Down)...1.18.?
Henry Doyle, Esq., Drumgooland, Down...2.0.?
Collectors in Newry, including 23 Subscribers...37.9.3
Reverend John Curran, Rathwire, Westmeath...12.11.?
Owen Markey, Esq. Clogher, Lough...13.7.?
Rev. George Canavan, Jame's st., Dublin, 3d pymt...11.13.3
Sundry Subscriptions, anonymous and otherwise...13.19.?
Reverend Mr. Grogan, Cortown, Meath...7.11.?
John Phelan, Esq. St. Catherine's, Dublin...20.2.0
Cornelius M'Laughlin, Esq., Audeon's, Dublin...41.2.0
Honorable Col. Butler, Ballyragget, Kilkenny...20.0.0
Laurence Finn, Esq., St. Nicholas Without, St. Peter and St. Luke, and Bishop and Dean's Liberties, Dublin...22.10.6
Rose Lambert Price, Esq., Kilkenny...6.2.9
Additional new Members including several Protestants...22.2.3
F.M. Cartie, Ballihighue, Kerry...5.1.0
Additional subscriptions...5.13.9

    ROBBERY OF THE WATERFORD MAIL COACH - An offence of this nature of great magnitude, was the subject of an investigation at the Head Police office yesterday. The material details are subjoined:- The house of Milward & Co. Waterford, have been in the habit of receiving remittances of Bank Post Bills, as common parcels, by the Waterford Mail, from their agents in Dublin, Messrs. William Stewart, Hamilton and Co. From time to time some of these parcels, and particularly two, containing Post Bills to the amount of 1000 and 480, have been missed. The Bills, thus embezzled, have been circulated at different pawnbrokers, and other shops in town; forged acceptances being for that purpose affixed; of course, when presented to the bank, they have been dishonored. In consequence of information received, Peace Officers Lynch and Manly proceeded on Friday last to Ballitore, and there arrested a man named Silk (driver of the Waterford Coach) and his wife. These persons were brought up to town, and underwent an examination, at which a Mrs. Conners, a shopkeeper in Capel-street, and a Mr. Harris, a pawnbroker in Great Britain-street, attended.-The former, with her servant maid, identified Silk, and the latter, his wife, as the person who passed some of the Post Bills in question. The prisoners were committed for further examinations-- Dublin Paper.


     A few days since, in the Augustinian Nunnery, Mrs. Bodkin, at an advanced age- a Lady whose death is a subject of regret to her friends and acquaintances.

Galway, Thursday, November 18, 1824


     LIMERICK, NOV. 10 - Twenty-two stand of firearms, surrendered at various times to Capt. Dumas, Chief Constable, at Hospital, were yesterday lodged in the County Police-office.
     Mr. Jackson is appointed to succeed Captain Dumas, as Chief Constable at Hospital, in this Co.- Capt. Dumas is appointed to a Barony in one of the Northern Counties.
     Two sheep, the property of the herdsman of Mr. M'Ardell, at Low-park, near Broadfort, County Clare, were maliciously houghed on Monday morning. The perpetrators have not been discovered, though Lieut. Bindon and the Police have made every exertion to secure them.
     About one o'clock on Wednesday morning last, a large party of miscreants as yet unknown, broke into the house of one Morrissy, who lives on the lands of Derrycloney, County Tipperary, part of the estate of George Robbins, Esq. of Hymenstown, and carried off his daughter, a very young girl.- This daring outrage took place within a mile of the Police stationed at Hymenstown.
     A few nights since, some corn, potatoes, &c. distrained for rent due Mr. Burton, of Ballyvarra, in the South Liberties, was entirely removed by the owners, to accomplish which effectually, and prevent any hindrance, they placed a body of people round Mr. Burton's house and those of the workmen, to prevent their coming out.
     On Saturday, a stout looking fellow was taken up by the Police, and brought before the Mayor and Captain Drought, for singing and vending to the streets an impious halfpenny ballad. It purported to turn into ridicule, in the most abominable and disgusting language, not only the Bible, but all Bible Societies, and went on to convey the idea, that aid from Foreign Powers would ultimately crush the system in these Countries. The fellow, who is named Connors, is committed to gaol as a vagrant, not being able to account from whence he is.
     Monday, at a meeting of the Corporation of this City, the Rev. Josias Crampton Burgess, was sworn a member of the Council. The Tolls and Customs were leased to the former Tenants at 1700l. for the current year.

     MARRIAGE IN HIGH LIFE - We understand that the Hon. Sexton Perry, second son of the Right Hon. the Earl of Limerick, is about to lead to the hymeneal altar the highly-gifted Miss Cockayne, grand-daughter of the late Lord Cullen.--Limerick Observer.


     On Monday inst. by the Rev. Mark Fynn, P.P. Mr. Hailey, to Jane, youngest daughter of the late Stephen Lee, Esq., of this Town.
     On Tuesday, the 3d inst., John Reigh, of Denzille-street, Esq. to Maria, only daughter of Edmond Doherty, Esq. of Oulrath, County Tipperary, and Summer-street, Dublin.
     In Nenagh, Richard Power, Esq., to Mrs. Duggan, relict of the late Dr. Duggan, of that town.
     Edward F. Warren, son of Thomas Warren, Esq. of Prospect Villa, to Penelope, daughter of the Rev. Edward M. Carleton, of Woodside, in County Cork.
     Thomas Denehy, Esq. of Cappoquin, to Miss Morragh, daughter of the late E. Morragh, Esq. of Killworth.
     Humphrey Pean, Esq., of Sweetford, County Wexford, to Mary Anne, daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Ryan, of Castle-street, Dublin.
     Mr. Richard A. Clark, of Cork, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Jasper Uniacke, of Arraglin, County Cork.


     This morning in Back-street, after a long and protracted illness, which she bore with Christian resignation and fortitude, at an advanced age, Mrs. Francis Blake, relict of the late Frances Blake, Esq., formerly a Captain in the Galway Volunteers and Aunt to his Excellency Sir Benjamin Bloomfield.
     At the Middle street Nunnery, a few days since, Miss N. Bodkin, at an advanced age, (and not Mrs. Bokdin, as erroneously stated in our last.)
     At his house on Clonliffe Road, of apoplexy, Richard, Earl Annesley; in the 80th year of his age. His Lordship, though so far advanced in life, evinced until a few days before his decease, all the powers of mind for which he had ever been remarkable; and possessed a vigour of mind seldom enjoyed at that period of life. As Chief Commissioner of the Board of Excise and Customs, he was an indefatigable and upright public officer, a steady and warm friend and in private life simple in his habits and devotedly attached to his family. His Lordship is succeeded by his eldest son, Viscount Glerawly, now Earl Annesley.

Galway, Monday, November 22, 1824


     In Dublin, Alexander Boyle, Esq, to Helen, daughter of the late William Orr, Esq. of Halston, Renfrewshire.
     In Dublin, Charlotte, relict of William Dunne, Esq., and daughter of the late John Woodturk, Esq. to John, second son of Walter Commins, Esq. of Ballylar, County Carlow.


    At his house near Clare, on Sunday, the 7th instant, in the thirty-eighth year of his age, the Very Rev. Doctor Doyle, Pastor of Kilbride and Horseleap, and Vice-General of the Diocese of Meath. Two or three days before his death, a decree was received from Rome, appointing him Notary-Apostolic-but he had exchanged temporal for eternal honors, and is gone, amidst the regrets of the Clergy, and wailings of an afflicted Flock, to enjoy that God, whom through life he served with fidelity and fervour.
     At Forquay, in Devonshire, on the 2d inst, the Hon. Mrs. Hely Hutchinson, wife of  the Hon. Abraham H. Hutchinson, and daughter to John Burke, Esq. of Clongowna, County Tipperary.
     On Thursday last at Carhue, County Clare, Margaret Lewer, Lady of Charles M'Donnell, Esq.
     At Fentore, same County, Mrs. Blood.
     At Bally????tin, County Limerick, Mrs. Cudmore, relict of Paul Cudmore, Esq.


     BOYLE, NOV 18 - The ill-starved villains, as denounced, are. it would appear, introducing their cowardly principles into our hitherto peaceable vicinity. On Monday night last, the herd of James Knott, Esq. of Battlefield, in this neighbourhood, was visited by some of the Rockites. These civil gentry proceeded to administer an oath to his herd, at Knockbrack, making him swear by their throats that he would relinquish the service of his master. To this the poor  man, in order to evade the vengeance which they v owed, complied; but on being released from the clutches of these daring wretches, he communicated the circumstance to his master, at whose instigation the man retains his situation, and who, in conjunction with 29 other Gentlemen, have offered a reward for the prosecution of the persons concerned.


     On Wednesday morning, Mr. John Joseph Pim, of Mecklinburg-street, Dublin, accompanied by Mrs. Mowlds, of North Cumberland-street, arrived at Shanahan's hotel, at the Mall, in this city, and after changing horses, immediately drove off for Dunmore, where they were in consequence of the non-arrival of the steam-packets, obliged to sojourn at Cherry's hotel, until Saturday morning, where they were undertaken by the lady's husband, Mr. George F. Mowlds, a respectable Solicitor, accompanied by another professional Gentleman. An unpleasant and rather violent reucontre took place between the parties. Mr. Moulds seized a box, which, it is said, contained a good deal of property, and with the rest a gold watch that had been carried off by his wife. He had Mr. P. arrested on a charge of robbery. About noon on Saturday the parties came up here from Dunmore, accompanied by two of the Police, and appeared before Henry Adcock, Esq., a Magistrate, who, upon investigating the charge and not deeming it sufficiently supported, discharged Mr. Pim. Mr. and Mrs. Mowlds shortly after set off for Dublin. Mr. Pim returned to Dunmore, on his way to England. Mrs. Mowlds has a family. Mr. Pim is but 23 years old and is still to have little or no property.-- Waterford Mirror.


Galway, Thursday, November 25, 1824


     Wednesday evening, between six and seven o'clock, James York, a respectable farmer, from Tubberclare, near this town, having business to transact in the vicinity of the Canal, he walked into the water, and was unfortunately drowned.-- Athlone Herald.
ENNIS, Nov. 18.- Saturday night, four cows and a heifer, the property of a tenant of Charles H. Leslie, Esq., were inhumanly cut and houghed on the lands of Balllinaspegmore, County Cork. A large reward is offered for the apprehension of the perpetrators.
     On Friday last, the Rev. J. Kinehan, the Clergyman of the Established Church at Feakle, visited a school at Isle, which is under the tuition of a person named Moloney. On his return, accompanied by this person, he had proceeded but a short distance from the school, when he was struck with a stone by a villain, from behind a ditch.-Mr. Kinehan could accurately discern the size and apparel of the ruffian, but not his face, as he immediately made off. The Rev. Gentleman shortly after called on the military stationed at Feakle and told them the circumstances-from thence an official account was transmitted to the commanding officer here. The ruffian has for the present eluded search, but, we trust, he will yet meet with the reward of his misguided zeal. The only cause that can be assigned for this assault on a most exemplary clergyman, is his having visited the school. His being a stranger, and not recently appointed in that part of the country, renders the outrage to be the more deplored.
     On Friday last an inquest was held before R. Greene, Esq., on the body of a man named Taaffe, who resided about mid-way between this town and Corofin. The circumstances of his death were as follow- A few days previous, a firkin of butter and some wearing apparel were stolen from the house of a neighbour, who was disconsolate for the loss. The strictest search proved fruitless, until Thursday evening, when the deceased, as he was passing along the road, observed a dog tearing up the ground, which seemed to have been recently dug. Attracted by the appearance of the dog, he removed some stones, and there discovered the stolen property. He instantly communicated the happy tidings to the owner, who, in return, invited the deceased and four or five others to drink at his "whiskey forge," where they remained until early next morning. The house of the deceased was but a short distance off, across a field, and the rest of the party offered to accompany him, which he would not permit, but jumped over the wall - not far from where he was found a corpse at twelve o'clock the next day! The Jury returned a verdict of "died by the visitation of God."
     Last night, Messrs. Hewitt and Clancy, Officers of Excise, assisted by Lieut. Welseley, and a party of the 25th regiment, stationed here, succeeded in destroying an extensive distillery, consisting of large quantities of singlings and potale, with vessels, on the lands of Ballynacossugh, in the parish of Kilmaly.
     The house of a man named Martin Thompson, (who prosecuted a Roman Catholic, named James M'Cosker, at Omagh Sessions, for a party riot in April last), residing at Knockinnis, Co. Fermanagh, was attacked and robbed of a firelock, on the night of the 1st inst. by a number of persons, who beat the poor man in a savage manner. On the night of the 9th inst., the cowardly villain put his cow to death, by pouring vitriol down her throat. A few nights after the latter outrage, a number of ill-disposed ruffians of the opposite party, attacked the house of several Roman Catholics, and beat the inhabitants with sticks in a cruel manner.
     Wednesday, a woman named Johanna Halloran fell into a reservoir of burnt-beer at the Thomond-gate distillery, and was terribly scalded-she was conveyed immediately to the County Infirmaty.
     Thomas Doolan, Esq., C.C.P., is about to be removed from this district, comprising the Baronies of Castlea and Kilmallock, in the County Limerick, and to replace Captain Dumas, in the Barony of Small County. Mr. Jackson, son of the late Captain Jackson, of the Clare Militia, is to succeed Mr. Doolan at Kilmallock.
     His Majesty's Government, in this County, have ordered the sum of 30l. to be given to Michael Gorman, sen., whose son was murdered whilst bravely defending his house at the Commons of Rathkeale, in the Spring of 1822, when it was attacked by a large armed party of Whiteboys, and for which offence Pat. Bennet was capitally convicted at the last Assizes of Limerick.
     A man named Peter Hynes, who was recently endeavouring to deceive the Magistrates of the Co. Cork, by giving false information, has been transmitted by Major Carter, to Limerick, in order to have him transmitted to this County, whence he states he is from.
     Tuesday, Timothy Sheahan, charged with the murder of the Franks family, and who escaped out of the guard-room of Doneraile, was taken prisoner near Mallow.
     The parishioners of the Union of Dunkerrin, diocess of Killaloe, have compounded with the Very Rev. Dean Hawkins for the sum of 1000l. per an exclusive of his valuable glebes.
     On Thursday night last, four cows, the property of Thomas Gibbon, was houghed on the lands of Edmondstown, in the County Mayo.   


     In Dominick-street, Galway, on the 22d instant, aged 69 years, Mrs. D. Cannon, wife of John Cannon, of Millmount, Esq. of a painful and lingering illness, which she bore with that fortitude and meek resignation which ever distinguishes a true christian. As a most exemplary wife, an affectionate and tender mother, and a sincere friend, she was equalled by few; she departed this life with full assurance of a blessed immortality, most deeply and sincerely regretted by a numerous circle of friends and acquaintances.


In the Matter of James Jones, Insolvent

     In the Town of Ballinasloe, on the 26th day of December next, an Annuity of Fifty-? Pounds per year.- For further particulars apply to Daniel Flattery, Esq. of Ballinasloe, Assignee.
     W.M. KENNY, Auctioneer.
November 25, 1824


     THAT I have appointed Mr. EDWD. O'SHAUGHNESSY, of Kilcreest, my Agent for the receipt of my Rents, and arrears of Rent, in the room of Raymond C. De Burgh, Esq. to which all persons concerned are directed to take notice.
               ANNE H. IRWIN.
Dublin, Nov. 20, 1824



     AT a very numerous MEETING of the ROMAN CATHOLIC INHABITANTS of the Parish of TYNAGH, held in the chapel of GUARRANE, on Sunday, November 21, 1824
     PATRICK SKERETT, Esq. of Derrywillin, being called to the Chair.
     The following Resolutions were proposed and unanimously adopted:-
     Resolved, That MICHAEL COGHLAN, Esq. be our Treasurer and M.J. LYONS, Esq., Secretary.
     1st. Resolved, That highly approving, in common with our Catholic Fellow Countrymen, of every constitutional means to obtain from the Legislature the redress of the grievances that affect our Body, from a conscientious adherence to the Religious of our Forefathers, we consider the Catholic Rent to be eminently calculated for the attainment of our just claim. (Moved by M. J. LYONS, and seconded by ROBERT SKERRETT, Esq.)
     2nd. Resolved, That the conduct of the Catholic Association has been such as to merit our entire and implicit confidence- (Moved by JAMES CASSERLY, Esq. and seconded by MARK WHYTE, Esq.)
     3d. Resolved, That DANIEL O'CONNELL, Esq, the zealous and uncompromising Advocate of Civil and Religious Liberty is deserving of our warmest thanks.- (Moved by EDWARD KELLY, Esq. and seconded by MICHAEL COGHLAN, Esq.)
     4th. Resolved, That the particular Thanks of this Meeting are due, and hereby given, to our worthy Pastor, the Rev. P. SHIEL, P.P., and his Assistants, the Rev. Mr. ROCHFORT, for their exertions in promoting the objects for which we are assembled, and for favouring us with the use of their Chapel- (Moved by JAMES CASSERLY, Esq. and seconded by M.J. LYONS, Esq.)
     5th. Resolved, That our unqualified Thanks are justly due to JAMES CASSERLY, Esq. for the very elegant manner in which he has explained the objects of our meeting- (Moved by the Rev. Mr. SHIEL, P.P., and seconded by the Rev. Mr. ROCHFORT)
     6th. Resolved, That the above Resolutions be inserted in THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL.
     PATRICK SKERRETT, Esq., having left the Chair, and EDWARD KELLY, Esq. of Killine, being called thereto, the Thanks of the Meeting were unanimously voted to him for his very proper and dignified conduct in the Chair.
     (Signed)     EDWARD KELLY.
                       M.J. LYONS, Sec.


(From the New York Commercial Advertiser)

     The October Term of the Court of Sessions for the City and County of New York, was closed on Saturday. It will be remembered that at the last Term, four of the persons called Orangemen, were convicted of an assault and battery upon one Jas. Morney, viz. George Black, David Waugh, John Mullin and John Moore; but their sentence was suspended until a trial on one of the cross-indictments could be had at the present Term-there having been five indictments against three of those professing the roman Catholic religion. The names of the latter were Hugh M'Avoy, and Cecilia, his wife, James Cassidy, David M'Williams and Timothy Leary. This was an affray which took place in the village of Greenwich on the 12th July last, in consequence of the celebration by the Orangemen of the anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne. Our readers must by this time have become so well acquainted with the leading facts of this case, that it is hardly necessary minutely to recapitulate them. We pass on, therefore, to the observations of the Recorder on this occasion-premising, that on the latter trial of the Catholics, he had stated the law in strong and decisive terms to be-that whatever provocation might have been given, it could not amount to a justification-not even though the first blows, as well as the first provocation came from one party; that no person was permitted to mingle in the affray, unless with a view to prevent further mischief; and that any person so interfering was bound at his peril to give notice that his intention was to keep peace, and not to take part in the affray. And as it appeared that the parties lived on opposite sides of the street, and that the battle had taken place on the side occupied by the Orangemen, there was therefore a presumption that the others had crossed the street with a view of encountering them, and that it resembled the case of two men going out to box by agreement-the one accepting the challenge of the other, in which case both parties, and all that took part with either, were alike guilty of a breach of the peace. Messrs. Emmet and Sampson, of Counsel for the Catholic party, agreed that their clients should (the trials having already been greatly protracted) submit to a verdict against them, leaving it to the wisdom of the Court to admonish the aggressors, in such manner as they should think of the case required, and to bind the parties respectively to keep the peace. On Saturday the respective parties appearing, pursuant to their recognizances, the Recorder first addressing himself to the Orangemen, proceeded substantially as follows: He began by representing to those called Orangemen and Purple Marksmen, the extreme absurdity-not to call it by a worse name- of their revising, in this country, such antiquated, dangerous, and unbecoming prejudices. Perhaps they had not been long here, and had not yet discovered how worse than contemptible such violent and unjustifiable antipathies on the score of religion must appear; and he hoped that it would be unnecessary to apply that severe correction that often in cases of this kind had been known to harden rather than reform the offenders.
     After some general observations on the evils of religious persecution, the Recorder proceeded to address the defendants personally to the following effect:
     "With respect to Catholics, or United Irishmen, for so these have been alternately denominated, we possess in them valuable accessions to one strength, and ornaments in society. Their characters are known to us all, and to me in particular. We again regret that any of thm should have suffered themselves to have been provoked or betrayed by their feelings into any affray which has not only cost them much time and trouble, but brought them into this place as offenders against our laws. Mr. M'Avoy appears to be a respectable man, and you all appear, and are represented as industrious citizens. For M'Avoy there is some excuse, as he went into the affray to protect his wife from insult and injury. Mrs. M'Avoy is also a respectable female; but she was wrong in throwing a stone, although she did so from seeing a relation in trouble among them. With respect to you who are called Orangemen, or purple marksmen, the Court, from well considered motives, are inclined, for this time, to let your own reflections counsel and direct you to a better way of thinking-you will consider how much of your time you have lost by getting into quarrels and prosecutions to your impoverishment. And all of you must feel how such passions tend to embitter your own lives, and to discredit yourselves in the community, which receives you with the only condition that you respect the laws, and conduct yourselves with propriety. You will also soon perceive that political fanaticism, though not so odious, can lead to no good result, and that nothing can be more absurd than the cherishing of idle remembrances and antipathies, formed upon events so antiquated, and foreign to the opinions and concerns of the country which you have selected for your habitation.- You are at perfect liberty to commemorate any festivals of public events, but it must be done in a manner to give no offence to your neighbours, or to disturb the public peace. As to the celebrations of the Battle of the Boyne, of what good can it be to yourselves, while it can but appear absurd to us? it appears that about 125 years ago, King William made war upon his father-in-law, King James, and obtained a victory upon the banks of the Boyne. This was also considered a victory over the Catholics, and the respective parties took sides. if men are so irrational as to look back into antiquity for causes of perpetual feuds, at what time is the re to be peace upon this earth? In this country it appears foolish to be seriously spoken of, and we hope that your reasons will better cure these unmeaning bickerings, than a heavy punishment. Therefore, to give it a better chance to operate, we shall for the present trust to this admonition, and order that each of you who have been found guilty, be bound in your own recognizances for 200 dollars, with a security in 100 dollars, to keep the peace for one year, hoping that by that time you will be of opinion that your best policy, and truest interest and happiness, will be in conforming to the laws that protect you, and avoiding the consequences that must follow, if such disorders should ever be repeated by any of you."

November 20th, 1824

     NAMES of Gentlemen returned by the Judges of Assize to serve the Office of High Sheriff for the coming Year.
    ANTRIM - George Hutchinson, of Ballymoney; Cunningham Greg of Ballyhone, Belfast; Alexander M'Manus, of Mount-Davis, Ballymena, Esqrs.
     ARMAGH - Thomas Atkinson, of Crow-Hill, Loughall; Acheson St. George, of Wood-Park, Armagh, Esqrs; and Major-General Thomas Molyneux, of Manor Dougherty.
     CAVAN - John Bedel Stamford, of Carn-Lodge, Ballyconnell; Theophilus Lucas Clements, of Raheny, Cootehill; and Ralph Bell Clarke, of Drumkeel, Cavan, Esqrs.
     CARLOW - William Duckett, of Ducket's-grove, Castledermot; John Whelan, of Rath; and Walter Newtown, of Dunleckney, Bagnalstown, Esqrs.
     CLARE - Sir Augustine FitzGerald, of Carrygoran Castle, Bart; Andrew Stackpoole, of Lahiney, Ennistymon; and Stafford O'Brien of Stonehall, Esqrs.
     CORK - The Honorable Robert Moore, of Kilworth; John Smith Barry of Fosta; and John Longfield, of Leligueville, Mallow, Esqrs.
     DONEGAL - Sir Charles Style, of Cloghan-lodge, Bart Stranolar; Sir Samuel Hayes, of Drumbo-castle, Bart, Stranorlar; and John Hamilton, of Brown-hall, Esq. Donegal.
     DOWN - John M'Cause, of Drumlough, Belfast; John Holmes Houston, of Grenville, Belfast; and David Ross, of Rosstrevor, Esqrs.
     DUBLIN - John David Latouche, of Marley; Thomas Richard Needham, Edmonsbury; and Richard Manders of Bracken????, Esqrs.
     FERMANAGH - John Colpoys Bloomfield, of Castle-callwell, Enniskillen; John Killigrew Dunbar, of Garrison, Church-hill; and Francis Hazard, of Garden-hill, Enniskillen, Esqrs.
     GALWAY - Edward Blake, of Castle-grove, Tuam; William Handcock, of Carntrilly; and Robert Martin, of Ross, Esqrs.
     KERRY - Richard Mahony, of Drumore, Kenmare; John Hickson, of Grove, and John Markham Marshall, of Collinsferry, Miltown, Esqrs.
     KILDARE - Lord Henry Moore, of Moore-abbey, Monastereven; Sir Fitzgerald Alymer, of Donadca-castle, Bart, Kilcock; and Edward Connolly, of Castletown, Esq. Colbridge.
     KILKENNY - Clayton Bayly, of Norelands, Thomastown; Arthur St. George, of Kilrush, Freshford; and Thomas F. Bookey, of Mount-garnett, Goresbridge, Esqrs.
     KING'S CO.- Lord Tullamore, of Charleville-forest, Tullamore; William Trench, of Cangort-park, Shinrone; and John Warburton, of Garryhich, Portarlington, Esqrs.
     LEITRIM - Rear Admiral Sir J. Rowley, of Drumsna, Bart; Cairncross Thomas Cullen, of Skreeney, Manorhamilton; and Robert Johnson of Brookhill, Ballyshannon, Esqrs.
     LIMERICK - The Hon. John Massey, of Limerick; Chidley Coote, of Mount-coote; and Richard Oliver Gascnigne, of Mount-oliver, Esqrs.
     LONGFORD - Thomas Ach??uty, of Longford; Willoughby Bond of Farraghroe, Edgworthstown; and William Brady Shouldham, of Ballyshannon, Esqrs.
     LOUTH - Frederick Thomas Foster, of Stonehouse, London; John Woolsey, of Milestown, Castlebullingham; and Nathaniel Manning, of Drakestown, Ardee, Esqrs.
     MAYO - Sir Francis Lynch Blosse, Bart; Annesley Knox, of Rappa-castle, Ballina; and George Ormsby, of Gorfna-abbey, Crossmolina, Esqrs.
     MEATH - John Thompson, of Rathnally, Trim; Richard Rothwell, of Rockfield, Kells; and George Bomford, of Rahenstown, Esqrs.
     MONAGHAN - James Wood Wright, of Gola, Monaghan; Joseph Jackson, of Monaghan; and William Tennison, of Ballyframer, Ballyboy, Esqrs.
     QUEEN'S CO- Edward Johnson, of Ballykileavan, Stradbally; William Cooper, jun. of Cooper-hill, Carlow; and Lancelot Sandys, of Portarlington, Esqrs.
     ROSCOMMON - William Lloyd, of Rockfield, Roscommon, Esq; Captain J. Caulfield, of Bunown-castle, Athlone; and William St. George French, of Clonaquin, Esq. Tulsk.
     SLIGO - Robert William Hillas, of Cregg-house; James Wood of Woodville; and Loftus Neynoe, of Castle-Neynoe, Esqrs.
     TIPPERARY - William Barton, of Grove, Fethard, Tipperary; Mathew Pennefather, of Castle-lake; and William Perry, of Woodroofe, Clonmel, Esqrs.
     TYRONE - Sir Robert Ferguson, of Farm, Bart, Derry; Hugh Stewart, of Greenhills, Ballygawley; and Hugh Lyle, of Oaks, Derry, Esqrs.
     WATERFORD - James William Well, of Coolasmuck, Carrick-on-Suir; William Moore, of Moore-hill, Tallow; and Henry Amayas Burke, of Glencarn-Abbey, Lismore, Esqrs.
     WESTMEATH - Honorable John Brown, of Gaulstown, Mullingar; Anthony Doppping, of Lowtown, Kinnegad; and Robert Beatty, of Ballyhealy, Castle-Delvin, Esqrs.
     WEXFORD - Robert Boyne, of Wells, Oulart; Arthur Chichester of Dunbrody-park, Arthurstown; and Richard Jones Sankey, of Oatlands, Esqrs.
     WICKLOW - Sir R. Hudson, of Hollywood, Bart. Blessington; Henry Quin, of Wingfield, Bray; and Francis Synge Hutchinson, of Castleallagh, Esqrs.


To BERNARD BROWNE, Esq. BRYAN DUNNE, Esq. Mr. PATRICK WALSHE and BROTHERS, and all other persons interested.

     I HEREBY caution you, and each of you, not to pay any sum or sums of money whatsoever on account of the fifth portion of the rent payable out of your holdings respectively, of the lands of Enniskew, Ennisusken, Ewillagh, Mulkenagh and ?, situate in the Baronies of Ballinahinch and Moycullen and County of Galway, which Lands you lately held under my Father, the late Richard Burke, Esq. Merchant or Public Notary, as I consider myself legally authorised to exercise and levy all rent and arrears of rent due on the 1st November last, and hereafter, for the undivided fifth of the said Lands to which alone I consider myself duly entitled; and I hereby apprise you that I shall enforce the payment of the said rents, notwithstanding any payments you may make or have made on account of these, to any other person or persons whatsoever, and notwithstanding a notice, signed "MARY M'CARTHY," of the 4th November instant, which appeared in the Connaught Journal Newspaper of that date; and should I not be legally entitled to receive same, I hereby give further Notice, that I am well informed a brother of mine the name of EDMOND BURKE, and oldest son and heir at law of the said Richard Burke, is now living, and was in Trim?omalie, East Indies, in the year 1821, who must be duly entitled to receive said rents-Given under my hand, at Galway, this 19th day of November, 1824.
             WILLIAM BURKE.


The Hon. Denis Arthur Bingham, a Minor, by the Right Hon. (the Baroness Clanmorris, his Mother and Guardian,
The Right Hon. Charles Barry, Lord Baron Clanmorris, 

PURSUANT to an Order made in this Case bearing date the 13th day of November, 1824, I will, on Tuesday, the 20th day of November instant, at my Chambers, Inns-quay, Dublin, Set up and Let by Public Cant, to the highest Bidder, for the term of three years, pending this Cause, or during the Minority of said Minor, from the 1st day of November, 1824, ALL THAT AND THOSE, the Lands of Knockdoroho, containing 264A. 1R. 12P.; Rauacieeva, North-west division containing 241A. 1R. 25P.; North Division of Lehanagh, containing 73A. 0R. 16P.; Cloonball, containing 167A. 0R. 20P; Shinganagh, containing 165A; North Division of Summer-Hill, containing 159A and 10P; South Division of ditto, containing 222A. 0R. 28P; West Division of ditto containing 47A and 1R; Car?abrook [may be Carnabrook or Carsabrook] containing 31A. 2R. 25P.; Lisheneen, containing 39A. 1R. 6P.; Ballynaurroddo, 108A. 3R. 11P.; Gradage, containing 75A. 3R. 0P.; Weatherfort, containing 167A. 1R. 5P.; Clogoanageeragh, containing 170A. 3R. 9P.; Par??and Ruanmore, containing 232A. 0R. 20P.; Poolavooly, containing 119A. 2R. 21P.; Knocklogan, West, containing 205A. 0R. 28P.; Clareens, containing 112A. and 31P. All of which said Lands are situate in the Baronies of Kilmain and Carra and Co. of Mayo, and are of excellent quality for Grazing and Meadowing. Also, from the 1st day of May last, for the same period, the following Lands, being part of the Demesne of Newbrook, in said County Mayo: The Deer-Park, Redgate-Park, containing 155A. 2R. 39P.; Bullock-Park and Lawn, containing 52A. 9R. 5P. excepting the Houses, Offices and Gardens and enclosed Plantations. The Islands, containing 45A. 2R. 18P.-The Grove, Knocknalinsky, 40 Ridges, containing 33A. 2R. 26P. Also, the Lands of Cruskeen, containing 85A; and Kiltrogue, containing 262A. 1R. 0P. situate near Clare-Galway, in the County of the Town of Galway; the Mills of Ahascragh, and Callowes adjoining, containing 13A. 1R. 8P. situate within six miles of Ballinasloe, in the said County of Galway, lately held by John Walsh.
     Dated this 17th day of November, 1824.
     The Tenants must enter into the usual Recognizance. The Letting to take place at the hour of one o'clock in the afternoon of said day.
     For further particulars apply to Charles Filgate, Esq., Mount Pleasant, Ballyglass; or to Mr. Brabazon Browne, the Minor's Solicitor, No. 115 Baggott street, Dublin.



     We discover, in the Resolution at Newtown, which will be found in our advertising column, that his Excellency the Earl of Clancarty has contributed to the support of the measures of the Catholic Association. There is in those Resolutions a vote of thanks to the Nobleman for his subscription. It will be recollected that this Nobleman is brother to his Grace the Archbishop of Tuam, Dr. Trench, of Ballnasloe, and many other distinguished TRENCHES. Prince Hoheulobe is completely outdone. Irish Miracles are now go. Even those of the Establishment are beginning to deal in the stupendous.


     In our last we had, under the above head, a few lines, which we since, and immediately after the publication of our Journal, discovered to be an erroneous statement. As far as we are concerned it will be recollected, that we must receive our information on such subjects from others, who may themselves be deceived or misled.- The occurrence, with which the Policeman of the revenue Corps, was connected, took place about ten o'clock on Sunday evening, and when we wrote the few lines in allusion to it on Monday, the Magistrate's investigation was proceeding, but had not been terminated. Of course, then, we could not have collected any thing like a definitive account from the affidavits, and what we gave was merely a matter of hearsay, and one of the thousand and one reports which were flying abroad.- We find that this unfortunate person had been drinking at a christening with one of the Veterans, in the Shambles Barrack, and when returning home got into an altercation with, we hear, a person named Joyce- blows ensued, and the Policeman not being the better man, ran home to his barracks, and having armed himself with his carbine and pistol returned to the spot, where he met a man named Roche, dressed in similar cloths to those of his opponent Joyce. The mistake was rather an unfortunate one for poor Roche. The Policeman aimed his pistol and fired at him, and the ball took effect immediately under the poor man's arm, and passed out under the blade bone. The wound is not mortal.- When some of the townspeople heard the discharge of fire arms a large concourse of people collected to the spot and gave M'Nally a desperate beating of which he lies dangerously ill.
     Here we think it due to the parties concerned, to state that we have, with all the diligence in our power, endeavoured to discover whether the above occurrence was at all connected with that vile spirit of party which is staling through the Country.- Did it at all savour of any such-those who know us are aware that the fact would not be conceded by us. We would ring it through the Country until it reached the ears of the Viceroy. But, in truth, we have not discovered any such matter.- It was, we believe, one of those unfortunate bursts of passion which occasionally disgrace our nature. The consequences have been indeed melancholy.- but nothing like a party spirit could be discovered in any part of the transaction by the Hon. Mr. Ffrench, the Magistrate, who took the informations and examined the parties.


     It does not appear to be generally understood by the small farmers, that in the case of all lettings subsequent to the introduction of the Tithe Composition Act into a parish, the occupant is entitled from his landlord to credit, in his account of rent, for any money paid as tithe composition, as for so much paid for his landlord's use.

     The Hon. Mr. Hare, Candidate for the County Kerry, has declared his determination in the event of his election, to support the question of Catholic Emancipation. He has obtained the support of the Earl of Kenmare.

     The Borough of Mallow will be warmly contested by Lord Glentworth, son of the Earl of Limerick. It was this Nobleman who made the first effort to oppose the Corporation interest of Limerick, in which his brother-in-law, T.S. Rice, Esq. afterwards succeeded.



Galway, Monday, November 29, 1824


     I HEREBY Caution the Tenantry of my Husband, the late John Morris, of Tuam, and all other persons indebted to him, not to pay money to any person on my account whatever until it is ascertained who is legally authorized to receive same; and I hereby further caution the Tenants not to give possession to any person endeavouring (by clandestine means) to possess himself of his said property.- Given under my hand at Kilroe, this 29th November, 1824.

Until the 15th of April next, on the Lands of

     ABOUT ONE THOUSAND ACRES of GRASS. These Lands are well sheltered and divided by Stone Walls 6 and 7 feet high. They are known to possess a superior quality for keeping and increasing condition of SHEEP in Winter. It will be Set in Divisions of 30, 50 and 100 Acre Parks, so as to accommodate.
     Proposals (if in writing, post paid) to Wm. Burke, Esq. Ballydugan, Loughrea; and Pat. O'Conner, Esq., Newgarden, Tuam.
     November 25, 1824.



     On Thursday, the 25th instant, at St. Mary's Church, Nottingham, George Staunton Lynch, Esq. to Sarah Jane, third daughter of T. Hardwick, Esq.
     On Monday, the 22d instant, by special license, at Dunamon Church, County Roscommon, by the Rev. Mr. Weldon, and immediately afterwards by the Rev. Mr. O'Connor, P.P., Richard O'Connor, Esq. of Marnell's Grove, third Son of Roderick O'Connor, Esq., Milltown to Miss Eliza Wilson of Black Garden, County Galway.


     A PARRICIDE - A very horrible event has taken place at Tyrelly, a few miles from Downpatrick. The son of a farmer named Magee, has been for years labouring under occasional fits of insanity, which returned so frequently and unexpectedly, that few persons would trust themselves alone with him. In the course of the last week, Magee and his son were employed in thatching a house; when as he has since confessed, he first felt a desire to murder his parent. He reflected seriously on the best method of effectually accomplishing his bloody and unnatural purpose. His first plan was to kill his father with a pitchfork; but he conceived that weapon might not be sure enough- this idea he gave up for the stabbing of him with a knife;- "but then," said he," that might glance off his ribs." He then "fortunately," as the sad maniac expresses himself, thought of a hatchet. Thus, bent on the parricidal work, he resolutely paused in his terrible purpose, till the family were seated at supper; when seizing unperceived the instrument of death, he glided rapidly behind his devoted parent, and with a single blow, swift and strong, cleft it upon his head! The poor man instantly expired and the dangerous lunatic was with difficulty secured; for he proposed following up the work of death, by also murdering his mother and uncle.- "Then," said he," my spirit would have been satisfied, for I should have had the walk to myself." He has been committed to gaol. An inquiry was held on the body and a verdict of "Murdered by a lunatic, " returned. It is impossible to contemplate this deed, but with feelings of fearfulness and dread. The aberrations of the mind are lamentable enough in themselves without their leading the arm of the child to take away the violence the life of a parent. How vain, how frail a creature is man!-- Northern Whig.

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