Ireland Old News

Galway, Monday, February 2, 1824


     In Shop-street, in the bloom of life, generally and deservedly regretted, Mrs. Duggan, wife of Mr. Michael Duggan, of this town.
     In High-street, after a tedious illness, aged twenty years, Mrs. Verdon, wife of Mr. Charles Verdon, of this town.


     The head-quarters of the 75th Regiment of Foot have arrived at Portsmouth, on board the William Harris, transport from Gibraltar. The 1st division of the 23d (Royal Welch Fusiliers) has arrived at Gibraltar from Cork.
     PORTSMOUTH, JAN 23- Part of the 75th Regt. from Gibraltar has arrived in a transport, which is now performing quarantine at the Motherbank.- The Regiment is intended to form part of the garrison.
     On the arrival of his Majesty's warrant in town for authorising the raising of the 96th Regiment of Foot, the recruiting for that corps will immediately commence.
     Detachments belonging to the 54th and 89th will march from the Isle of Wight on Thursday next for Chatham.
     Detachments belonging to the 30th, 46th, and 41st, will march from Portsmouth on Friday next for Chatham, to embark for India.


     Mr. Croker is about to retire from the Admiralty. The Hon. Secretary is destined to enjoy the delights of Indian rule, as Governor of Bombay.


      Prosecution under the Game Laws at Macroom.- The Meeting of the Magistrates for the purpose of convicting certain individuals for a breach of the Game Laws, took place on Saturday. Informations were lodged against thirteen Gentlemen- the first called on was Mr. Henry Good, of Crossmahon; the information charged him with having appeared on a certain day, between November, 1822, and September, 1823, on the lands of Carrigarity, with a gun and dog; the information was read by Mr. Murphy, Agent to the Commissioners of Stamps, and it was alleged to have been sworn before Sir Augustine Warren, Bart., Magistrate, in and for the County of Cork.
     Counsellor Payne, (who was engaged for all the traversers,) immediately submitted that the imformations must all fail to the ground, inasmuch as the law particularly required the words Magistrate of and for the County of Cork, and not in and for, should be used. In corroboration of his opinion, he quoted Palley, and others; and on the question being submitted to Counsellor Deane, who acted as Assessor to the Magistrates, he pronounced the objection valid. Mr. Murphy, however, alleged his intention of appealing to an higher Court on this point; but on Mr. Payne's bringing forward another objection; namely, that the informations though alleged to have been sworn in October, 1823, were not actually so till January, 1824;- and that the time limited by law for lodging such information had expired. He allowed the objection was fatal to him, and submitted, to the no small gratification of the accused individuals.


     At Portsmouth, several vessels of the largest size are building, including the Princess Charlotte, of 110 guns, - the Neptune, of 120- the Indus, of 80 - with the Euphrates, the Fox, the President, the Thalia, the Gerberus, and several frigates, sloops and bombs.
     At Plymouth, there are in a great state of forwardings, the Hindostan, of 80 guns - the London, of 110-the Leda, the Prosecpine, &c.
     At Pembroke, the Goliah and Vengeance, of 84 guns each, which could be ready in a few weeks - the Seahorse, the Nemesis, the Hotspur, the Thisbe, the Druid, and several others.
     At Chatham, the preparations in the dock-yard would seem still more formidable, for there the Royal George, of 120 guns, is almost ready to pour forth its thunders on the enemies of the country, as are the Powerful, of 84,- the Formidable, of 86-the Mercury, the Mermaid, &c.
     At Deptford, in a state of similar preparation, are the Monarch, of 84 guns - the Worcester, of 52; &c; and at Woolwich are building the Boscawen of 60, the Hebe, the Medusa, the Clyde, &c. &c.
     Nor are we content with thus preparing to keep up our naval force by the building of new ships in our own ports, for several vessels are now almost ready to launch at Bombay, including the Asia and the Bombay, of 84 guns each.
     In addition to these there is on the American station a strong naval force, consisting of the Gloucester, of 80 guns; the Ganges, of 86 guns; the Superb, of 78 guns; the Spartiate, of 64 guns; the Cambridge, of 82 guns; with twelve frigates; none of which could decline an engagement with the French frigates of 68 guns, which those in Best are described to carry, but which is undoubtedly an exaggeration.
     Captain Stoddart is appointed to the Primrose, 18 guns, at Plymouth, for the West Indies; Lieut. G.F. Dixon, of the Tweed, to the Griper; Lieut. J.C. Bennet from the Arachne to be a supernumerary Lieutenant of the Ramillies; Lieut. A.H. Kellet, to the Arachne; Lieut. John Adams(a) to the Grasshopper; Mr. D. Benyon, to be Master of the Tweed; Mr. Shears, to be Purser of the Primrose.
     Last night the Seringapatam, Captain Warren, from Lisbon, in coming up to Spithead, got ashore off Cowes. Assistance has been sent to her, and she is expected to be got off without any material damage.

Galway, Thursday, February 5, 1824


     In Tuam, on Monday last, Mr. Michael Dowling, of this Town, to Miss Haddican, eldest daughter of Mr. Michael Haddican of said place.
     At the Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas, Mr. M. Geoghegan of this Town to Miss Sutherland, daughter of Adjutant Sutherland, of the Galway Militia.


     On the 27th ultimo, by the Rev. William Peacock at George's Church, Percy Magan, Esq. to Ellen, second daughter of Valentine O'Connor, Esq of Great Denmark-street and afterwards, at her father's house, by the Rev. Mr. Glyn, of Liffey-street Chapel, Dublin.
     On Saturday morning the 24th ultimo, at Bride's Church, Charles Whitton, of Lower Gardiner street, Esq. Solicitor to Susanna Sophia, second daughter of Arthur Battersby, Esq. of Peter street, Dublin.
     On the 22d ultimo, by the Rev. Nicholas Wrixon, at Ballyhooly Church, Richard Oliver Ainsworth, Esq. of Newmarket-house, to the Hon. Letitia Hare, eldest daughter of Lord Viscount Ennismore.
     In Cork, Patrick Goold, Esq. to Johanna, second daughter of Jeremiah Lynch, Esq.
     On Saturday morning, at Christ Church, Cork, Mr. Roger Bernard Evans, of that city, to Mary Anne, second daughter of the late Thomas Stamers, Esq. of Kildarrow.
     On the 12th ult., Patrick Egan, Esq. of Moate, to Eliza, daughter of Patrick Murray, Esq. of Grafton-street, Dublin.
     On the 2?th ult., at Mark's Church, Dublin, John Bushy, jun. Esq to Charlotte Wilhelmina, eldest daughter of Dr. Pelligrine, of Trinity College.
     On the 22d ult., at the house of the Bride's father, Major James Henry Phelps, of the 80th Regiment, to Mary, youngest daughter of Robert Grant, Esq. of Drummnor, Aberdeenshire.
     Captain Polhill, of the 1st Dragoon Guards, to Frances Margaret Deakin, of Bagthorpe House, near Nottingham.

o the Editor of the Belfast Newsletter

     "SIR,- It is with regret that I have to inform you of a riot that took place on the 15th instant, at a fair in a village called Lawriestown, alias Beragh, in the County of Tyrone. A little before sun set a body of Ribbonmen, about 500 in number, assembled there and commenced open hostilities against all who, they thought, entertained sentiments contrary to their own. The Protestants, unable to resist their fury, took refuge in the houses and left them in undisputed possession of the street. The rioters then assailed the house of a Mr. James Lindsay, demanding some Gentlemen against whom their rage was more immediately directed, to be delivered to them. In the meantime, a party of yeomanry was sent for to disperse the mob; and on their arrival they were under the necessity of firing some shots before they could get them to desist from their abuse. The men, unwilling to spill blood, pointed their arms in an oblique direction, to a young man by name of Adam Smyth, who was going home from the fair on hearing the uproar thought fit to return to see what it meant, and unfortunately received one of the bullets as he entered the town and was killed dead on the spot. The Ribbonmen fled in all directions, and, I may say, there was no more damage done. Mr. Smyth was a Protestant, and a young man of such unexceptionable character, that he is lamented by his friends, and mourned by his acquaintances-as to enemies, he had none to rejoice at his fall, if even an enemy could be base enough to exult at his unhappy fate.
     "Beragh, Jan 20, 1824"

County of Galway
From the first of November last,
For such term, and in such proportions as may be agreed upon, (subject to a re-survey thereof,)
Containing by a Survey made in 1764,- 178 Acres, 2 Roods.
By a Survey made in 1764,- 833 Acres, 14 Perches

     Situate in the Baronies of Athenry and Dunmore, in the County of Galway.
     Written proposals only (if by letter post paid) will be received by Arthur E. St. George, Esq., Tyrone, Oranmore; or by James Daly, Esq., 22, Great Charles-street, Mountjoy-square, Dublin.
     N.B.- No promise or preference has, or will be given but to the best Bidder and most solvent Tenant.
     Tyrone, January 29, 1824.

War-Office, 23d January, 1824.

     7th Regiment of Dragoon Guards-Lieut. Richard Boyne, from half-pay 18th Light Dragoons to be Lieutenant and Adjutant, vice Joshua Dunmoody, who exchanges, receiving the difference.
     4th Regiment of Light Dragoons-Cornet Matthew Chitty Downe St. Quintin to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Coney, promoted in the 17th Light Dragoons. Harry Shakespeare Phillips, Gent. to be Cornet, by purchase, vice St. Quintin.
     6th Regiment of Dragoons-Lieutenant William Henry Snow, from half pay 4th Dragoons to be Lieutenant, vice Edward G. Cubitt, who exchanges.
     5th Ditto.-Ensign Edward Hensy Dodd, from the 53d Foot, to be Ensign, vice Brooke promoted in the 27th Foot.
     10th Ditto-Colonel Sir Robert Travers, form Inspecting Field officer of Militia in the Ionian Islands to be Lieut. Colonel, vice Matthew Steward who retires upon half pay.
     27th Ditto-Ensign John Brooke, from the 5th Foot, to be Lieutenant without purchase, vice Drew promoted in the Royal African Colonial Corps.
     39th Ditto-Ensign John Burke to be Lieutenant without purchase vice Baynes, promoted in the Royal African Colonial Corps William Sacheverell Coke, Gent. to be Ensign, vice Burns.
     46th Foot- Major Michael Creagh from the 86th Foot, to be Major, vice Stretton, who retires upon half pay 84th Foot.
     53d Ditto- Brownlow Knox, Gent., to be Ensign without purchase, vice Dodd appointed to the 5th Foot.
     58th Ditto- Lieutenant Richard Percy Pack, from the 60th Foot, to be Lieutenant, vice Edw. O'Brien who retires upon half pay 29th Foot.
     60th Ditto- Lieutenant John Hein Adair to be Captain, without purchase, vice Purdon, promoted in the Royal African Colonial Corps Lieut. George F. Greeves from half pay of the 29th Foot, to be Lieutenant, vice Pack, appointed to the 58th Foot.
     63d Ditto- Ensign John Gibbons, to be Lieutenant without purchase, vice Campbell promoted in the Royal African Colonial Corps. Ensign James Gordon from the 93d Foot, to be Ensign, vice Gibbons.
     72d Ditto- Lieutenant Alexander Logie to be Capt. without purchase, vice Nicholls promoted to the 2d West India Regiment. Ensign Michael Adair to be Lieutenant, vice Logie. Wm Henry Robinson, Gent to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Adair.
     86th Ditto- Michael Chamberlain from half pay 84th Foot, to be Major, vice Creagh, appointed to the 46th Foot.
     90th Ditto-Ensign John Wilson to be Lieutenant, without purchase, vice Dowson, promoted from the Royal African Colonial Corps. To be Ensign without purchase, Hugh Massey, Gent. vice Sankey, deceased.- Austin Macenzie, Getn. ,vice Wilson.
     93d Ditto- Gentleman Cadet Andrew R. Evansfrom the Royal Military College, to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Gordon, appointed to the 63d Foot.- Rifle Brigade. Brevet Major Wm. Ecles to be Major, by purchase, vice Ross, pomoted in the Cape Corps Lieutenant John N. Gossett to be Captain by purchase, vice Ecles. Second Lieutenant Manners John Kerr William Logan to be First Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Gossett. Gentleman Cadet John St. Vincent Saumineez, from the Royal Military College, to be Second Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Logan.
     2d West India Regiment-Brevet Major William Burke Nicholls, from the 72d Foot, to be Major without purchase, vice Grant, promoted to the Royal African Colonial Corps.
     Ceylon Regiment- Second Lieutenant T. Skinner to be First Lieutenant by purchase, vice Auber, appointed to the 83d Foot. To be Second Lieutenant, without purchase, Gentleman Cadet Thomas William Rogers, form the Royal Military College, Gentleman Cadet J.R. Heyland, from the Royal Military College, vice Skinner.
     Cape Corps-Brevet Colonel John Ross, from the Rifle Brigade, to be Lieut-Colonel, without purchase, vice Frazier, deceased.
     Royal-African Colonial Corps-Major Alex Grant, from the 2d West India Regiment, to be Lieut-Colonel, without purchase. Brevet Major Edward Purdon, from the 60th Foot, to be Major, without purchase. To be Captain, without purchase, Captain Mitchell John Sparks, from the 2d West India Regiment.- Captain John L'Estrange from the 2d West India Regiment. Lieutenant Charles Dowson, form the 90th Foot Lieutenant David Campbell from the 63d Foot.  Lieutenant Edward Ward Drewe, from the 27th Foot Lieutenant Thomas Baynes, from the 39th Foot. To be Lieutenants, without purchase, Lieutenant Frederick Clements, from the 2d West India Regiment- Lieutenant William Francis Cartwright, form the 2d West India Regiment. Ensign Duncan Maclean from the 2d West India Regiment Ensign Jas. Rogers from the 2d West India Regiment.
     UNATTACHED- Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel George Fitzelargnee, form the 6th Dragoon Guards, to be Lieut. Col. of infantry, by purchase,vice Major-Gen. Alexander, who retires.
     BREVET- Dr. Robert Walters, on half pay as Assistant-Inspector of Hospitals, to be Inspector of Hospitals, by Brevet.
     STATE-Colonel Sir Chas. Sutton, K.C.B. from half pay, to be Inspecting Field officer of Militia in the Ionian Islands vice Sir B. Travers, appointed to the 10th Foot.
     HOSPITAL STAFF- Hospital Assistant Conway MacNiece, from half pay, to be Hospital Assistant to the Forces, vice Cocking, resigned.


     At Fryar's park, county Meath, on the 24th ultimo, of a rapid decline, in the 17th year of his age, Master Robert P. Russell.
     At Doneraile, on the 10th ultimo, of a most malignant typhus fever, Ellen, the wife of Wm. Hennessy, of Eastwilliam, Esq.
     At Cork, on the 21st ultimo, Thomas H. Johnston, Esq. second son of Thomas Johnston, Esq. of Fort Johnston, in the County of Monaghan.
     On Friday, the 21st ultimo, at his house at Farmhill, near Clonmel, George Grace, Esq., Barrister- He was a man of rare mental endowments and attainments, of the kindliest dispositions, and most engaging manners, and in the faithful fulfillment of every relative duty, has left his merits recorded in the memories of his lamenting connexions and friends. He was for many years proprietor of The Clonmel Herald, and devoted his talents to the success of that Journal, over which he diffused the charm of an intellectual character, and which he made in every instance conductive to the best interests of society. he suffered with a fortitude seldom equalled, one of the most dreadful visitations of disease that ever afflicted humanity, and preserving his gentleness of temper and his reliance upon God, to the last moment, he died as he lived, in charity with all mankind, and peace with  his Maker.
     On Friday last, at his house, Coryden Surrey, Christopher Tuddy, Esq. aged 75.
     In Capel-street, Dublin, at an advanced age, Mrs. Mary Ferry.
     On Thursday, the 8th ult., in the 52d year of his age, Robert Jackson, Esq. Comptroller of the Customs at the Port of Dumfries, and late Proprietor and Editor of the Dumfries Journal. The journal was commenced upwards of 40 years ago by Mr. Jackson's father, by whom it was conducted till his death in 1810, when he was succeeded by his son, who continued to manage it with credit to himself and advantage to the public, till within a few months of his death.
     At Fir House, in the County of Dublin, on the 21st ultimo, in the 21st year of her age, Frances, wife of Beresford Burston, Esq.
     On Thursday last, Harvey Boxwell, aged 21 years, son of the late Dortor Boxwell, of Wexford.
     At Newhall, near Edinburgh, on the18th ultimo, Lady Hume, relict of Vice Admiral Sir Geo. Hume, of Blackadder, Bart.
     On the 18th January, at Ramsgate, aged 74, Capt. Bowles Mitchell, R.N. He was the last surviving Officer of those who accompanied Captain Cook on his second voyage around the world.
     Suddenly, at his house in Dorset-street, on the 23d ultimo, Nicholas M'Grath, Esq. of Dublin.
     On Tuesday, the 20th ult., at her house on Mountjoy square, Dublin, Rebecca, widow of the late George Burleigh, Esq.
     On the 24th, at his house in York-street, Dublin, John Parlington, Esq. in the 68th year of his age.
     On Saturday morning, at his seat within a few miles of Tuam, Dominick Bodkin, Esq. of Castletown.
     On the 20th ult. at Seafield, Mrs. Hore, wife of W. Hore, Esq.
     On the 2?d ult at Exeter, John Beaumont, Esq. Surgeon to the Forces.


     We have seen in the ultra portion of the Dublin Papers a statement of depredations committed by some Ribbonmen of the County of Galway, on the house and concerns of a Mr. Power of Mount Equity. We confess that the paragraph astonished us, knowing, as we do, that the County of Galway enjoys at this moment the most perfect tranquility. We shall not take it on ourselves to contradict the statement, untill we shall have an opportunity of enquiring into the truth or falsity of it; but this we may be allowed to say, that we very much doubt the entire story. If the Gentleman's house and concerns were attacked, that is no reason that the midnight ruffians should be termed Ribbonmen-for the Dublin Editor should know that there are others than Ribbonmen who can draw a trigger, or set fire to a hay-stack. Those who live by the insubordination of the "mere Irish," overcharge their faults and vices, and look thought green glasses upon the offences which they commit. We shall enquire about this circumstance; and we are of opinion that matters will be cleared up satisfactorily. This, we can assure the public, that the conversations which we occasionally hold with the County Magistrates are of a most agreeable nature, and induce us to think that the County of Galway might dispense with the services of the Police Gentry, whose "valuable labours" are now confined to the extermination of puppy dogs and untraceable scare-crows-may, sometimes, the grouse and widgeon come within the calibre of the loyal cartouche-box.

Galway, Monday, February 16, 1824


     Yesterday morning, about eight o'clock, Mr. Goodison, Chief Peace Officer, of College-street Divisional Police-office, despatched a party of Peace-officers to the neighbourhood of Ball's-bridge, with directions to disperse a number of persons who it was understood were to assemble there for the purpose of fighting dogs and hunting badgers. When the Peace-officers arrived at the place, their attention was drawn to another scene which more imperatively called for their interference. They perceived a party of Gentlemen in an adjoining field, some of whom were evidently about to fight a duel. The officers immediately took the Gentlemen, whom they saw with pistols (which were cocked) in their hands, into custody. The principals, Thomas Spring Rice, Esq., and Waller O'Grady, Esq., to whom the seconds were about to hand the pistols, effected their escape. The seconds, namely, Henry Baron Robeck and James Franks, Esq., were brought to College-st. Police-office, where they were each held to bail, to keep the peace, themselves in 500l. each, & two sureties, in 250l. each.- The sureties for Mr. Franks were Judge Day and Mr. O'Driscoll; sureties for Baron Robeck, were Mr. Gaskin and Mr. O'Driscoll, the latter Gentleman having offered his services, a second friend whom Baron Robeck had sent for as bail not having at that time arrived at the office.
               ---Limerick Evening Post.


     This evening, at her Mother's House, in Bridge-street, by the Rev. Peter Daly, P.P., Celia, second daughter of the late Walter Mitchell, Esq. to James Butler, of Gort and River-View Mills,  in the county of Galway, Esq.



     From the 1st of May next, for such term as may be agreed on, the fellowing Lands, situate in the Counties of Clare and Galway:-
     FAHYHALLORAN, containing 1200 Acres
     BOULEVIN............................... 600
     GORTNACLOUGH.................. 400
     The Lands of Fahyhalloran are in the Barony of Tulla; Boulevin, in the Barony of Burren; both in the County of Clare, and would be very valuable Farms in the hands of an extensive Grazier. Gortnaclough is an excellent Winterage, within 8 miles of Gort, and 2 of Kinvara, in the Barony of Kiltartan, County of Galway.
     Proposals to be made (in writing) to John Lopdell, Esq. No 89, Stephen's-green, Dublin; or Ormsby Lopdell, Esq. Loughrea.
    N.B.- No preference will be given.


From the 25th of March next- for a Term of Six Years.

     The House and Demesne of Kingston, Distant a mile and a half from the Town of Galway, and within a quarter of a mile of the Sea. The Demesne consists of thirty-eight Acres and a half of excellent Meadow, Tillage, & Pasture Land, well enclosed and subdivided, with an excellent Garden well stocked with Fruit Trees and surrounded by a sixteen feet wall. The House and Offices are modern and in thorough repair.
     Application to be made to Captain O'Flaherty Kingston; or Mr. John Clayton, Galway.
     N.B.-Thirty Tons of excellent Upland Hay to be disposed of on the Premises.
     Feb. 9, 1824.


From the 1st of May next, for such term as may be agreed upon,

     Situated in the Parish of Killiscobe, within 20 miles of Galway, 12 of Ballinasloe, and 5 of the Market town of Mountbellew. It is a sound, well-sheltered SHEEH-WALK.
     Apply to Mr. Davoren, Milltown Malbay and to Mr. John Evans, Cross, Castleblakeney.
    February 10, 1824.


     A Peerage has been offered to the Lord Chief Justice Abbott, but we are assured his Lordship declined.

(From the Mayo Constitution)

     In this paper, on Thursday, was mentioned the death of WILLIAM H. BUSTEED, Esq. On that day there was but little inclination to enlarge on this melancholy event, but now that the last sad rites which separate him from his friends are over, and that reflection leads us to look back upon the past, the writer of these lines (in no otherwise connected with him than by the ties of friendship) would pay his feeble tribute and he is fully aware how feeble and inadequate to, the character of an honest man, and a valuable member of society.
     Mr. B. was a native of the county Kerry, from whence he came into this county in the year 1810, where he established The Mayo Constitution, of which he has since been sole proprietor. To say that he was a man of honest mind, upright principle, and feeling heart, is to assert what I believe few who ever knew him will deny. The writer of these lines had many opportunities of knowing him intimately, and he can, with the strictest truth, assert that he never saw him in any, even the slightest trace of an opposite feeling and character.
     As a Journalist, the notice taken of his original articles (when circumstances called for such) by some of the most respectable English papers, proved his competency in this department. He had, of course, to encounter enmity and opposition-who, in such a character, ever had not. But we may most easily assert, that it was no part of his inclination to provoke his own cause from the attack of the aggressor.
     As a member of society, I believe there are few persons in Castlebar or its vicinity who have not some reason to regret his loss-his untiring attention to the charitable institutions-his willingness to stand forward upon every occasion when he could be any service, and to "bear the burden and heat of the day"-the distress of 1822 and the different loan and charitable institutions arising out of that event-bible societies, and school societies, and every society which had for its object the glory of God or the good of his fellow man, in soul or body, most fully e????; and it is a fact, but too well known how frequently his own business was neglected for that of the charities in which he was interested.
     In his domestic relations, the warm attachment of all those connected with his establishment, and the esteem and affection of all who knew him intimately fully prove his value. As a father-as a husband-as a brother- it is not for the writer of this article to speak of him; the deep affliction of his departed family affords, in those relations, the strongest testimony.
     Such is the resemblance which, in a hurried moment memory presents of the man whom I well knew, and whom to know, was to esteem. The language of panegyric is not part of my present design. I speak faithfully of him as I knew him from observation which an intimate acquaintance afforded. I mean not to assert that he was without faults-he had them as every son of Adam has, but no one more freely acknowledged or more sincerely lamented them. He is now removed from this worldly scene, amidst all his usefulness, and while yet in the prime of life, death had no respect of persons, and he too has received the final summons from his God, and has caused a blank in our society, which, whether we consider him in public or private capacity, we can but ill afford, and which it will be no easy matter to fill up.
     To his friends and to his afflicted family, there is even in his death much cause for thankfulness and consolation. After a severe and painful illness, he quietly resigned his spirit in to the hands of his God, looking simply and solely for salvation to the merits of a crucified Reedemmer; and among his last articulate words, but a few minutes before his decease, was the happy exclamation- "Thanks be to God which gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ"
     His mortal remains were yesterday interred in the Church-yard of Castlebar, and the great and respectable body which followed him to the grave, is a proof of the estimation in which he was held. The Church was crowded to excess, I believe never before witnessed; and an admirable and impressive discourse suited to the occasion was delivered by Mr. Smith, form the 11th chapter of Proverbs, and 32d verse-"The righteous hath hope in his death."



John James, Lessee of } To be Let the Lands
C. Usher, Esq.            } of KILSORREL, si-
          a.                      } tuate in the Half-Barony
      Ejector.                 } of Clonmacnoon, in the
_________________ } County of Galway, for six months, pending the Equity of Redemption in this Cause.
     Proposals will be received by Christopher Usher, Esq. the Plaintiff in this Cause.
     Eastvill, 12th February, 1824.


Galway, Thursday, February 19, 1824


     On Wednesday morning last, the Lady of Richard Martyn, Esq. of a daughter.
     This morning, in Upper Dominick-street, the Lady of Patrick Burke, of Dea?sfield, Esq. of a daughter.


     On Saturday, in the Roman Catholic Chapel of Ennis, by the Rev. Dr. O'Shaughnessy, C.B Martin Esq., half-pay 86th Foot, to Dorothea, only daughter of G. Martin, of Fountain, Esq. Shortly after the ceremony the happy couple proceeded to Lismore, County of Galway, the seat of the bridegroom.
     On the 22d ult., in this Town, John Prendergast, Esq. of Tuam, M.D., to Alicia, youngest daughter of Thomas Cuffe, Esq. of Creagh, County Mayo.
     On the 12th instant, at Ardagh, county Longford, by the Rev. Robert Jessop, John Godley, Esq. only son of the late Colonel Godley, to Isabella, daughter of the late Sir Thomas Fetherston, Bart. M.P.
     On the 14th instant, at St. Peter's Church, by the Rev. Mr. Hobson, Richard Fletcher, of Grafton-street, Dublin, Esq. to Anne, daughter of the late Samuel Middleton, of Charlemont-bridge, Esq.
     On Saturday last, at Newington Church, Surrey, Mr. William Bell, of the East India House, to Charlotte Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Everard Van Stock, Esq. of Oporto.
     On the 10th instant, at St. George's, Hanover-square, London, T. Hoskins, Esq. of North Perrot, Somerset, late of the Royal Dragoons, to Charlotte, daughter of the late James Adams of Berkley-square.


     At Elm-hill, in this County, on Thursday morning last, Mrs. Rochford, relict of Edward Rochfort, late of Sun-hill, Esq. With much more of truth and sincerity than is often to be found in newspaper panegyric, we may venture to assert, that the decease of this much esteemed Lady is, indeed, sincerely and deeply regretted.
     At Bombay, on the 22d of August, John H. Jones, Esq. second son of Lieutenant-General Sir Richard Jones, K.C.B. in the 22d year of his age.
     On the 6th instant, Lewis Francis Catty, Esq. of the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich, in the 65th year of his age.
     On the 10th instant, of an apoplectic attack, while attending the West India meeting at the city of London Tavern, Edward Bullock, Esq. of Upper Bedford-place, in the 52d year of his age.
     At Milnthrop, on the 29th of December, Mr. James Rose, coachman to Daniel Wilson, Esq. of Dalham Tower, aged 73 years. His conduct was so exemplary, that, during a service of 44 years his master never found fault with him.
     On the 2d of July, 1823, at Sattava, in the Hon. East India Company's Service, 1st Battalion Second Regiment, Lieutenant John Gilbert Birds, aged 20, fourth son of David Birds, Esq. of Hadley, in the county of Salop.
     In Queen-square, London, on the 1st instant, in the 85th year of his age, Isaac Ogden, a Judge of his Majesty's Court of King's Bench for the district of Montreal, in the province of Lower Canada, for a period of 29 years.
     On Monday, at her house in Dover-street, London, in the 90th year of her age, Margaret, relict of the Hon. General Thomas Gage.
     In Merrion-square, Dublin, in this 77th year, Daniel Maunsell, Esq.
     On Wednesday, at Toureen, near Caher, Miss Everard, sister to the late reverend and universally esteemed Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cashel.
     On the morning of the 13th instant, at his seat near Cabbinteely, in the 71st year of his age, John Dwyer, Esq. for many years Secretary to the late Lord Clare and Lord Redesdale, whilst they held the Great Seal of Ireland.

County of the Town of Galway, to wit.

M. Maclachlan,               } To be Sold by Auc-
Plaintiff,                           } tion, on Friday,
Stephen Divine, Limerick,} the 27th of February,
Defendant                        } 1824, at the
___________________  }Customhouse Stores, Galway, at one o'clock afternoon, by virtue of an Auction issued from the Mayor and Recorder's Court. FORTY CHESTS of TOBACCO, each containing 438 pounds weight- Duty to be paid by the Purchasers.
     Dated this 19th February, 1824.
               M. MANNION,
     Appraiser and Auctioneer.


     Begs leave to acquaint the Public, that he is constantly supplied with ROSCREA SPIRITS, which, for strength and flavour, cannot be exceeded. Also, Messrs. GUINNESS'S PORTERS in Wood and Bottle. Both articles he is determined to dispose of on the most moderate terms.
     Any Persons desirous of getting Spirits direct from the Distillery, by applying as above, can have every information with respect to price.
     Galway, February 19, 1824.

From the 25th of March next,
Rahoone Lodge,

     Within one mile of this Town, with 10 acres of Meadow and Tillage Land, surrounded with a five feet double-stone Wall, a well-inclosed Garden and convenient Offices.
     Application to be made to Mr. Michael Burke, Market-street.
     Galway, February 19, 1824.

From the 25th March, or first of May next-for any term agreed on:

     THE HOUSE AND OFFICES are slated-and 39 or 56 acres of GOOD LAND, five miles west of Loughrea-immediate possession can be given, with some HAY and TILLAGE on the Land.
     Apply to Martin Tarpy, Larkvale.
     February 19, 1823.

War-Office, 6th February, 1824

     2d Regiment of Life Guards- to be Captains, Lieutenant George Greenwood, by purchase, vice Smith, who retires. Captain Robert Montgomery, Lord Belhaven and Elenton, form half-pay 14th Foot, vice T. Marien, who exchanges, receiving the difference. To be Lieutenant, by purchase, Cornet and Sub-Lieutenant W. Milligan,vice Greenwood. To be Cornet and Sub-Lieutenant, by purchase, Ensign Sir William Scott, Bart. from the 51st Foot, vice Milligan.
     2d Regiment of Dragoon Guards-Cornet Francis John Swaine Hepburn, from half-pay 19th Light Dragoons, to be Cornet, vice Craufurd, appointed to the 2d Dragoons.
     ? Ditto- Captain John Stephenson to be Major, by purchase, vice Fitz-Clarence promoted. Lieutenant Hensly Stephen Nooth to be captain, by purchase, vice Stephenson. Cornet Hood Richards to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Nooth. Edward Jerningham, gent. to be cornet, by purchase, vice Richards.
     2d Regiment of Dragoons-Cornet Robert Gregan Craufurd, from the 2d Dragoon Guards, to be cornet, vice Charles Gasper Edleman, who retires upon half-pay 19th Light Dragoons.
     4th Regiment of Light Dragoons- Captain Gerard S. Moore, form half-pay 65th Foot, to be captain, vice Michael Kirby, who exchanges, receiving the difference.
     11th Ditto- William Henry Warrington, to be cornet, without purchase, vice Partridge, who resigns.
     14th Ditto- Surgeon Thomas Forster, from the 46th Foot, to be Surgeon, vice O'Flaherty, who exchanges.
     16th Ditto- Lieutenant John Vincent, from the 59th Foot, to be lieutenant, vice Macdougall, who exchanges.
     Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards- W. George Carter, gent. to be Solicitor, vice Wilkinson, deceased.
     7th Regiment of Foot- Captain R. Beauchamp, from half-pay 19th Light Dragoons, to be captain vice Hulme, appointed to the 96th Foot.
     13th Regiment of Foot- Ensign Edward Pearson from the 92d Foot  to be ensign, vice Shawe, who exchanges.
     14th Ditto- Lieutenant John Liston, from the 38th Foot, to be lieutenant, vice Weare, who exchanges.
     17th Ditto- Captain Thomas Marten, from half-pay 14th Foot, to be captain, vice Wm. Elliott, who exchanges, receiving the difference.
     20th Ditto- Captain John Byrne, form the 35th Foot, to be captain, vice Gethin, appointed to the 96th Foot. Ensign Duncan Darroch to be lieutenant without purchase, vice Robinson, deceased. Richard Tasker Furlong, gent., to be ensign, vice Darroch.
     24th Ditto- Captain Henry Dive Townshend, from the 41st Foot, to be captain, vice Browne, who exchanges.
     25th Ditto- Lieutenant Martin M'Leod, from half-pay, 22d Light Dragoons, to be paymaster, vice Biddulph, deceased.
     26th Ditto- Granby Hales Calcraft, gent. to be ensign, by purchase, vice Phelps, appointed to the 51st Foot.
      29th Ditto- Lieutenant George Foskey, form the 54th Foot, to be adjutant and lieutenant, vice Weir, who resigns the adjutancy only.
     31st Ditto- Major Duncan M'Gregor, from half-pay 78th Foot, to be Major, vice Nicholls, appointed to the 96th Foot.
     33d Ditto- Surgeon James Gowen from half-pay 6th West India Regiment, to be surgeon, vice Thomas, whose appointment has not taken place.
     35th Ditto- Lieutenant Thomas Walsh, from half-pay 2d Garrison Battalion, to be lieutenant, vice Davies, appointed to the 94th Foot.
     41st Ditto- Captain Robert Browne, from the 24th Foot, to be captain, vice Townshend, who exchanges. Lieutenant Francis Dickson, from the 69th Foot, to be lieutenant, vice Norman, who exchanges.
     44th Ditto- Brevet-Major John Chilton L. Carter, to be major without purchase, vice Guthrie, deceased. To be captains, without purchase- lieutenant Daniel Caulfield, vice O'Reilly, deceased; lieutenant Frederick Hemming, vice Carter, promoted. To be lieutenants- ensign Barrington Browne, vice Caulfield; ensign Henry Birk Carr, vice Hemming; ensign Henry James Shaw, vice Sargent, deceased. To be ensigns- Hemsworth Usher, gentleman, vice Carr; Henry Nixon, gentleman, vice Shaw.
     46th Regiment of Foot- Surgeon Daniel O'Flaherty, from the 17th Light Dragoons, to be surgeon, vice Forster, who exchanges. Assistant-surgeon Richard Howat, from half-pay of the 94th Foot, to be assistant-surgeon, vice Robert Andrew M'Munn, who exchanges.
     51st Ditto- Ensign Ferdinand Phelps, from the 28th foot, to be ensign, vice Sir William Scott, appointed to the 2d Life Guards.
     59th Ditto- Lieutenant Alexander M'Doughall from the 16th Light Dragoons, to be lieutenant, vice Vincent who exchanges.
     69th Ditto- Lieutenant John Smith, to be captain, without purchase, vice Lane, deceased; lieutenant William Norman, from the 41st foot, to be lieutenant, vice Dickson, who exchanges.
     71st Ditto- Lieutenant-General Sir Gordon Drummond, G.C.B. from the 86th foot, to be colonel, vice general Dundas, deceased; lieutenant George Holmes Lightbody, to be adjutant, vice Torriane, who resigns the adjutancy only.
     76th Ditto- Lieutenant Thomas Hunt Grubbe from half-pay of the 43d foot, to be lieutenant, vice Charles Elliot, who exchanges, receiving the difference.
     82d Ditto- Lord Charles Wellesley, to be ensign, by purchase, vice Harford, promoted.
     83d Ditto- Captain Botell Trydell, from half-pay 16th foot, to be captain, vice Richard Fitzgerald Holmes, who exchanges; ensign Aretas Sutherland Young, to be lieutenant without purchase, vice Hingston, promoted to the Royal African Colonial corps, Henry Francis Ainslie, gentleman, to be ensign, vice Young.
     85th Ditto- Lieutenant John Walls, to be captain, without purchase, vice Ball, deceased; Herbert Edward Taylor, gentleman, to be ensign, without purchase.
     86th Ditto- Lieutenant Charles Macdonald, from half-pay York Light Infantry Volunteers, to be lieutenant, vice William Home, who exchanges, receiving the difference.
     87th Ditto- Major Henry Browne to be lieutenant-colonel, without purchase, vice Miller, deceased; brevet major Henry C. Streatfield to be major, vice Browne; lieutenant John Day, to be captain, vice Streatfield,; ensign Lawrence W. Halstead, to be lieutenant, vice Day. To be ensign without purchase- Eugenius De L'Etang, gentleman, vice Doyle, promoted in the 4th Light Dragoons; Nicholas Milley Doyle, gentleman, vice Halstead.
     88th Regiment of Foot- Lieutenant-general Sir Henry Frederick Campbell, K.C.B. to be colonel, vice Sir Gordon Drummond, appointed to the command of the 71st foot.
     92d Ditto- Ensign Adderly Shaw, from the 13th foot, to be ensign, vice Pearson, who exchanges.


     94th Ditto- Lieutenant Thomas Hart Davies, from the 35th foot, to be lieutenant, vice Orr, whose appointment has not taken place; surgeon Samuel Till, from half-pay 27th foot, to be surgeon; assistant-surgeon William Lorimer, from half-pay 91st foot, to be assistant-surgeon.
     95th Ditto- Lieutenant Augustus Tweed, form half-pay, 3d West India Regiment, to be lieutenant, vice Sperling, whose appointment has not taken place.
     96th Ditto- Major-General Joseph Fuller, to be colonel.
     Lieutenant-Colonel John Herries, from half-pay 100th foot, to be lieutenant-colonel.
     To be majors- brevet lieutenant-colonel George William Paty, from half-pay; major Thomas Samuel Nicholls, from the 31st foot.
     To be captains-brevet-major William Hulme, form the 7th foot; brevet major Robert Christopher Mansell, from half-pay 93d foot; captain Alexander Carn-cross, from the 2d Royal Veteran Battalion; captain Richard Gethin, from the 20th foot; captain John Garland, from half-pay 73d foot; captain Henry Barry Hyde, from the 1st Royal Veteran Battalion; captain James Weller Same Waller, from the 31st foot; captain Redmond Brough, from half-pay 56th foot.
     To be lieutenants- lieutenant Richard Spratt, from the 8th foot; lieutenant Thomas Kennedy, from half pay Royal West India Rangers; lieutenant Joseph Dowling from the 1st Royal Veteran Battalion; lieutenant Loftus Francis Jones, from the 2d foot; lieutenant William Kidman, from the 20th foot; lieutenant Archibald Robertson, form the Ceylon regiment; lieutenant Pierce Stephen Nugent, from half-pay 17th foot; lieutenant William Lucius Cary from half-pay 17th foot; lieutenant Alexander Mackenzie, from half-pay 24th foot; lieutenant William Onsley, from the 30th foot.
     To be ensigns- ensign Richard Cross, from half-pay 11th foot; ensign Joseph Telford, from half-pay 9th foot; ensign Joseph Oxley, from the 1st Royal Veteran Battalion; ensign Dudley Costello, from half-pay 34th foot; ensign George Waller Story, from half pay 17th foot; ensign Donough O'Brien, from half pay 55th foot.
     Ceylon Regiment- second lieutenant Theodore Mylius to be first lieutenant without purchase.
     2d West India Regiment - lieutenant William Lock, from the 1st Life Guards, to be captain, by purchase, vice Stepney, who retires.
     To be second lieutenants, without purchase- second lieutenant James Stewart, from half-pay 2d Ceylon Regiment; second lieutenant Alexander Mackay, from half-pay 2d Ceylon Regiment; Robert Bradford M'Crea, gent.
     Cape Corps- Assistant-surgeon Thomas Clarke, to be surgeon.
     Royal African Colonial Corps- lieutenant Jams Hingston, from the 83d foot, to be captain, without purchase.
     To be ensigns, without purchase- James White, gent; Michael O'Halloran, gent; George Foss, gent; James Uniacke, gent; Charles Lizar, gent; John Goodwin, gent; Richard Fitzgerald Ring, gent.
     1st Royal Veteran Battalion- To be captains- captain John Spring Hamilton, from half-pay 99th foot, vice Craig, appointed to the 94th foot. Captain William Wilshire, from half-pay, vice Hyde, appointed to the 96th foot.
     To be lieutenants- lieutenant John Thorne Weyland, from half-pay 8th foot, vice Nicholls appointed to the 94th foot; lieutenant Charles Morgel Christian, from half-pay 34th foot; vice Dowling, appointed to the 96th foot.
      To be ensigns-John Ward, from half-pay 66th foot, vice Alexander, appointed to the 94th foot; ensign Thomas Tait, from half-pay 78th foot ( repaying the difference he received on exchanging) vice Oxley, appointed to the 96th foot.
     2d Royal Veteran Battalion- to be Captains- captain John Casemir Harold, from half-pay 1st Garrison Battalion, vice Cairncross, appointed to the 96th foot; captain Duncan Stewart, from half-pay 42d foot, vice Kirkman appointed to the 95th foot.
     To be lieutenants-lieutenant Francis Walsh Small, from half-pay New Brunswick Fencibles, vice Stewart, appointed to the 94th foot; lieutenant William Harloe Phibbs, from half-pay 27th foot, vice Dkikens, appointed to the 95th foot; lieutenant John Trydell, from half-pay 37th foot, vice Hartley, appointed to the 34th foot; lieutenant George Ford, from the 29th foot, vice Isaac Herbert, who returns to his former situation on the retired list.
     To be Ensigns- ensign Charles John Deshon, from half-pay, 85th foot, vice Banbury, appointed to the 95th foot; ensign William Senhouse, from half-pay 40th foot, vice Harrison appointed to the 95th foot.
     3d Royal Veteran Battalion- To be lieutenants- Lieutenant James Miles Milne, from the late 5th Royal Veteran Battalion, vice Dickson, appointed to the 95th foot. Lieutenant Robert Travers, from half-pay 10th foot, vice Saunders, appointed to the 95th foot- Lieutenant Charles Frederick Sweeny from half-pay 26th foot, vice Sadleir, appointed to the 94th foot.


     Lieutenant lord Edward Hay, from the 20th Foot, to be captain, by purchase, vice Krumin, who retires.


     Lieutenant-colonel James Hawker of the Royal Artillery, to be lieutenant-governor of Gravesend and Tilbury Fort, vice honourable James De Courcy, deceased.


     To be Assistant-Surgeons to the Forces-Assistant-Surgeon Michael Sweeny, from half-pay 7th foot, vice John Ligertwood, who exchanges.
     Assistant-surgeon Thomas Rhys, from half-pay 2d West India Regiment.
     Office of Ordnance, 6th February 1824.
     Corps of Royal Engineers- First Lieutenant Thos. Budgeon ,from half-pay to be first lieutenant, vice Sperling, retired on half-pay.

     It appears by the London Gazette of Saturday, that Lord Charles Wellesley, second son of the Duke of Wellington, has been Gazetted an Ensign "by purchase" in the 82d Regiment.
     His Majesty has been pleased to order that the uniform of the 94th commanded by Major-Gen. Sir Thomas Bradford, should be scarlet, with green facings, and gold lace; and that the uniform of the 95th, commanded by Major-General Sir Colin Halket, should be scarlet with yellow facings and silver lace.


     ORANGE OUTRAGE- We give the following extract of a letter from Enniskillen:
     "ENNISKILLEN, FEB, 12- A desperate outrage, in which it is said that one man has lost his life, occurred here on the evening of the 10th instant, the fair day of Enniskillen. A party of Orangemen, armed, as usual, with guns and bayonets, &c. attached the house of one Burley, a publican, and having forced their way into the outer door, assaulted and wounded every person they found within the house. The persons aggrieved considered it a mockery of justice to lodge informations-whether the crime amounts to misdemeanour or felony, the offenders will be certain of being discharged out of custody on bail, and acquitted if tried."


     TIPPERARY- We have to record one of the most diabolical attempts to murder, which has been committed for a number of years. The intended victim, in this instance, is Michael Hamerton, Esq. of the Co. Tipperary- a truly respectable and influential Gentleman, upwards of 70 years of age, a member of one of the most leading families in the county, and a brother-in-law of Sir William Meadows. Late on Monday night, five villains, with their faces blackened, entered Captain Hamerton's house by the only unbarred window-they placed a sentinel over the butler, who was in bed-the footman they obliged to go up stairs with them. Mr. Hamerton, on hearing the noise below, feeble as he was , took his pistols, and proceeded to the head of the back stairs, where the robbers had arrived before him. He then fired one of his pistols; the fire was returned- the footman was shot in the hip, it is uncertain whether or not by his master's pistol. The villains closed up the old Gentleman-when they overpowered , and literally smashed his skull to pieces with a plough iron. They then dragged him from the landing-place down stairs by the legs, at the bottom of which they left him weltering in his blood. The wounded footman contrived to alarm the neighbourhood, and thus prevented the plunder of the house-the assassins, however, took all the arms possessed by Mr. Hamerton, with them. Fourteen pieces of Mr. Hamerton's skull have been taken away; but the surgeons entertain no hope of saving his valuable life-his dissolution is hourly expected; nor is the footman likely to recover.
     Lord Donoughmore, Colonel Bagwell, and several other neighbouring Magistrates, are actively engaged in investigating this dreadful affair.

     Early on Saturday morning, three men entered the house of John O'Grady, of Rathnasera, near Rathkeale, and inflicted several wounds with a sword on him and his wife. They then went off without committing any other injury. A dispute about a bank note, at the last fair of Ballingarry, is supposed to be the cause of this outrage.

     On Thursday night or early on Friday morning, an attempt was made to burn a range of houses belonging to John Dillon Croker, Esq. of Quartertown near Mallow; they were set fire to in five or six different places, and were it not that fortunately an inhabitant of one of them was sitting up, the whole of them would, in all probability, have been consumed. No doubt can exist that there was a malicious intention to burn these houses, for in the under thatch of several of them ??? was found, obviously placed there for destruction.--Cork Paper.

     On Saturday night, two cows and a heifer, the property of Mathew Linehan, farmer, were houghed on the lands of Mount Nagle, near Mallow, and their tails cut off. On Sunday night, another cow of Linehan's was brutally stabbed. This is the eighth outrage that has been committed on these lands, by the followers of Captain Rock.--Ibid.

     On the night of Friday last, eight sheep, the property of Anthony Ruane, of Rahtkip, within a mile of this town, were inhumanly butchered and left at the door of his cabin. The reason the villains assigned for perpetrating the deed was -that Ruane had not given up Boland's ground.- A notice was subsequently served upon him, stating that if he did not quit, they would treat him in the same manner as his sheep.--Ballina Paper.

     LIMERICK, FEB 14- On Wednesday last, a cabin on the Chief Baron's estate, near Kenry, was burned by some persons unknown; the fire was perceived at night-fall. Major Carthew, of the 39th, with a strong party of his Regiment, the Police from Askeaton, were immediately on the spot, but could not be of any assistance in extinguishing the flames, or tracing the perpetrators.

     Monday night the house of Edward Lynch, near Ballylin, in this County, was attacked by a large party ,who beat him severely, and demanded money to buy powder. A man named Sheehy was shortly after taken, and it is said he is identified as being of the party.

     Yesterday morning the body of Eliza Armstrong, daughter of a labourer in Penny-well, was found in the Canal. The Mayor immediately after held an inquest on the body, when it appeared that she received some strong admonition from her parents for being in company with a married man in the neighbourhood, whose wife was not one of those unsuspicious beings who look with indifference on the alluring and outrivalling charms of youth. The deceased being unable to bear the rebuke, or the more pointed observations of "The Jealous Wife," it is supposed threw herself into the Canal on Sunday last, in a fit of insanity. The Coroner's Jury have not as yet given in their verdict.


     Mr. O'Connell applied to the Court of King's Bench, a few days since, for a Conditional Order for a mandamus against the Corporation of Dublin, on the part of Richard Grace, a Catholic, who required to be admitted to his Freedom of the Corporation, having served seven years apprenticeship to a Free Printer.- Conditional Rule granted.- The Court was excessively crowded during the day.

Galway, Monday, February 23, 1824

(From the Limerick Observer)

     The following communication has been sent to our Office:-

     This evening (Tuesday) the body of Captain Durack, an old and respected citizen of Limerick, was brought for interment to St. John's church-yard in this city. Captain Durack having been a Roman Catholic gentleman, his funeral was attended by the Rev. Mr. McCarthy, Roman Catholic Clergyman of Tarbert, where the Captain lately resided. The Catholic Clergyman proceeded to read the prayers for the dead over the grave of the deceased, when he was interrupted by the Sexton who claimed a monopoly of prayers in that place. The Sexton, however, being very drunk, was not attended to, and the ceremony proceeded. At this time it is stated, Mr. Fitzgibbon, the Vicar of St. John's, arrived, and taking the part of the drunken Sexton, again attempted to interrupt the ceremony. But it appears that the sober opposition of the Reverend Gentleman was as unavailing as the drunken zeal of the Sexton. The ceremony continued. In this utter failure of the arm of the spirit, we are told that the pious divine bethought himself of the arm of the flesh, in the shape of a corporal's guard, which happened to be stationed near, and obeyed his summons. The soldiers advanced with fixed bayonets, & at the pas de charge against the supplicating crowd and their Priest, but the crowd stood peaceable and unmoved.- The Priest continued to address his prayers to the Father of the living and the dead. All were uncovered and in the attitude of supplication. The soldiers halted, paused, and with a feeling that does them honor, wheeled about and retreated from the shameful scene. We were told that they were ordered to clear the yard and drive Priest and people, friends and relatives, from the fresh grave of their deceased kinsman. We hope it is not true. The soldiers, with a better sense of what is due to humanity, disobeyed.


     ALL PERSONS indebted to "THE LEEDS WOOLLEN HALL," High-Street, are requested to Pay the same forthwith to
            JOHN KELLY, Proprietor.
     Galway, 20th Feb. 1824.

From the first day of May next, for five Years, or such term and in such division as may be agreed on,
The Lands of Movilla,

     Containing 2000 Acres or thereabouts, situate half-way on the Mail Coach Road between Loughrea and Galway.
     The above lands are well known for their superior quality for Fattening and Meadow, well inclosed and Sub-divided bys six feet Walls, with iron Gates to each Park.
     Written proposals only, post paid, will be received by Andrew Browne, Esq., Mounthazel, or Bernard Browne, Esq., Mountbernard, Castleblakeney.
     N.B.- The Tenant or Tenants will be declared on the 25th of March next. No promise or preference has or will be given but to the best Bidder and most solvent Tenant.
     The Stock on the Lands will be Sold by Auction, of which due notice will be given.
     Feb. 23, 1824.

The House and Land of

     The Residence of the late Bishop of Kilmacduagh and Kilfenora, situated on the Sea Coast, midway between Kinvara and the Burren Mountains, or the Interest in the Lease, which is for Two Lives, will be Sold.
     Written application, free of postage, addressed to Mr. Blake, Brooklodge, will be attended to.
     Feb. 23, 1824.



     A numerous and highly respectable Meeting of Members of the different Orange Lodges took place yesterday in this city, at which there were over thirty Masters of Orange Lodges present.- We understand a Gentleman of the first respectability in our city has been elected Grand Master of the District. The number of Members admitted since the Reformation of the Society in this quarter, and the number of applicants for admission promise fair for a wider extension of the Orange System to the South.- -Cork Paper.

     The ship Prince Regent, with convicts for Botany, sailed on Saturday week from Cork.

Dublin Castle, February 20, 1824.

     There will be a DRAWING-ROOM at the Castle, on Thursday Evening, the Eleventh March. It is requested that Ladies who are to be presented will be at the Castle by Half-past Eight.
     There will be a BALL and SUPPER at the Castle on Wednesday Evening, the Seventeenth March, in Celebration of St. Patrick.
     The Ladies to wear Feathers.
     The Gentlemen in Full Dress.
     No Mourning admitted.

February 17, 1824.

     The Lord Lieutenant, for the better discovering and bringing to justice the Persons concerned in the dreadful Outrage committed at the house of Michael Hamerton, Esq. of Hamerton, near Clonmel, in the County Tipperary, on the 9th inst. when Mr. Hamerton was barbarously assailed, and so dangerously wounded, as to make the hopes of his recovery very doubtful, and his Servant also received a gun-shot wound, is pleased hereby to offer a Reward of ONE HUNDRED POUNDS, in addition to the Subscriptions entered into by the Magistrates and Gentlemen, also a promise of his Majesty's Free Pardon to any of the Persons concerned therein, except the Person or Persons who committed the Outrage on Mr. Hamerton, and the Person or Persons who actually fired the shots by which Mr. Hamerton's Servant was wounded, who shall within Six Calendar Months from the date hereof, discover their Accomplices, so as that they or any of them so convicted of the said Outrage.
         (Signed) W. GREGORY.

War Office, 13th February, 1824

     2d Regiment of Life Guards-Cornet and sub-lieutenant William Wowen Rooke to be lieutenant, by purchase, vice Collins who retires.
     Edward Giles Howard, gent. to be cornet and sub-lieutenant, by purchase, vice Rooke.
     3d Regiment of Light Dragoons-Veterinary surgeon John Constant, from the 13th Light Dragoons, to be veterinary surgeon, vice Schroeder, who exchanges.
     13th Ditto- Cornet Arthur Alexander Dalzell to be lieutenant, by purchase, vice Hislop, who retires.
     Ensign Thomas F. Hart, form the 63d Foot, to be cornet, by purchase, vice Dalzell.
     Veterinary Surgeon John Schroeder, from the 3d Light Dragoons, to be veterinary surgeon, vice Constant, who exchanges.
     7th Regiment of Foot-Captain James Brine, from half-pay 39th Foot, to be captain, vice John Henley, who exchanges, receiving the difference.
     8th Ditto- Lieutenant Archibald Maclachlan from half-pay 39th Foot, to be lieutenant, vice Spratt, appointed to the 96th Foot.
     10th Ditto- Lieutenant Deane Josias Conroy, from the 63d Foot, to be lieutenant colonel, vice Bunbury, who exchanges.
     To be Lieutenants- Lieutenant Richard Church, from half-pay 31st Foot, vice Kidman, appointed to the 96th Foot, Ensign Edmund Messey Wigley, from the 82d Foot, by purchase, vice Lord Edward Hay, promoted.
     30th Ditto- Lieutenant Walter Forster Ker, from half-pay 23d Foot, to be lieutenant, vice Ousely, appointed to the 96th Foot.
     31st Ditto- Captain William Graham, from half-pay 17th Light Dragoons, to be captain, vice Walter appointed to the 96th Foot.
      35th Ditto- To be Captains-Captain Godfrey H. James, from half-pay 95th Foot, vice Humphrey St. John Mildmay, who exchanges; captain T. Cradock, from half-pay 64th Foot, vice Byrne, appointed to the 20th Foot.
     40th Ditto- Lieutenant Edward Ireland Clayton from half-pay 26th Foot, to be lieutenant vice A.J. Stammers, who exchanges, receiving the difference.
     53d Ditto- Lieutenant George Carpenter, from half-pay of the regiment, to be lieutenant, vice P.R. Cameron, who exchanges, receiving the difference.
     54th Ditto- Lieutenant Richard Bourke Warren, from half-pay 85th Foot, to be lieutenant, vice Feskey, appointed to the 29th Foot.
     60th Ditto- Lieutenant-colonel Thomas Bunbury, form the 20th Foot, to be lieutenant-colonel, vice Fitzgerald, who exchanges.
     63d Ditto-_____ Mackworth, gentleman, to be ensign, by purchase, vice Hart, appointed to the 13th Light Dragoons.
     82d Ditto- Edward Thurlow Cunyngham, gentleman, to be ensign, by purchase, vice Wigley, promoted to the 82d foot.
     95th Ditto-Captain Wemyss Thomas Cockburgh, from half pay 17th light dragoons, to be captain, vice Robert Robison, who exchanges.
     96th Ditto-Lieutenant Edward Sutherland, from half-pay 109th foot, to be adjutant and lieutenant.
     Serjeant John Marchison, from the 3d foot guards, to be quartermaster.
     Rifle Brigade-lieutenant-colonel George Browne, from half-pay, to be lieutenant colonel, vice Dugald Little Gilmour, who exchanges.
     Lieutenant Francis Henry Byrne to be adjutant, vice Kincaid, who resigns the adjutancy only.
     2d West India Regiment-brevet-lieutenant-colonel Sackville Berkeley, from the 16th foot, to be major, by purchase, vice de la Housaye, who retires.
     Ceylon Regiment-lieutenant John Campbell, from half-pay 5th West India regiment, to be first lieutenant, vice Robertson, appointed to the 96th foot.
     1st Royal Veteran Battalion- second lieutenant J. Henry Browne, from half-pay rifle brigade, to be ensign, vice Coward, appointed to the 94th foot.
     2d Royal Veteran Battalion- lieutenant James Miles Milne, from the late 5th royal veteran battalion, to be lieutenant, vice Dickson, appointed to the 95th foot.
     3d Royal Veteran Battalion- to be Captains-Capt. Charles William Kerr, from half-pay 62d foot, vice Carey, deceased; captain James Rivers, from half-pay 5th foot, vice Grey appointed to the 94th foot.
     To be lieutenant- lieutenant Robert Williams from half-pay 25th foot, vice Stanley Ireland who returns to his former station on the retired list.
     To be ensign- ensign William Senhouse, form half-pay 40th foot, vice Harrison, appointed to the 95th foot.


     Brevet-Colonel Honorable Frederick Cavendish Ponsonby, from half-pay 22d light dragoons, to be inspecting field officer of militia in the Ionian islands, vice John Thomas Fane, who exchanges.
     Captain John Edward Hay, from the half-pay to be sub-inspector of militia in the Ionian islands, vice Krumm, resigned.


     Hospital-Assistant William Sefon Chartres, upon half-pay, has resigned his commission.


Galway, Thursday, February 26, 1824

[Extract of a Letter from Keady.]

     "There is another sad proof of the bad blood existing between opposite parties in this neighbourhood. A poor old man, 67 years of age, named Pat. Hughes, was shot dead on the spot, his son badly wounded with a sword, and another person named Brannon, also wounded, between six and seven o'clock last night, on the road between John Baird's and the small mill, about a mile and a half from Keady. The shots (and there were several) were fired through the hedge. It appears shots were fired on that night month through the same hedge, at the passengers, one of which took effect on a female named Mallon, who has since been in the Armagh Infirmary. A person saw the flash and heard the report a short time after he had passed on the last night month."
     A Letter from Armagh informs us that "Friday was fair-day in Keady, and the above transaction took place on returning from the fair, and it appears a similar business took place in the monthly fair before, but not so fatal as a woman was then wounded, is not dead. I have inquired into this, and find her still in the Infirmary, badly wounded in the heel."
    Dacre Hamilton, Esq. has been very active in discovering and arresting two persons accused of the murder of Patrick Hughes, &c. An inquest was held on the body before Mr. Michael Magee, Coroner. Verdict of the Jury- "That on the night of the 13th of February, about 8 o'clock, Samuel Evart of Cargellisgarion and Wm. Sling, of Crossusmail, both in the county of Armagh, at Brakly, or some one of them, had a certain gun loaded with powder and ball, did fire against Patrick Hughes, which ball entered at the cheek bone, and passed through the hinder part of the head, on which he instantly died, and that the said Evart and Sling, aided by other persons, with guns, bayonets, and swords, yet unknown, were guilty of wilful murder."
     Much praise is due to Mr. Hamilton for the promptitude which he displayed in arresting the prisoners, and collecting and examining the witnesses. Evart and Sling have been transmitted by him, under an escort of yeomanry to Armagh gaol, where they will, of course, remain till the Assizes. The deceased, as we learn from the tenor of the above letters, was a Roman Catholic- the prisoners are Protestants. Of the evidence detailed on the inquest, or of he commencement of the transaction alluded to, we have heard no further particulars than what was stated above, except that two of the sons of the deceased, who appeared on the inquest, were dreadfully cut with a sword, one of them dangerously-the hat and hand of the other were cut when in the act of saving his head.- Brannan was also severely cut. It did not appear that any resistance was made.--Belfast News.

February 17, 1824

     The Lord Lieutenant, for the better discovering and bringing to justice the Persons concerned in the dreadful Outrage committed at the house of Michael Hamerton, Esq. of Hamerton, near Clonmel, in the County Tipperary, on the 9th inst. when Mr. Hamerton was barbarously assailed and so dangerously wounded, as to make the hopes of his recovery very doubtful, and his servant also received a gun-shot wound is pleased hereby to offer a Reward of ONE HUNDRED POUNDS, in addition to the Subscriptions entered into by the Magistrates and Gentlemen; also a promise of his Majesty's Free Pardon to any of the Persons concerned therein, except the Person or Persons who committed the Outrage on Mr. Hamerton, and the Person or Persons who actually fired the shots by which Mr. Hamerton's Servant was wounded, who shall within Six calendar Months from the date hereof, discover their Accomplices, so as that they, or any of them, be convicted of the said Outrage.
             (Signed) W. GREGORY


     This estimable Gentleman is still alive. Since the application of the trepan, by which the brain has been relieved from pressure, he has greatly recovered his recollection, but is unable to speak.- The power of deglutition is in a great degree restored. Two men of the name of James Hogan and James Murphy have since been taken up, and committed for further examination. After a pursuit of two hours and a half, the former was taken by one of the Lisrouagh Police. The coniter of the plough, with which the cowardly and midnight assassins struck Captain Hamerton, was taken from Patrick Purcell, of Donough?fore. We have no doubt but the prompt and decisive exertions which our careful and active Magistrates are making will be crowned with success; and that this murderous gang will be brought, ere  long, to condign punishment.-- Clonmel Herald.



     LIMERICK, FEB 23- Forty men, for offences committed in the west of the country, were sent off from gaol this day, under a strong escort of the Lancers, to be tried at the Rathkeale Sessions, under the Insurrection Act, which commences on Monday next.
     On Thursday night, Major Maxwell apprehended Daniel Callaghan and two other persons, near the wood of Ardglass, charged with an assault on Lord Doneraile's game-keeper, and the robbery of his gun, on the high road near Ballynoran, some weeks since. Callaghan is fully identified.
     A farm house at For??lands, near Charleville, the property of Chidley Coote, Esq. was burned down last night. The former tenant was lately dispossessed.

     DEATH OF MR. HAMERTON- We feel such regret in announcing the death of this Gentleman. He resided 43 years at Hamerton, the mansion of his ancestors, in the retirement of domestic life, and heretofore guarded by the affections of his neighbours, which he never ceased to merit. He expired on Wednesday last.
     A Coroners Inquest sat upon the body, when a verdict was returned of "Wilful Murder by some person or persons unknown."


     This morning, in Mary-street, Newtownsmith, of a lingering illness, which he bore with true christian fortitude and patience, Edward Blake, Esq. for many years one of the Magistrates of this Town, and the first Roman Catholic in Ireland who received the Commission of the Peace- it would be a useless task to enumerate the many virtues- the unbounded hospitality- the pure Christian charity which adorned the life of this excellent man, and rendered him a useful member of society. They will, however, live after him; and the poor, in whom his death will be a severe loss; and the opulent with whom his memory will be cherished, will raise for him in their breast a fir and splendid monument, "ere premius."


Just Arrived to
At the Corner of Maunsell's-square,
Direct from London, per the Richard and Anne, Captain Hart, Master,
A General Assortment of
With a Variety of
&c., &c., &c.
Which will be sold on the most reasonable Terms.
Galway, Feb 20, 1824                              


     I HEREBY CAUTION THE PUBLIC not to CREDIT any of the Sailors belonging to the Brig Firm of Kirealdy, as I will not be accountable for any Debts they may Contract.
     Given under my hand at Galway, this 26th day of February, 1824.

From the 25th of March
For such Term as may be agreed upon,

     On the College Road, within a few perches of Meyrick's-square, consisting of two Parlours, five Bed rooms, Kitchen, Larder, and Servants' room. There is a small Garden, and a Pump in the Yard.
     Applications to be made to Mr. M'Donnell, who resides in the adjoining House.
     Galway, February 26, 1824.

    OUTRAGE- On Monday night last, as Patrick M'Can, James Quin, Michael Bradley, and another man, from Swateragh, were returning from the market of Coleraine, with a quantity of barley which they purchased from a neighbouring farmer, they were way-laid in the parish of Aughedoey, about a mile from Garvagh, by a parcel of vagabonds, who cut their sacks, overturned their cars, strewed the barley along the road, and beat them in a most brutal and unmerciful manner. This is the third time men have been assailed in Aughedoey returning with grain, and the only pretended reason assigned is, that these men are raising the markets, because they are not in a league with any others, but giving a fair price for farm produce.- Now it is sincerely hoped, that the Magistrates who reside in the neighbourhood where the deed was committed, and the Gentlemen of the parish, will use every effort in their power to find out and make an example of the individuals concerned in this outrage, and thus suppress a system of iniquity, which, if persisted in, will bring the parish into disgrace, and deprive the farmer of the benefit of a fair market.

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